Young and the Restless


4th – 8th January, 1988


(Toeldo Blade Monday 11th January, 1988)


Steve is thrilled when Ashley agrees to marry him.  Gina warns Rex that he should not fool around with Kay, that once she is crossed, she never forgives or forgets.  Spotting Esther taking a tray of food upstairs, Phillip and Cricket think she is hiding a man.  Esther serves the food to Nina.  Lauren is falling for Mark’s charm.  Brad and Traci have a passionate reunion.  Danny tells Kay that Rex is a con artist.  Kay retorts that she can handle the situation and asks Danny to keep quiet.  Leanne is shattered when Ashely and Steven marry.  Kay and Esther let Phillip and Cricket believe that Esther’s down-on-his-luck brother is staying at the mansion.  Cricket is unhappy when her mother Jessica arrives.


11th – 15th January, 1988

(Tuesday 19th January – Toledo Blade)


Lee takes off for Hawaii when she learns Steven and Ashley are honeymooning in Maui.  Lee sends Ashley poisoned leis.  Ashley falls ill.  Nikki gets a drunken Victor into the sack.  Afterwards, Victor tells Nikki there will be no repeat performance.  Gina is angry when she learns that Danny has revealed Rex’s identity to Kay.  Kay asks Rex where he wants her in his life.  Amy and Paul guess that Nina is pregnant by Phillip.  Cricket is unable to deal with her mother’s arrival in Genoa City.  Jessica hides her terminal illness from Cricket.  Traci warns Lauren to stay away from Brad.  Joanna suggests that Marc rent the hotel suite across from hers.


(Monday 18th January – Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


An ailing Jessica didn’t tell Cricket that she only has a short time to live.  Leanna sprayed poison on another flower lei that she sent to Ashley, who got deathly ill after handling the flowers.


18th – 22nd January, 1988


25th – 29th January, 1988


1st – 5th February, 1988


8th – 12th February, 1988

(Tuesday 16th February – Toledo Blade)


When Rex suggests they have a prenuptial agreement, Kay agrees to marry him.  Nina learns she is expecting a boy.  Steven promises not to reveal Leanna’s past to Ashley.  Ashley still feels betrayed by Leanna’s lie that she was an author wanting to write a book about Ashley.  Leanna decides the way to Ashley is through Victor.


15th – 19th February, 1988

(Monday 22nd February – Toledo Blade)


Phillip talks Esther into giving him a key to the west wing of the mansion and is stunned when he finds Nina there.  Phillip tells Nina he will toss her out if Cricket ever finds out that Nina is living in the mansion.  When Victor and Leanna meet, sparks fly.  When Marc becomes charming, Nikki realizes he is not interested in her, but in what she can do for his career.  John invites Jessica to dinner.  Leanna makes amends with Jack.  Learning that Jessica lied about her father, Cricket demands the truth.  Jill is devastated when Rex and Kay decide to marry at home on February 25.


22nd – 26th February, 1988

(Monday 29th February – Toledo Blade)


Lauren helps Paul pick out a new wardrobe.  Mark breaks a date with Joanna to go out with Nikki.  Leanna is smitten with Victor but considers getting even with Ashley a top priority.  Jill shows Kay the money she gave Rex to wine and dine him.  Kay is heartbroken.  When Mitchell informs Kay that Rex changed the $100,000 prenuptial agreement to $1, Kay decides to marry Rex.  Nina goes into labour.  Brad tells Traci he doesn’t want to start a family.  Learning of her conception, Cricket feels she was the result of a one-night stand.


29th February – 4th March, 1988

(Monday 7th March – Toledo Blade)


Esther informs Kay that Nina has listed Phillip as the father of her child on the hospital admission form.  Jessica considers pawning her fur coat.  Jessica backs off when John suggests they get to know one another better.  After glimpsing a beautiful girl at the art gallery, Paul is unable to get her off his mind.  Amy learns her father has suffered a stroke.  Nikki, under pressure to get stock certificates, convinces Victor to get them out of the vault.  Aware that Nikki is up to something, Victor gives her bogus certificates.  Jack informs Ashley he is leaving Jabot.  Jack invites Leanna to dine in Paris.


7th – 11th March, 1988

(Monday 14th March – Toledo Blade)


Her condition worsening, Nina makes Cricket promise to raise the baby if she dies.  Cricket persuades Phillip to see Nina.  Jack’s resignation at Jabot stuns the Abbotts.  Jack and Nikki realise that Victor has tricked them into thinking they were going to take over the company.  Leanna tells Jack she can help him get even with Victor.  Paul hires a female accountant and makes Nathan his new partner.  Kay presents Rex with a checking account that will always have a $50,000 balance.  Traci tells Ashley she is penning a romance novel.  Traci’s decision to sit on the charity board makes Lauren unhappy.  Skip is hurt when Carole is almost devastated by Jack’s leave-taking of Jabot.


