Young and the Restless


29th December, 1986 – 2nd January, 1987

(Toledo Blade Monday 5th January, 1987)


Phillip is upset about facing Jill in court.  Kay offers to cancel the hearing if he’s too uptight, but he says no, he’ll go through with it.  Jill and Michael are counting on Phillip being in the courtroom to hear how Phillip’s father really died- his car was forced off the road by a drunken Kay.  Everyone in Ashley’s family believes she’s going on vacation.  Spotting Victoria and Nikki at Gina’s place, Ashley is shaken when the baby calls Ashley “the wicked witch”.


5th-9th January, 1987


(Toledo Blade Monday 12th January, 1987)


John reluctantly names Jack as Ashley’s temporary replacement at Jabot.  Ashley, locked up as Jane Doe in a New York sanitarium, is terrified when one of the female inmates comes on to her.  Dr. Steven Lassiter can only get monosyllabic answers from Ashley until he asks is she’s pregnant and she becomes hysterical.  Although Nina promises Danny and Cricket she’ll stop searching for Rose, she hangs out by Stephanie’s window.  The judge accepts Michael’s motion that Phillip stay in the court through the testimony.  On the stand, a tearful Phillip says Kay is the only one who’s ever shown him any love.  Before her turn to take the stand, Jill sends Kay a bottle of champagne.  Kay withstands temptation and doesn’t take a drink.  On the stand, Jill says Kay killed Phillip’s father, took legal custody to deny Phillip the Chancellor name and money, then tried to buy the baby from Jill for $1 million.


12th – 16th January, 1987

(Tuesday 20th January – Toledo Blade)


The judge in Phillip’s custody case grants temporary custody of Phillip to Kay.  Phillip tells Kay and Jill he needs some time to sort out everything he’s learned.  Phillip accepts Jill’s offer that he move into her hotel suite while she’s out of town.  Vince tries to attack Stephanie.  Stephanie manages to escape with her two children.  Meanwhile, Nina holds a gun on Rose.  Rose finally agrees to give Nina her child if Nina comes up with $20,000.  Nina goes to Phillip, who gets a cheque from Kay for $20,000.  In the sanitarium, Ashley is constantly baited by fellow patients.  When an attendant tries to attack her, Dr. Lassiter saves her.  Ellen agrees to go to dinner at the Abbotts’ and is stunned by their wealth.  Faren learns she’s pregnant.  Lauren spots Evan in Gina’s place.


Monday 12th January, 1987


Jill is on the witness stand and testifies that Katherine killed Phillip.  Phillip rushes from the courtroom and heads to Cricket’s.  He tells her that he trusted Mrs. Chancellor like she was his own mother, but now has found out that everything she told him is a lie.  He leaves suddenly, saying that they’re probably wondering where he is, and he leaves Cricket wondering what this is all about.


Jill continues to testify, saying that Katherine admitted that she saw Jill and Phillip make love in the bunk-house.  Jill was disgusted that Kay knew all along that she knew Phillip was the real father of her baby.  Kay said that as she sees it, she and Jill had an even exchange- Jill took Kay’s husband, and Kay took Jill’s baby’s name.


Jack goes to visit Ellen and invites her to dinner.  She declines at first, saying she doesn’t want to be on display, but then accepts.


Nina tells Stephanie that Rose will never give her a dime for her babies.  She urges her not to trust Rose and give her babies to a social worker if she can’t keep look after them herself.  Nina asks for Rose’s number and Stephanie tells her it’s on a pad by the phone.  Nina leaves, and calls Rose from a public phone but doesn’t say anything-  Rose asks “Vince, is that you?”  Nina then realizes that Vince is still helping Rose.


Danny comes home and tells Cricket he can’t find Nina anywhere.  Cricket tells him how Phillip stopped by earlier.  Danny says they’ve tried so hard to change Nina but they’ve had no success. Cricket leaves a note in case Nina comes back while they’re gone.


Stephanie decides to leave, but comes face to face with Vince, who blocks her path and tries to molest her.  The phone rings and it’s Rose- she tells him to stay with Stephanie.


The bell-boy collects Rose’s luggage and Nina sneaks in- when they’re alone, Nina holds Rose at gunpoint and demands to know what Rose has done with her baby.


19th – 23rd January, 1987

(Tuesday 27th January – Toledo Blade)


Traci decides she needs something to occupy her time.  Cricket, Danny and Phillip prepare a homecoming for Nina and her baby.  As Nina leaves the house, she faces the police.  She discovers that the child not only isn’t hers, but is a girl and not a boy.  A heartbroken Nina plans to get even with Rose.  Rose and Vince head out of the country.  Lauren wants to know why Evan is at Andy’s.  Evan warns Lauren that if she doesn’t tell him where his wife is, he’s going to Paul.  Feeling ill, Nina decides to go to a second doctor for an opinion.  Kay is unhappy that Phillip is living in Jill’s penthouse.  Ellen realizes that Jack donated $10,000 to the shelter.


