Young and the Restless



30th December, 1985 – 3rd January, 1986

(Monday 6th January – Toledo Blade)


Jill is awarded a $2,000 a week alimony in temporary settlement.  John’s attorney contemplates issuing a subpoena to Kay for divorce proceedings.  Nikki and Jack attend a flashy New Year’s Eve party.  The party mod is broken when Victor arrives with Ashley on his arm.  Paul and Lauren’s attempts to connect are thwarted by Shawn.  Lauren and Paul finally manage to set an appointment.  Lauren dreams that Shawn interrupts the meeting and kills Paul.


6th- 10th January, 1986

(Toledo Blade Monday 13th January, 1986)


Shawn sends Turk to kill Paul.  Turk takes aim at a man outside the Hall Detective Agency.  He fires twice, but the victim is Andy.  Faren and Paul learn that Andy is in a critical condition and may not make it.  Kay tells John’s lawyer that information she has about the photos of Jill making love to a man in a cabin while she was married to John could destroy John.  Jill’s lawyer informs her she could be entitled to half the money John made while he was married to Jill, some several million dollars.


Wednesday 8th January, 1986


Paul has to break the news of Andy's shooting to Farren. With help from Traci and Danny Brad manages the unthinkable and scores several distribution deals for Jabot. Kay meets with John's attorney Grant Stevens to discuss the divorce proceedings. She insists about not being subpoenaed in court when Grant badgers her to reveal the person who took the discriminating photos of Jill. Later, Kay desperately tries to get a hold of Lindsey. Michael tells Jill that John submitted them all financial details so that they can work out a settlement. Jill is shocked how much money she may be entitled to; this divorce could make her a extremely rich woman. Andy comes out of the E.R. still unconscious which leaves Farren deeply worried.


Friday 10th January, 1986


Mary consoles Paul who is worried about Andy. Paul and Farren pray for Andy to pull through and later receive happy news from Dr. Steele. Esther is surprised that Mrs. Chancellor is having another visitor at this late hour. Jack wants to discuss the further proceedings in regards to the indiscriminating photos. Both Jack and Kay hope that Lindsey and Jill will comply so that John will never find out that Jack is the man in the picture. Grant Stevens explains to his client John that he is optimistic to reach an agreement with Jill now that they have leverage against her. Shawn tells Lauren that Paul confirmed to him that their marriage is over. Brad visits Jill at the Genoa City Hotel and is surprised by her new lavish lifestyle. Jack tries to convince Lindsey to come clean with John who is still bitter over Jack's betrayal and fears that John might never forgive her.


13th – 17th January, 1986

(Monday 20th January – Toledo Blade)


Lindsay tells John she snapped the photo of Jill and her love in the cabin.  Telling John she’s still in love with the man in the photo, she refuses to divulge his name.  Meanwhile, Esther, the maid, begins to send out a letter formed with newspaper print telling Mrs. Chancellor that she has the pictures she wants.  Nikki is determined to find out just how close Ashley and Victor have become.  Brad doesn’t let Jack know that his losing sales territory is fast becoming a winner.  Doctors tells Danny he may need throat surgery which might destroy his singing voice.


Monday 13th January, 1986


Lindsey finds John in Joanna's office who has been putting her charms on him. Lindsey confesses to John that she took the photographs of Jill's night of infidelity. With tears in her eyes, Lindsey tells John that she didn't come forward earlier because she was in love with the man who slept with Jill. An ecstatic Jill is in a flirtatious mood during her discussion with Michael Crawford about her divorce settlement. Paul and Farren are glad when Andy finally wakes up. The bizarre living arrangement with Shawn takes an unexpected turn for Lauren who finds out that Shawn is disturbed leaving him sexually impotent. As a result, Lauren realizes that she and Shawn never slept together, rendering one of the reasons for her break-up with Paul void. Danny tells Brad that the doctors discovered lumps on his vocal cords. He will have to undergo treatment and is concerned since his voice is of utmost importance to him.