14th – 18th March, 1988

(Monday 21st March – Toledo Blade)


Traci gives her novel to Tim.  Traci agrees to resign from the board after an argument with Brad.  Lee tells Jack she knows Victor.  Jack does not tell the family he has no job.  Marc learns the FDA may not approve his tanning product.  Marc, claiming insolvency, offers to sell his interest in the tanning product to Jack.  Ashley tells Victor to give his marriage another chance.  Nina has a baby boy, in critical condition.  Nina needs a blood transfusion.  Jill and Phillip agree to give the transfusion.  A new intern, Dr. Scott Garrett, takes Cricket to see the baby.  Phillip decides he wants a paternity test.


21st – 25th March, 1988

(Monday 28th March – Toledo Blade)


Paul learns the woman of his dreams is interior decorator Cassandra Farrell.  Jack offers Leanna money to write a book exposing Victor’s sordid past.  Jack admits to Ashley that he has no job.  Lauren is unable to seduce Marc.  Nina plans to name her son Phillip Chancellor the IV.  Nina agrees to a paternity test for the baby.  After Jill and Kay threaten to put mother and child out on the street if she does not, Jessica shows Cricket a photo of her father.


28th March – 1st April, 1988

(Monday 4th April – Toledo Blade)


Lauren asks Victor to join the Fenmore Department Store board.  Jack and Lee plot to expose Victor’s shady business dealings.  Kay agrees to let Nina and the baby stay with her until the paternity results are known.  Phillip threatens to move out if Kay keeps her promise.  John is furious when he learns Brad had kept the company’s financial problems to himself.  A publisher is interested in Traci’s book.  Brad gets a call from a woman named Lisa who reports that Papa is dead.


4th – 8th April, 1988

(Tuesday 12th April – Toledo Blade)


Jack wants Leanna to get the keys to Victor’s files.  Jack warns Leanna that Victor can be treacherous.  The fashion show brings Cricket and Jessica together.  Brad worries about the call from the mysterious Lisa.  Brad is unaware that Lisa is in Genoa City.  At Cricket’s urging, Kay agrees to give Nina financial aid if the baby is not Phillip’s.  Cricket learns that Nina dated Gary Roberts over the summer.  Jack learns the FDA is about to approve Marc’s tanning product.  Jack buys the tanning formula at a discounted price from Marc.  Danny grows closer to Rex.  Danny agrees to have Nikki handle his public relations.  Traci refuses her literary agent’s New York initiation.


11th – 15th April, 1988

(Monday 18th April – Toledo Blade)


Carole warns Skip that any commitment between them would have problems because of her leg brace.  Danny agrees to Nikki finding financial backing.  Lee’s monthly cheques from her brother’s trust fund shrink due to poor investments.  Mark hides in Joanna’s bedroom when John arrives for a visit.  Victor agrees to serve on Fenmore’s board.  Ashley has mixed feelings when Victor tells her he has a new woman in his life.  Jack gives Jabot shares of the tanning stock.  Jill offers to put Gary through college if he will take the blood test.


18th – 22nd April, 1988

(Monday 25th April, 1988 – Toledo Blade)


Skip turns down a date with Carole when he has plans with another woman.  Cassie leaves Paul stranded after a romantic dinner.  Jason, Traci’s literary agent, will not accept Traci’s decision that her marriage is more important than her book.  Leanna dreams of strangling Ashley.  Gary agrees to take the paternity test.  John names Jack to be Jabot’s CEO.


25th – 29th April, 1988

(Tuesday 3rd May – Toledo Blade)


Jack plans to investigate Brad’s past.  Joanna and Marc warn Lauren about Victor’s treachery.  Leanna breaks into Victor’s room and photographs his confidential files.  Kay disregards Mitchell’s suggestion that she investigate Rex’s past.  David tries to comfort Jill with a song.