26th – 30th January, 1987

(Tuesday 3rd February – Toledo Blade)


Ellen feels her relationship with Jack is hopeless because of their different financial backgrounds.  Jack is hurt by Ellen’s insecurities.  When Victor learns Jack hasn’t hears from Ashley, he decides to look for her.  Ashley is tormented by other patients in the hospital.  When Ashley becomes hysterical, she is placed in a straight jacket.  Evan goes to the club and sees Faren singing.  Certain she’ll remember him, he goes up to her and is hurt when her only reaction to him appears to be one of fears and she runs off.  Returning from a trip, Jill goes to Phillip and tells him her story.  Phillip is obviously sympathetic.  With the judge to make a custody decision the next day, Phillip wants to know the truth from Kay.  Nikki’s doctor’s appointment is cancelled when the physician has an emergency.


2nd – 6th February, 1987

(Monday 9th February – Toledo Blade)


Evan tells Andy that Faren is really his wife, Michelle.  Andy, convinced of Evan’s story, begs him not to confront Faren with the news.  Paul wonders why Evan won’t tell him how he found Faren.  Nina decides to get closer to Phillip.  The Judge says Phillip can decide who he wants to live with when he reaches age 18, but until then he’s to stay with Kay.  Phillip tells Kay and Jill that if he had his choice he would live alone.  Jack continues to belittle Brad.  Dr. Lassiter is curious about Ashley’s reaction when she sees a bottle of Jabot perfume.  Jack learns Ashley is scheduled to speak at a New York seminar.  Finding her records in Casey’s office, Nikki learns she may be dying.


9th – 13th February, 1987

(Monday 16th February – Toledo Blade)


Ashley admits to Lassiter that her roommates are making her uncomfortable.  She also admits to having had an abortion.  Lassiter, spotting Ashley’s picture in the newspaper, calls John, who rushes to New York and finds a disheveled and withdrawn Ashley in the sanitarium.  Joanna tries to keep Evan from confronting Faren with the truth.  Evan refuses.  Andy decides to be in the room when Faren learns about her past as Michelle, and that she has a daughter.  At first Faren is stunned at the news, but later wants to know all she can about her daughter.  Jack continues to bait Brad.  Nikki is furious with Casey for hiding her illness.  Nikki, unaware that Victor knows all about her illness, wonders how she can tell Victor that she may be dying.


16th – 20th February, 1987

(Monday 23rd February – Toledo Blade)


Faren tells Evan she loves Andy.  Faren decides she wants to know everything she can about her past and her daughter Betsy.  Kay pretends to like Nina to avoid causing any more dissension between herself and Phillip, but secretly vows to keep Nina and Phillip apart.  Phillip tells Kay he has found a place to live in the same building as Nina and Cricket.  Realising Danny is committed to Cricket, Terry leaves town.  John places Ashley in a private Genoa City sanitarium and promises her the family will stand by her.


23rd – 27th February, 1987


2nd – 6th March, 1987

(Monday 9th March – Toledo Blade)


With Ashley safe at Fairview Sanitarium, John explains her illness to her stunned family.  Jack believes Victor is somehow involved.  Matt warns Jack to stay out of it, as he will only cause heartache for everyone concerned.  Nikki gets Casey to agree to try to become involved with Victor.  After talking with Cricket, Phillip decides not to move out of Kay’s apartment.  Meanwhile, Nina is waiting for Phillip to move in and plans to seduce him.  Paul is obsessed with finding out who led Evan to Faren.  Evan receives a photo album from Pittsburgh and wants to show Michelle/ Faren pictures of her past.  Lauren reveals to Joanna that Evan plans to blackmail her into helping his cause.  Lauren believes that Faren was leaving Evan when she had her accident.


9th – 13th March, 1987

(Monday 16th March – Toledo Blade)


Casey goes along with Nikki’s plan for Casey to become Victor’s next wife.  Casey realizes Victor has no interest in her when he suggests Casey would be a good woman for Matt.  When Andy and Faren have a spat, she takes comfort in Evan’s companionship.  When Ashley’s condition keeps slipping, Dr. Lassiter agrees to visit her.  Mary warns Paul that she doubts Lauren will ever agree to marry him.  Nina is furious when Phillip opts to stay with Mrs. Chancellor.  Nina blames Cricket and says she obviously has more interest in Phillip than in Danny.  Brad agrees to work with Jill on her new cosmetic and gets a chemist to give them one more week to come up with the money.


16th – 20th March, 1987

(Monday 23rd March – Toledo Blade)


Nikki sends for Julia, thinking she should try to become Mrs. Victor Newman after Nikki dies.  Julia tells Nikki the best woman for Victor after Nikki’s death is Ashley.  Ashley tells Dr. Lassiter about the abortion that caused her breakdown.  Evan decides to go back to Pittsburgh, leaving Faren confused.  Jill still doesn’t trust Brad.  Brad believes Jack’s setting him up to look bad in John’s eyes.  Lauren and Mary Williams have another unpleasant discussion about Lauren’s supposed lack of honesty with Paul.  Andy turns away as Evan gives Faren a hug.  While Faren doesn’t see Andy, Evan does.