Tuesday 14th January, 1986


Jill learns from Michael that John's fortune is much bigger than expected. John questions Lindsey about her former lover and asks her to reveal the name of the adulterer. Esther realizes that Kay is anxious to get back the photographs and decides to anonymously extort money from her employer in exchange for them. Paul explains to Andy that his shooting was no accident but so far the investigation remains fruitless. He then tells Andy of his break-up from Lauren. Later, Paul runs into Shawn and Lauren at Gina's.


Wednesday 15th January, 1986


Jack is anxious to find out whether Lindsey revealed his name to John. He is glad to hear that Lindsey kept mum. Farren consoles Paul after his unexpected meeting with Shawn and Lauren. Esther deposits her blackmail letter to Mrs. Chancellor. Jill daydreams of her new life in richness and tormenting her nemesis Katherine as a side effect. Lindsey explains to Jack that lying to John was everything but easy for her. Ashley and Victor plan a rendezvous. Nikki follows her husband to the secret cabin.


20th – 24th January, 1986

(Monday 27th January – Toledo Blade)


Traci tells John that Jack’s trying to spoil her relationship with Brad.  Later, when Jack says Jill used John’s money to buy Brad an expensive jacket, Traci and John are stunned.  At the cabin, Nikki finds a music box which Victor gave Ashley.  Nikki vows to keep Victor and get even with Ashley.  When Esther’s next letter to Kay demands $100,000, Kay decides the sender of the letter probably doesn’t have pictures.  After visiting a haughty Jill, Kay decides to take a chance and places the $100,000 in a trash bin, hoping to get a look at her blackmailer.  Esther, dressed as a bagwoman, scoops up the money but does not leave the pictures.


Wednesday 22nd January, 1986


Andy Richards comes home.  Casey tells Nikki she needs to confront Victor about his relationship with Ashley.  Traci receives flowers from Brad.  A cocky Jill pushes Katherine to the point of buying the pictures of Jill and Jack.  Brad has an uneasy dinner with the Abbott’s, especially with Jack. 


27th – 31st January, 1986

(Monday 3rd February – Toledo Blade)


Nikki makes love to Jack.  When they hear Victor downstairs, Jack retreats.  Later, Jack dreams that Victor shoots him.  Traci accepts Brad’s apology for not telling her that the expensive cashmere jacket was bought for him by Jill.  Shawn tells Lauren? that he and his mother once went to the orient when he was very young.  Andy is getting nervous about Faren’s skittishness.  Jazz thinks that Andy was not the target when he was shot.


3rd – 7th February, 1986

(Monday 10th February – Toledo Blade)


Andy is hurt when Faren can only offer friendship and not love.  Shawn plans to take Lauren to San Francisco instead of the oriental singing tour he’s promised.  Paul decides to file for divorce while Lauren is out of town.  Lauren tells Danny she shouldn’t make any rash decisions about vocal surgery.  Shawn calls Turk off Paul, but Turk continues to linger.  Jack is confused when Nikki refuses to leave Victor even though she’s aware Victor’s having an affair with Ashley.  John orders his attorney to send the revealing pictures to Jill’s lawyers.


10th – 14th February, 1986

(Tuesday 18th February – Toledo Blade)


Showing Jack the photo of their night together in the cabin, Jill says unless he weds her, she’ll show the photos to John.  Jack tells Jill he hates her.  Jill is ordered out of the Abbott household.  Nikki tells Victoria that Ashley’s a wicked witch who’s stealing Victor from them.  Lauren and Shawn arrive in San Francisco, where Shawn registers under an alias.  In a barren San Francisco parking lot, Shawn dreams of a mansion, sees a young child (himself), then hears screams and sirens.  Nathan is thrilled when he passes a fifth-grade reading test, but his excitement sours when he learns Tyrone has invited Amy to Tyrone’s law school graduation.