2nd – 6th May, 1988


9th – 13th May, 1988

(Monday 16th May – Toledo Blade)


Going to Paul’s for a progress report on his investigation of Brad, Jack meets Cassandra.  Leanna agrees to fly to Rome with Victor.  Nikki wonders who Victor is taking to Rome.  When Stephen wants to meet with Leanna on the very night she is scheduled to fly to Rome, she gives Victor a series of flimsy excuses for postponing the trip.  Jessica, recalling her doctor’s warning about pneumonia, is concerned about a persistent cough.  After John professes his love for Jessica and follows with a kiss, she remembers her doctor’s lecture about kissing.  Cricket admits to Phillip that all the tension this year has created problems in their relationship.  Visiting Nina and the baby, Gary tells her the infant looks exactly like him when he was a baby and that he is certain he is the father.  Kay awaits the results of Phillip’s paternity test.


16th – 20th May, 1988

(Monday 23rd May – Toledo Blade)


Jessica is touched when Cricket asks her to go on a cruise with her.  Brad is suspicious when Jack announces the company cannot afford both Brad and Jill, so Jack plans to keep Brad and find Jill another post.  Victor refuses to reconcile with Leanna.  Leanna dreams of disfiguring Victor.  Jill and Kay are relieved that Phillip spent the night at AA to ensure he would not take a drink.  The paternity tests reveal that Gary cannot be the father of Nina’s child, but that Phillip could be.  Kay and Jill plan to offer Nina enough money to keep Nina away from Phillip.


23rd – 27th May, 1988

(Tuesday 31st May – Toledo Blade)


Nina turns down Kay and Jill’s offer of big bucks to leave town.  When Leanna feigns illness, Victor softens towards her.  Victor berates Lauren for running trashy ads that feature Mark.  Jack decides not to tell Traci about Brad’s past marriage, as he fears the news would destroy the pregnant Traci.


30th May – 3rd June, 1988

(Monday 6th June – Toledo Blade)


Tim tells Traci that he is returning to Stanford.  Jealous because Paul has a new woman in his life, Lauren decides she wants him back.  Jack is surprised when Lisa tells him that she pu Brad and that after their annulment, Brad and her father were on very good terms.  John wants Jessica to marry him.  Jessica reveals to a that she has AIDS.  Stunned by the news that she is pregnant, Nikki decides not to tell Victor when he shows no positive feelings for their relationship.  During a luncheon date with Victor, Lee secretly tape-records their conversation.  Talking away about the inner workings of his company, Victor jokingly suggests Lee write a book.


6th – 10th June, 1988

(Tuesday 14th June – Toledo Blade)


Brad has proof that Jack is investigating his past.  Unknown to Brad, Lisa checks into a local hotel for the summer.  Jack catches Brad snooping around his office.  Casey tries to persuade Nikki to tell Victor that she is pregnant.  Posing as a British hotel maid, Lee gets Douglas to ask her on a date.  She plies him with liquor, and when he passes out, she microfilms the biography he has been writing about Victor.  Lee gets Nikki to talk about Victor’s affair with Ashley, getting the entire conversation on tape.  Cricket tells Phillip that what they once had is gone and suggests that he give Nina a chance.  Phillip tells Jill and Kay that he cannot allow his son to grow up without a father as he did, and asks that Nina be allowed to move back into the mansion.  Jessica accepts John’s marriage proposal but wants to wait before setting a wedding date.


13th – 17th June, 1988

(Monday 20th June – Toledo Blade)


D? lies to Jack telling him that Nikki  tell her anything about Victor ??? learns that Jack is Brad’s brother-in-law.  A major publishing house wants to buy the rights to Traci’s book.  A ??? ting that she loves him, Cassie ?? Paul to keep their relationship a secret.  Carole confides to Ashley about her romantic problems with Skip.  ?? overhears Nina barking orders ?? ther, and he gives Nina some t ??? how to work with people.


20th – 24th June, 1988

(Monday 27th June – Toledo Blade)


Danny’s concert raises nearly $1 million for charity.  Gina tells Rex to tell Kay about his past.  Cricket does not believe Nina’s story that life with Phillip is wonderful.  Lauren hangs up when Cassie answers Paul’s phone.  Lisa recalls her wedding night with Brad.  David tries to seduce Jill.  Jack hires Mark to model for Jabot.  Jessica collapses at the airport.  Rushed to the hospital, she begs the doctor not to tell Cricket or John that she has AIDS.


27th June – 1st July, 1988


4th – 8th July, 1988

(Monday 11th July – Toledo Blade)


Lauren admits she wants to renew things with Paul.  Cassie tells Paul she loves him but rejects his marriage proposal.  Brad warns Lisa to back down from her offer to help Lauren and Brad with fund raising.  When Nina wants more money for clothes, Phillip explains he has no income.  Nina makes extravagant charges on Kay’s accounts.  Phillip applies for a job with Chancellor.  Skip admits to Carol that he is uncomfortable with intimacy, and they decide to take their relationship one step at a time.  Leanna agrees to write Victor’s biography.  The doctor wants Jessica to tell John and Cricket that she has AIDS.  Cricket and John ask Jessica why she was preparing to leave town.