23rd – 27th March, 1987

(Monday 30th March – Toledo Blade)


Cricket tells Nina she’s a freeloader.  Skip offers Nina a job as a photo assistant at Jabot.  With Dr. Lassiter’s help, Ashley makes progress.  She admits she’s always kept her distance from people because she still is stung from her mother’s abandoning the family when she was just a child.  Evan has a photo album delivered to Faren before she decides to head for Pittsburgh.  Lauren tells Paul his mother has been berating her about their relationship.


30th March – 3rd April, 1987

(Monday 6th April – Toledo Blade)


Traci is upset when she hears Brad and Jill having a joyous conversation.  When Jack and John refuse to tell Nikki Ashley’s whereabouts, she decides to Paul.  Lauren is upset when Paul sets March for their remarriage date.  Danny and Cricket attempt to tell Skip he made a mistake hiring Nina, who is late on her first day.  Kay convinces Phillip to take Cricket to the Collonade Room.  Cricket teaches Phillip to dance.  Tim asks Traci to go out with him for dinner.


6th – 10th April, 1987

(Monday 13th April – Toledo Blade)


When Traci won’t tell Jack what is bothering her, he fears she will have a breakdown like Ashley.  Even though Paul has announced he and Lauren have set the wedding day, Mary continues to bad-mouth Lauren.  Joanna wonders if Lauren loves Paul as much as she once did.  Nikki continues the plot to bring Ashley and Victor together.


13th – 17th April, 1987

(Tuesday 21st April – Toledo Blade)


Nikki tracks Ashley to a sanitarium.  Dr. Lassiter tells Ashley to call him Steven.  Nikki is disgusted when she learns Victor reconciled with her because he was aware of her illness.  Meeting Nina and Cricket, Jill likes Cricket but can barely stand Nina.  Pleased by Phillip’s new confidence, Jill is unhappy when Phillip says he owes it to Kay.  Jill tells Phillip that Cricket is responsible for his new outlook.  Andy is heartbroken when Faren loses the baby but grateful when she survives surgery.


20th – 24th April, 1987

(Monday 27th April – Toledo Blade)


Faren is heartbroken when she learns she has lost her baby.  Jack gets angry when John agrees to let Brad make a special presentation.  Brad schemes to have a meeting when Jack invites Cricket to join him and Phillip for dinner.  Traci tells Tim she loves Brad and tells him they can only have a platonic relationship.  When Ashley contacts Nikki, she denies ever wanting to see Ashley.  Learning Ashley is in a sanitarium, Victor confronts her.


27th April – 1st May, 1987

(Monday 4th May – Toledo Blade)


Bringing Betsy to see Faren at the hospital, Faren is angry at Evan for being manipulative but it intrigued by seeing the girl Evan claims is Faren’s daughter.  Jack is furious when John becomes impressed with Brad’s presentation but still agrees to finance the project after he learns Jill is behind the new cosmetic line for men.  Dining at the Colonnade Room, Ashley and Steven impress the diners with their dancing.  Nina goes on a long drive with Phillip and gives him kissing lessons.  Upset by the constant bickering between Mary and Lauren, Paul suggests that Paul and Lauren dine with Carl and Mary.  Mary agrees, hoping Lauren will hang herself at the dinner.


4th – 8th May, 1987

(Monday 11th May – Toledo Blade)


Matt warns Victor not to try to see Ashley again as it could create trouble for Nikki and Ashley.  Michael and Brad are not available to help Jill celebrate her victory at the board meeting so she goes to Gina’s alone.  Paul wonders why Faren has not told Andy about Evan and Betsy’s visit.  Jack and Jill make a wager.  If her male cosmetic line is a success he’ll resign, if it flops she will quit.  Danny tells Cricket he is not interested in an exclusive relationship.


11th – 15th May, 1987

(Monday 18th May – Toledo Blade)


Aware that Jill has plotted to bring them together, Cricket and Phillip make the best of the situation and have a wonderful time.  Traci is surprised when Tim suggests she attend an out-of-town graduate school.  After Lauren tells Joanna she fled her marriage because of her parents’ failed marriage.  Lauren tells Paul the thought of being married to him 20 years from now is frightening.


18th – 22nd May, 1987

(Monday 25th May – Toledo Blade)


When Paul ends their relationship, Lauren moves in with Joanna.  Feeling he does not have a chance with Cricket, Phillip turns his attention towards Nina.  Traci tells Brad she is not ready to start a family.  John gives an annual endowment to Ellen’s homeless shelter.  Ellen gives John a warm hug for the gift.