17th – 21st February, 1986

(Monday 24th February – Toledo Blade)


With his throat operation a success, Danny is told he’ll now be singing better than ever.  When Andy confronts him, Paul admits that he’s attracted to Faren but will not pursue her.  When John offers Jill $40,000 a year to keep the case out of court, Jill’s lawyer tells her time is running out and that she will get nothing in court.  When Victoria calls Ashley the wicked witch and asks her not to taker her daddy from her, a distraught Ashley flees.  Shawn goes to visit his mother’s grave and it’s obvious by her date of death that she died not when he was 6 but when he was a young man.  Lauren learns she’s pregnant.


Wednesday 19th February, 1986


Jill's divorce is going to court on Thursday or Friday. She is blackmailing Jack into marrying her since John has the pictures of her and Jack and will use them in court. She hopes that if Jack marries her, she will still have access to the Abbott fortune.


Nikki confronted Ashley and begged her to give Victor up, to which Ashley refused. Nikki even used her daughter to get to Ashley (tackey!) Meanwhile, after having lunch with Matt and learning from him that Nikki knows about his affair with Ashley, Victor is on his way home to have a talk with Nikki. Fireworks to follow!


Shawn discovered that Lauren has been just playing along with him looking for an opportunity to strike back at him. He, in turn, tried to kill Tamara (who came out of her coma long enough to save herself). He then cancelled the trip to Japan (behind her back) and took her to San Francisco instead. He is going to do something to her there. There have been flashbacks to his past that suggest that he lived there with his mother and that she died in a fire there (and he was involved in her death somehow).


Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Tamara has been calling for Lauren and Andy has been trying to figure out what's going on with her. While he has been doing this, Paul and Farran (Andy's supposed girlfriend) have been getting friendlier and friendlier. They were seen together, hugging, at Gina's, by Andy and he was pissed.


And last but not least, Danny went into the hospital and the operation on his throat. When he woke up, Gina and Traci were there. After he went to sleep, Gina mentioned to Traci that she finally realized that Traci still loved Danny. As she said this, Brad was coming into the room, heard it and took off.


February 1986

(Soap Opera Digest - 11th March, 1986)

By injecting poison into Tamra’s IV, Shawn figures he’s taken care of Lauren’s psychic friend for good.  However, though she hasn’t moved in months, Tamara musters the strength to reach over and jerk the IV out of her arm before the poison gets into her system.  When the doctor and a nurse walk in and see the IV on the floor, the doctor thinks it could be a sign that Tamra may finally be on the road to recovery.

                Since Lauren has betrayed him, Shawn cancels her world tour and makes one-way plane reservations for San Francisco.  After setting up the new plane tickets, Shawn puts Turk back on Paul’s trail. 

                As Lauren finishes packing, Danny stops by to wish her luck.  He doesn’t want her to have any guilty feelings about proceeding with her solo career.  “No regrets about what might have been,” Danny wants her to promise.

                Having failed in his earlier attempt to reunite Lauren and Paul, Andy decides to pay Lauren one last visit before she leaves town.  Lauren doesn’t give Andy any straight answers about her relationship with Shawn, but before Andy can probe too deeply, Shawn returns home and Andy is ushered out the door.  Shortly afterwards, the limo arrives and whisks Lauren and Shawn off to the airport.

                Lauren doesn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary until she hears the captain announce their plane’s expected arrival time in San Francisco.  Shawn explains that since they were leaving early anyway, he decided it would be nice if the two of them spent a few days in California before heading to Tokyo.  Feeling ill, Lauren heads for the restroom.  While she is gone, Shawn checks out the fake I.D. he had Turk procure for him.  It includes a driver’s licence, cheque book and several major credit cards.  Shawn figures if he registers himself and Lauren at the hotel under fake names, no one will be able to track them down later when Lauren turns up missing….