11th – 15th July, 1988

(Monday 18th July – Toledo Blade)


Mark signs a non-exclusive contract with Jabot.  Skip tells Carole he lost his wife in a car crash and he was left scarred.  Phillip begins work at Chancellor Industries.  Leanna shows Lance chapters of a book she is keeping from Jack.  Ashley tells Victor he should make a new life with his family.  George hires Paul to find out with whom his wife, Sandy, is having an affair.  Paul is stunned when he meets Sandy and learns that she is Cassandra, the woman Paul is in love with.  Jessica tells Cricket she has AIDS.


18th – 22nd July, 1988

(Tuesday 26th July – Toledo Blade)


Horrified by Jessica’s admission to having AIDS, Cricket is comforted by Scott.  John is stunned but tells Jessica he could never hate her and plans to be at her side no matter what.  Skip talks to Carole about his late wife.  Lisa snaps photos of her and a drunken Brad in bed.  Jack does not buy Leanna’s excuses for not going on vacation with him.  Mark begins working both fashion assignments to make ends meet.


25th – 29th July, 1988


1st – 5th August, 1988

(Monday 8th August – Toledo Blade)


Mary tells Paul about her meeting with Cassie and that Cassie told her she would love to have Paul’s children.  Carole decides to fight for Skip when Samantha says she is not serious competition because of her handicap.  Nina, taken with Chase, does not tell him about her baby or her financial problems.  Ashley is unhappy when Steven refuses to reveal his reason for meeting with John.  Jessica and Cricket are stunned when John tells Jessica that even though she has AIDS he still wants to marry her.  Marc asks for a raise.  Victor wants Leanna to speed up work on her biography of him so that it will appear before an unfavourable bio.  Brad tells Skip to find someone other than Lisa to model their hair care products.  Douglas notices a similarity between Leanna and the hotel maid who seduced him.


8th – 12th August, 1988

(Tuesday 16th August- Toledo Blade)


Skip is impressed when he spots Carole on a bike.  Carole is suspicious when Samantha wants to be friends.  Jack tells Jill they should offer Marc the incentive of a pay increase if sales go up.  Jill accepts a date with David.  Lauren decides to go after Paul.  George gives Paul an expensive gift and over dinner asks Paul to tell him who Cassandra has been secretly seeing.  A tough-talking Leanna gets Victor to discuss his painful youth, and he tells her he can never forgive his father for abandoning his son and pregnant wife.  Nina tells Chase that Phillip is his brother and she tells Rex she knows her future is with Phillip but sees no harm in having a fling with Chase.  Jessica agrees to marry John after he assures her that they can have a real marriage even though they must abstain from sex because her AIDS.  John keeps Jessica’s illness from his family and the two decide to wed on August 19.  Jessica asks Cricket to be her maid of honour and gives her a locket containing a photo of Cricket’s father.


15th – 19th August, 1988

(Tuesday 23rd August – Toledo Blade)


After much soul-searching, Jessica decides to marry John.  Leanna gets the unedited version of “Ruthless”, Victor’s bio, away from Jack.  Thinking that Cassie is out of his system, Lauren plans to get Paul back into her own bed.  Cricket tells Phillip it is too late to rekindle their romance.


22nd – 26th August, 1988

(Tuesday 30th August – Toledo Blade)


The Abbott family is shocked to learn that Jessica has AIDS.  John and Jessica tell the children that whether or not the children decide to stay in the house with Jessica, they will understand.  Traci is assured by her obstetrician that casual contact with Jessica places neither her nor her unborn baby in any danger.  Lisa gets a Chicago headhunter to offer Brad a wonderful job out of town.  Nikki lets Leanna know that there’s no way she will let another woman have Victor.  George tells Cassandra that Paul’s ex-wife still loves Paul.  Scott thinks Chase is a former classmate of his.


29th August – 2nd September, 1988

(Monday 5th September – Toledo Blade)


Marc gets professionally bounced from Jabot and personally bounced from Joanna.  When Cricket expresses her desire to find her father, Danny promises she will never be alone.  After several conversations about Jessica’s having AIDS, Traci and Brad decide to move out of the Abbott house.  Although Jack has doubts, he decides to stay at home with Ashley, Steven, Mamie, Jessica and John.  Brad gets a Chicago job offer that could lead to a position as Sel-Com’s CEO.