25th – 29th May, 1987

(Monday 1st June – Toledo Blade)


Amy is thrilled when she learns Nathan left town in order to get his high school diploma.  Learning she is in remission, an overjoyed Nikki searches for Victor.  Traci is unable to deal with the constant fighting between Brad and Jack.  Andy tells Faren she cannot have children, but she vows to give him a child.  Ashley finds Victor riding on a western sector of the ranch and tells him about the abortion.  Touched by the sacrifice she made for him, Victor embraces her.


1st – 5th June, 1987

(Tuesday 9th June – Toledo Blade)


Without her knowledge, Tim sends an application for Stanford graduate school in Traci’s name.  No longer able to cope with the tension between Brad and Jack, Traci decides to attend Stanford and makes a hasty retreat to California.  Phillip takes a drink in order to get his courage up for his date with Cricket.  Upset over Cricket and Phillip’s date, Nina interrupts an intimate moment between Danny and Lauren to announce that Cricket is so distraught over her bust-up with Danny that she is suicidal.  Nikki continues to feign symptoms of her illness and pretends to take her medication.  Alarmed by her sudden turn for the worst, Victor wants her to see a specialist, but Nikki refuses.


8th – 12th June, 1987


15th – 19th June, 1987

(Tuesday 23rd June – Toledo Blade)


Jabot seeks Danny to represent their male makeup line.  Jack tells Nikki he knows she is dying.  Jack tries to ruin Jill’s press party to announce the male cosmetics line.  Jill shuns Nina.  Phillip continues to drink on the sly.  Faren writes to Evan stating she has no interest in seeing him or Betsy.  Faren prepared to undergo surgery that will allow her to have children.  Nikki gets Jack to go skinny-dipping, then asks him to make her feel like a woman again.  Jill and Kay secretly decide to get the other involved with a man so that they can have a clear field with Phillip.  After running a stop sign, Phillip is picked up for drink driving; he passes a breathalyzer test but is over the limit as far as a minor is concerned and has his licence suspended and is given a court date.  Phillip pleads with Cricket to cover for him and swears he will never take another drink.


Thursday 18th June, 1987

Brenda Dickson’s last episode as Jill Foster Abbott.


22nd – 26th June, 1987

(Monday 29th June – Toledo Blade)


Unable to stand the constant bickering between Kay and Jill, Phillip pleads with the two to bury their hatchet.  They agree, but both secretly vow to destroy the other in Phillip’s eyes.  Nikki continues to make herself look sick.  After making love to Jack, she tells him she is in remission and makes him promise to keep her secret.  Lauren kisses Brad after a business meeting.  Tim heads for Stanford to be with Traci.  Phillip drinks to get more courage at his 18th birthday.  Phillip legally changes his name to Phillip Chancellor III, but does not change the name on his driver’s licence.


29th June – 3rd July, 1987

(Tuesday 7th July – Toledo Blade)


Gina warns Jack not to get reinvolved with Nikki.  Nikki has the funeral director go over the details of her funeral with Victor.  Phillip feels guilty when Kay tells him liquor is not necessary in order to have a good time.  Paul tells Mary he plans to play the field.  Nikki believes Victor is just waiting for her to dies so he can marry Ashley.  Mary fixes Paul up with a plain looking grammar school instructor.  Jill interviews prospective love interests for Kay as Kay is doing the same for Jill.


6th – 10th July, 1987

(Tuesday 14th July – Toledo Blade)


Paul learns that Dana has seen his centerfold, which turned her into an aggressor on their date.  Finding a bum in the park, Jill decides that a clean-up version of the hobo would be a perfect man for Kay.  Jill rents a room for Skip, the bum, who appears to like Jill and is in need of money.  Jack is happy that Ashley is dating Steve Lassiter.  Nikki panics when Victor suggests they take the baby on an extended cruise.  At Jack’s suggestion, a teary-eyed Nikki nixes the trip, claiming she will never see her home again if she takes the trip.  Brad rebuffs Lauren’s advances.


13th – 17th July, 1987

(Monday 20th July – Toledo Blade- Due to the continuing Iran-contra hearings, several daytime dramas were pre-empted last week and this week.  Summaries are available only for those dramas that were broadcast daily from July 13-17: “All My Children”, “Bold and the Beautiful”, “Days of our Lives” and “Loving”.)


20th – 24th July, 1987

(Monday 27th July – Toledo Blade)


Rebuffed by Phillip, Nina sleeps with the first guy she finds.  A drunken Phillip crashed into Faren’s car while driving Cricket home.  Aware that Phillip is driving with a suspended licence, Cricket puts the unconscious Phillip in the passenger seat and tells the police she was driving the car.  Jill warns Cricket that if Phillip is left with any permanent damage she will pay dearly.  Victor is stunned when Nikki buys a $135,000 pearl necklace.  Steven returns to New York to tie up loose ends.