                For the first time since she got hit by the car, Tamra tries to speak.  The doctor can’t make sense out of her words, but does understand that Tamra is desperate to talk to Lauren.  With nowhere else to go, Dr. Walters tries to enlist Paul’s help.  Unfortunately, a bitter Paul neither knows nor cares how to get in touch with his wife.

Jill’s Desperate Plan


                Jill is nearly beside herself when her lawyer finally shows up at her hotel room.  She attempts to break the bad news to him that the incriminating photos still exist, but Michael already knows.  John’s lawyer sent Michael his own copies of the prints.  It appears that John now has everything he needs to prove Jill’s unfaithfulness during their marriage: witnesses and physical evidence.

                Jill’s case looks hopeless to Michael.  What disgusts him the most is that Jill never trusted him enough to be honest.  Had he known all the facts going into the case, he would have handled the preliminary hearing entirely differently and they still might stand a chance at getting a decent settlement.  But now it’s obvious that Jill not only lied to her husband but to the court- and in all likelihood it will cost Jill millions.

                A series of nightmares about being penniless prompts Jill to take some action to avoid poverty, and the plan she comes up with involves Jack.  Abbott arrives at Jill’s hotel room at her insistence, demanding to know what is so important.  Jill says she figures that it was because Jack made love to her in the first place that she got into this mess, so it’s going to be Jack who will save her.

Abbott’s jaw nearly hits the floor when Jill tells him that he’s going to marry her!  “You’re out of your mind,” Jack says contemptuously.  But Jill explains that the only alternative Jack has to marrying her is to have Jill reveal to John that his son is the man making love to her in the pictures!

Nikki Won’t Give Up!

                Victor knows that something has been troubling his wife the past few days, and he tries to get his brother to talk to Nikki.  But Matt thinks that Victor ought to try communicating with Nikki himself.  Newman doesn’t know how he’s going to handle it, but he is well aware that he has to decide between Nikki and Ashley in the very near future.

                When Ashley arrives home, she finds her brother waiting for her.  Jack congratulates Ashley on her success in keeping her affair with Victor discreet and proposes a solution to his sister’s problem.  “I’ve told Nikki that if things don’t work out for her…I’m very hopeful she’ll move in with me,” Jack informs Ashley.

                The following day, Ashley happens to walk into her brother’s office just as he and Nikki are in the middle of a kiss.  Ashley only stopped by to get some contracts from Jack, but just the sight of her rival is enough to infuriate Nikki.

                That night, Nikki tells her daughter a bedtime story which parodies her own situation.  In the story, Nikki makes Ashley out to be a wicked witch and Victoria the saviour of the family.

                Matt warns his sister-in-law that she’d better sit down and have a talk with her husband if she wants to save her marriage, but Nikki doesn’t want to hear about it.  She has her own plan, and it doesn’t include discussing her problem with Victor.  Nikki assures Matt that once her plan has had a chance to work, Ashley Abbott will never be a problem for her again.  Matt hopes, for Nikki’s sake, that she’s right.  He knows that Victor is on the brink of making a decision that could leave Nikki out in the cold!

                Shawn checks into a first class hotel and arranges for a suite with separate bedrooms for himself and Lauren.  After several bouts of nausea, Lauren secretly sees a doctor, who promises to get back to her as soon as he gets the test results from the lab.

                Since Dr. Walters already failed to enlist Paul’s help in locating Lauren for Tamra, one of Tamra’s nurses takes it upon herself to pay the Williams and Richards Detective Agency a visit.  Andy decides the case might be worth following up.

                Tamra still can’t speak, but she is capable of answering “yes” or “no” to questions by blinking her eyes.  Andy can tell that Tamra desperately wants to communicate something about Lauren and Shawn, but she has no idea what it could be.

                Andy arrives at the restaurant to meet his partner just in time to witness Faren and Paul in what appears to be more than just a friendly embrace.  Andy hears Gina Comment that it looks like Paul has found a new love in his life…

                Jack goes back to see Jill, hoping he can reason with her.  Marrying him wouldn’t solve any of her problems, Jack insists- it would create more for both of them.  But Jill has spent most of her life scrimping for every dime and she has no intention of going back to that kind of life.  Unless Jack wants to be ruined financially along with her, he’ll find a way to convince his family that marrying Jill is what he really wants.