27th – 31st July, 1987

(Tuesday 4th August – Toledo Blade)


John is unhappy when he finds Victor in Ashley’s office.  Nikki tells Victor she wants him to sign a large amount of stock over to Victoria.  Jack warns Nikki that Victor is not stupid- he’ll soon figure out she is not dying – so Nikki better get what she can while she can.  Phillip, unable to recall the accident, believes Cricket was driving the car when it crashed.  Jill plans to ruin Cricket’s modelling career.  Lauren continues to come on to Brad.


3rd – 7th August, 1987

(Tuesday 11th August – Toledo Blade)


_ tries to calm down Andy when he considers suing Cricket over the car accident.  Faren gets a clean bill of health but appears to be having memory flashes.  Nina suggests to Jill that she take over Cricket’s job.  Ashley tells Steve she misses him.  Danny learns that Cricket is taking the blame for the accident that Phillip caused.  Phillip hits the bottle.  Victor’s business agent is aghast when Victor wants to sign over $30 million in stock to Victoria.  When Douglas follows Nikki to Jack’s apartment, Victor vows to destroy him for taking advantage of a dying woman.


10th – 14th August, 1987

(Monday 17th August – Toledo Blade)


Kay accepts a date with Rex.  Having dinner with Skip at the hotel room, Jill accuses him of trying to sleep his way to the top.  Nathan becomes Danny’s manager.  Following an argument with Cricket, Phillip shares a beer with Nina.  Jill is furious when she learns Cricket is staying with Kay and Phillip.  Ashley goes to Nikki for forgiveness but gets none.  Later, Ashley becomes confused when she spots Nikki playing vigorously with Victoria.  A stunned Douglas watches Nikki literally wolf down a meal at Gina’s.  After eating a tuna salad sandwich, Nikki collapses.  Victor and Douglas rush her to hospital.


17th – 21st August, 1987

(Monday 24th August – Toledo Blade)


Lauren is uncomfortable when she shows up with a date at the same place Paul and Dana are spending the evening.  After getting Phillip drunk, Nina convinces him that Cricket and Danny are sleeping together, then seduces Phillip.  In court, Cricket pleads guilty to reckless driving.  Danny informs Phillip that Cricket was not driving the car the night of the accident but a drunken Phillip was.  After Nikki is rushed to the hospital with food poisoning, tests reveal she is in perfect health.  After revealing the news of Nikki’s health to Douglas, Victor vows to catch Nikki at her own game.


24th – 28th August, 1987

(Tuesday 1st September – Toledo Blade)


Lauren is stunned when Brad takes the day off from work so they can go on a picnic.  Bursting into a Jabot business meeting, Phillip announces Cricket took the blame for him as he was driving the car.  Jill blames Kay for Phillip’s drinking.  Aware he needs help, Phillip admits he is an alcoholic.  Victor informs Ashley that Nikki is in perfect health.  Victor orders a casket to be delivered to the home and talks about Nikki spending a long time in it and her death.  Nikki tells Jack she wants to tell Victor she is in remission.


31st August – 4th September, 1987

(Monday 7th September – Toledo Blade)


Victor rents an apartment next to Jack’s, has a two way mirror installed, and plans to spy on Jack and Nikki’s bedroom activities.  Victor tells his lawyer he wants to draw up divorce papers that would ensure Nikki does not get any money and that he gets custody of Victoria.  Steven warns Victor not to hurt Ashley.  Phillip goes with Kay to his first AA meeting.  Kay accepts a dinner date with Rex, while Jill agrees to go out with Skip.  Faren’s memory flashbacks are becoming more detailed and more frequent.  Andy gets angry when he discovers photos Evan has sent to Faren.


7th – 11th September, 1987

(Monday 14th September – Toledo Blade)


Faren admits to Amy she is having flashbacks of her long-ago car accident.  Andy decides to have Evan investigated.  When Lauren refuses to help Jack destroy Brad, Jack assumes the duo have already been together.  Brad flies to California to surprise Traci.  Ashley decides the only way to stop the fighting between Jack and Brad is to have a male and female division and have each one head his or her own division.  Mark Mergeron, Ashley’s former love, comes to town.  When Ellen is offered a high-powered Washington job, Jack tells his father he should ask Ellen to be his wife.


14th – 18th September, 1987

(Monday 21st September – Toledo Blade)


Brad tells John that Traci is involved with another man and has told Brad she needs time to sort out her feelings.  Mark tells Ashley he has a tanning product that has no side effects.  Phillip buys an engagement ring.  Phillip tells Nina they have no future together.  Douglas is watching in a two-way mirror to see whether Nikki and Jack are making love.  Victor tells Ashley his lawyer advises him to keep on the straight and narrow if he wants custody of Victoria.  Nikki tells Jack she plans to come clean with Victor about being in remission.  Jill sends Kay flowers from Rex.


21st – 25th September, 1987

(Monday 28th September – Toledo Blade)


Evan decides to stop pursuing Faren.  Phillip gives Cricket an engagement ring and asks her to be his wife.  Kay thinks Phillip is too young to get married.  Matt decides to leave town after he learns about Nikki feigning her illness.  Before John can ask Ellen to marry him, she decides to take a Washington job offer.


28th September – 2nd October, 1987

(Tuesday 6th October – Toledo Blade)


After Dana’s boyfriend and Paul have a fistfight, Dana decides to return to her ex-lover.  Lauren is stunned when Brad tells her he plans to fight for Traci.  Paul and Amy convince Faren she must tell Andy about her flashbacks.  Faren sees herself in a wedding gown.  Andy is shocked when he learns Evan plans to give Faren a divorce and marry Janice.  Betsy tells Evan she will accept his decision to marry.  Ashley decides to spend the weekend with Steven.  Fearing she will lose Victoria, Nikki runs off with the child.  Nina tells Cricket that she and Phillip made love.  Cricket tosses Nina out of the apartment.  Phillip begs Cricket to forgive him.


5th – 9th October, 1987

(Tuesday 13th October – Toledo Blade)


Faren decides to tell Andy she has regained part of her memory.  Douglas refuses to discuss Boobsie’s whereabouts.  Victor is upset when Carole lets it slip that Ashley and Stephen have gone away for the weekend.  Cricket is unable to forget that Phillip and Nina made love.  While Mark lets Ashley think he is in town to promote his quick tanning product, in fact he and Jack plot to gain control of the company.  Brad wants to reconcile with Traci.


12th – 16th October, 1987

(Wednesday 21st October – Toledo Blade)


Nina is stunned by the news of Phillip and Cricket’s engagement.  Andy backs Faren’s decision to seek visitation with Betsy.  Joanna warns Lauren not to get involved with Brad, a married man.  Joanna goes in to bat for Marc and tells John that Marc’s self-tanning lotion is a wonderful idea.  Lauren regrets turning down a dinner invitation from her father when she later receives a call notifying her that he has suffered a fatal heart attack.  Nikki returns with Victor.  Nikki and Ashley have a confrontation.  When Victor starts divorce proceedings against Nikki, she decides to use Victoria as a wedge to save her marriage.


19th – 23rd October, 1987

(Tuesday 27th October – Toledo Blade)


When Nina tells Jill she is pregnant, Jill fights to keep the secret from Phillip.  Andy and Faren decide to fight for Faren to have visitation with Betsy.  Janet convinces Evan not to allow the visits.  Ashley tells Victor she cannot put her life on hold while he tries to get a divorce from Nikki.  Joanna is aware of Marc’s money problems.  In New York, a woman is searching for Steven.  Feeling she was never a good daughter, Lauren blames herself for Neil’s sudden death.  Nathan asks Amy to marry him.


26th – 30th October, 1987

(Tuesday 3rd November – Toledo Blade)


When Janet realizes Faren’s memory is returning, she keeps the news from Evan, fearful he will decide not to marry her.  Evan tells Andy he will fight Faren’s visitation request.  Ann tracks Stephen to Genoa City.  Steven learns a potentially dangerous patient has escaped from the hospital in New York.  Lauren is surprised that Neil named her as major stockholder in Fenmore’s Department Store.  Joanna will receive $2 million from Neil’s estate which encourages Lauren to honour Neil’s last request.  Lauren agrees.  Victor tells his lawyer not to mention custody in the divorce petition.  He will seek custody later, for now he wants the divorce.  Jill and Kay decide to give Nina $50,000 if she will leave town and not tell Phillip she is pregnant.  Nikki receives the divorce petition.


2nd – 6th November, 1987

(Tuesday 10th November – Toledo Blade)


Jack continues to distrust Brad.  Steven is unaware that Leanna is on her way to Genoa City.  Jill warns Nina not to tell Phillip about the baby.  While holding Betsy’s rag doll, Faren’s memory returns.  Marc questions Joanna about her feeling for John.  When Lauren informs Joanna that Lauren will be running the department store as her father requested, Joanna is surprised.  Danny and Cricket agree to remain friends.


9th – 13th November, 1987

(Tuesday 17th November – Toledo Blade)


Lauren convinces the department store board to give her six months to prove herself.  Unaware that Leanna is watching them, Steven and Ashley enjoy a romantic dinner at the Colonnade Room.  Leanna’s attempts to talk to Steven are thwarted when she learns the police are in Genoa City looking for her.  Without telling Janice, Evan has dinner with Faren.  Faren realizes Evan holds the key to what happened the night she had the accident that took her memory.  Jill decides that Rex’s spending is getting out of hand when he buys a motorcycle.  Changing her mind about leaving town, Nina tells Phillip she is carrying his child.  Phillip accuses Nina of trying to ruin his life.  Kay stops Phillip from taking a drink.


16th – 20th November, 1987

(Monday 23rd November – Toledo Blade)


Phillip tells Cricket that Nina claims to be carrying his child.  Cricket warns Nina tat her manipulation is not going to destroy Cricket’s love for Phillip.  Joanna continues to lend Mark money while he is waiting for his tanning product to become a best seller in Pittsburgh.  Faren learns that the car accident that took her memory occurred while she was planning to leave town with her lover.  Evan has Faren tell Betsy that Faren is her mother.  Evan tells Janet he cannot marry her, because he does not love her.  Later, Evan goes to Faren’s and discovers Janet holding a gun to her.  As Evan goes to Faren’s aid, the gun discharges.  Nikki tells Victor that Victoria is not ready to be told about their pending divorce.


23rd – 27th November, 1987

(Tuesday 1st December – Toledo Blade)


Mortally wounded by the shot fired from Janet’s gun, Evan assures Betsy that her mother will always take good care of her and says good-bye to Faren, telling her he always loved her.  Paul and Amy encourage Andy to go to Faren.  Mark beats a hasty retreat when he remembers he has lunch dates with Ashley and Joanna.  Kay learns Nina is in need of money.  Victor is furious when he learns Nikki has planned a Thanksgiving dinner, but he cannot turn down Victoria’s request that they spend the day as a family.  At Lauren’s suggestion, Brad moved out of the house, making it look as though Jack chased him out.


30th November – 4th December, 1987

(Monday 7th December – Toledo Blade)


Andy and Faren decide to stay in Pittsburgh.  Paul asks Amy to be his new partner.  John tells Jack that if Brad does not move back, Jack must move out.  Jack asks Tim to get Traci home for Christmas.  Steve admits to Ashley the patient he is concerned about is dangerous.  Leanna introduces herself as Kelly Carpenter, a woman who wants to write a book about Ashley.  Nina agrees to live in an unused wing of the Chancellor house.  When Kay tells Jill she has taken care of Nina, Jill assumes she has had her killed.


7th – 11th December, 1987

(Tuesday 15th December – Toledo Blade)


Douglas’ suggestion that Victoria stay at the ranch with Victor when Nikki moves is rejected by Nikki.  Danny does not believe that Gina saw their father.  Jack encourages Mark to romance Nikki so that Mark can obtain the stock.  Jill rebuffs Skip’s invitation toe the Candy Cane Ball, treating Skip as an inferior.  Jill later accepts Mark’s invitation to the ball.  Carole agrees to go with Skip.  Lea feigns illness at the ball so that Jack will not introduce her to Steven and Ashley.  Traci learns she has won a prestigious writing competition and decides to return home before Christmas.  Lauren goes to the ball with Paul, but leaves early with Brad.


14th – 18th December, 1987

(Tuesday 22nd December – Toledo Blade)


John warns Jack that he had better not cause any problems in Traci and Brad’s marriage.  Traci tells her family that she does not need their advice when it comes to her marriage.  Joanna is relieved when she finds Lauren in bed without Brad.  Lauren suggests to Joanna that Marc is interested in Joanna for her money.  Lee wants to befriend Ashley.  Jill fumes when Rex buys Kay thousands of dollars of presents.  Rex wants to take Kay on a Caribbean vacation.  When Nina complains of boredom, Kay suggests she go horseback riding.  Kay is hoping the ride will cause Nina to miscarry.  Lauren is planning to drive a wedge between Brad and Traci.  Cricket refuses to answer any of Phillip’s questions about her family.


21st – 25th December, 1987

(Monday 28th December – Toledo Blade)


Moved by Ashley’s sacrifice, Nikki tells Victor he can have the divorce.  Danny gives a concert for the homeless.  Leanna dreams of strangling Ashley.  Rex gets Phillip to spend time with Jill for Christmas.  When Kay gets the flu, Kay must cancel her trip with Rex.  On Christmas Eve, Gina and Rex have a touching father-and-daughter reunion.  Kay shows Jill the area where she is keeping Nina.  Joanna gives Marc lots of money for Christmas; he takes her to Paris.  Steven asks Ashley to be his wife.


28th December, 1987 – 1st January, 1988

(Monday 4th January – Toledo Blade)


Skip is falling for Carol.  Rex tells Gina that he doesn’t want Danny to know he is in town.  Lee spots Victor and Ashley kissing.  When Lauren suggests to Joanna that Marc is after Joanna’s money, Joanna points out problems with Lauren’s romantic relationships.  Brad warns Lauren that no-one, not Lauren and not Traci, will ever make him a doormat.


December 1987

                                Genoa City’s charity event of the year is the Candy Cane Ball.  Since the Abbotts reserved a table for the affair, Brad doesn’t dare escort Lauren. Not about to mope around just because she can’t go with Brad, Lauren asks her former husband to be her date. Paul readily accepts the invitation — he’s been feeling lonely and the dance will cheer him up.

Dating Games     

John asks JoAnna to attend the ball with him. Jill has a fit. Why wasn’t she invited to sit at the company table? After all, Ms. Abbott reasons, she does own 20percent of Jabot. John explains to his embarrassed ex-wife that his family bought the table, not Jabot.  Kay purchases two tickets to the charity ball for Skip and rents him a tux so that he can take Jill. Skip is hesitant —~Jill hasn’t been too receptive lately. Kay~convinces the photographer to give it atry. When Skip invites Jill to the ball,she’s insulted. It would be like the Wolf-man taking Cinderella. Jill hisses. Skip istoo far beneath her station to accompa-nyher to something as prestigious as theCandy Cane Ball. Skip immediately asksCarol to go with him and she happilyobliges. That afternoon, Jill accepts MarcMerguron’s invitation to the dance.       Leanna knows that Ashley is accompa-nying Steven to the ball. Jack, who’s beenintrigued with Steven’s former patientsince he first met her, invites Leanna tobe his date. That’s dandy with Leanna,who starts plotting how to do away withAshley at the ball so that Steven will fi-nally be hers.Traci’s Return   Ever since Jack’s visit, Traci has be-come increasingly concerned about hermarriage. She has never trusted Jill andsuspects that her former stepmothermay be trying to move in on Brad. Victoryin a short-story contest offers Traci agood excuse for a holiday trip home. Shewants to let her family share her excite-ment — she’s about to become a pub-.tithed writer. Tim agrees to accompanyher back to Genoa City for moral sup-port. A nervous Traci has no idea in whatstate she will find her tenuous marriage.       When Traci arrives at the Abbotts’,Mamie is the only one home. Everyoneelse has left for the ball. Mamie breaksthe news to Traci that Brad has movedout of the house. She doesn’t need thingsspelled out for her~ Jack was the cause ofBrad’s move, Traci correctly surmises.              Everyone has a wonderful time at thedance. Fortunately for Ashley, Leannadecides the timings wrong for a murder.Phillip resists the temptation to startdrinking again, despite the generous flowof champagne. And Steven relents andallows Ashley a private dance with Victorwhen Newman suddenly appears out ofnowhere. Being in Victor’s arms is adream come true for Ashley, but afterone dance, Victor quietly disappears.              The Abbotts call their evening shortwhen they receive word that Traci isback. Jack phones Lauren’s hotel roomwith an urgent message for Brad. get hisbutt home. Brad and Lauren were aboutto go to bed, but Brad rushes off to seehis wife. A frustrated Lauren is left be-hind.

Holiday Plans

Rex has delivery men stack a pile of boxes in Kay’s living room.  The packages contain clothing she’ll need for the cruise they’re taking, Rex grins. Kay is flustered— she’d planned a family Christmas at home. To Jill’s delight, Rex persuades Kay to go away with him. Jill thinks the setup is ideal. Now she’ll be able to spend lots of time alone with Phillip.  Being cooped up in her attic room gives Nina cabin fever. She’s desperate to get out of the house. Kay suggests she head for the stables and go horseback riding.  Secretly, Kay hopes Nina will fall and suffer a miscarriage. That would solve the problem of Nina’s pregnancy.  Kay arranges for Esther to see to• Nina’s needs during Kay’s cruise with Rex, but emphasizes that no one but the maid is to know that Nina is staying in the house.

Nikki Confronts Ashley    

Victoria is despondent over her parents’ pending divorce. The Newmans can’t even get her to go to school Nikki begs Steven to help her daughter. Because of his personal involvement with Ashley, Steven refuses.  However, he does give Nikki a list of other qualified psychiatrists.        Trying another tactic, Nikki drops inon Ashley. Nikki accuses Victor’s lover of causing Victoria’s problems. if Ashley has a shred of decency, she’ll back away from Victor and give Victoria a chance for a normal life, Nikki pleads. Ashley won’tf all into Nikki’s trap. Victoria and Nikki are not the only victims in the situation, ~Ashley informs her visitor, and relates the story of her abortion and subsequent collapse. She won’t accept the blame for Nikki’s marital problems or her daugh-ter’s mental instability. Ashley finishes angrily.

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Traci and Brad have a long talk, but he doesn’t spend the night.   Assuming Brad returned to Lauren’s. Jack goes to see the Fenmore heiress. Lauren is surprised to learn Brad didn’t stay with Traci last night. Jack doesn’t believe Lauren’s contention that she didn’t see Brad at all after the ball.              In a continuation of their talk, Brad as-sures his wife that his relationship with Jill has always been strictly business. Herfears about Jill moving in on Brad laid to        rest, Traci vows to Brad that she is not~         having an affair with Tim. The professor is in love with her, Traci admits. but she iscommitted to her marriage. Acknowledg-ing that they have changed a lot since.~she left to go to Stanford, Traci and Bra&,decide they need time to get reacquaint-ed before they can determine where theirmarriage is headed.      Traci marches into her brother’s office and lays it on the line: She won’t brook any interference in her marriage. At the first sign that Jack is trying to tamperwith her relationship with Brad, Traciwarns, she’ll move out of the house andnever speak to Jack again. Abbott getsthe message loud and clear. 0