                Back at Jabot, Jack runs into Lindsey and tells her about the resurfacing of the damning pictures.  Lindsey has very little sympathy for Jack- in fact, she finds the situation quite funny!  After all, Jack is the guy who cleverly faked a marriage to Lindsey in an attempt to get his hands on those photos.

Things Look Good For John

                When the divorce case is finally scheduled, Michael goes to see Jill to try and devise a plausible strategy.  So far, they are still asking for $3,000 per week and a lump sum payment of $5 million.  However, now that Michael knows about the proof John has that Jill was unfaithful during their marriage, he feels their demands are totally unrealistic.  He informs Jill that he’ll be lucky if he can get her as much as $1,000 per week.

                Grant warns John that they are sitting pretty as long as Abbott keeps his cool and hides his contempt for Jill.  Grant is still hopeful that Jill and her attorney will settle out of court.  If that is the case, then John is prepared to offer his wife $40,000 per year.  On the other hand, if Jill insists on going to court, then John wants her to end up with as little as possible. 

                Nikki scares Victoria by telling her that a wicked witch- named Ashley- is coming to their house to-day.  However, Lindsey talks Ashley out of visiting Nikki, so Ashley calls Nikki and cancels their meeting.

                Her mysterious plan foiled, a desperate Nikki calls her sister.  When Casey arrives at the Newman ranch, Nikki begs her to go see Ashley and convince her to come over.  Casey reluctantly agrees, but can’t promise any results.

                During Casey’s visit, Ashley tries to find out exactly what Nikki wants to talk about.  All Casey can say is that Nikki wants to have an open conversation about the situation regarding Victor.  After some consideration, Ashley decides that a talk with Nikki might give her a chance to clear the air and allow her to start making plans for her future.

                The next day at the ranch, Nikki is ready and waiting for Ashley.  “I know everything,” Nikki informs her opponent.  After a heated verbal battle between the two women, Nikki runs from the room in tears.  As Ashley prepares to leave the house, Victoria walks into the room.  “You’re the wicked witch,” she accuses Ashley, then adds, “Please don’t take my daddy from me!”

                Horrified at what Victor’s daughter must think of her, Ashley runs out of the house, Nikki, who watched Ashley’s reaction from the stairwell, is pleased.  She obtained exactly the results she had hoped for.  “I don’t think the wicked witch will bother us anymore,” she assures her daughter.

                Meanwhile, Victor takes his brother to an exclusive private dining room and tries to get Matt to tell him what’s been bothering Nikki.  Matt doesn’t know the specifics, but he does confirm for Victor that there is no doubt in Nikki’s mind that Victor is having an affair with Ashley….


24th – 28th February, 1986

(Monday 3rd March – Toledo Blade)


Jill returns Jack’s $100,000.  She then goes to John and tells him Jack was her cabin lover.  John confronts Jack, saying he can’t believe Jill would stoop to saying that she and Jack were lovers.  Ashley tells Victor that she cannot go on with a relationship that is hurting his child.  Victor tells Matt he wants to divorce Nikki but she’ll need a man he wants Matt to be that man.  Joanna discovers Lauren’s Oriental tour has been cancelled.  In San Francisco, Shawn recalls his mother’s death in a fire.  At hospital, Danny meets a 12-year-old new mother.  The girl’s mom blames lurid rock music lyrics and Danny’s ilk for the girl’s condition.


Late February 1986

(Soap Opera Digest - 25th. March, 1986)


Traci hasn’t heard a word about the results of Danny’s operation.  Knowing how worried she is about her former husband, Brad takes her to the hospital to check on the singer.  While Traci and Brad are visiting, Danny learns from his doctor that the operation has been a success!  There is no reason why Danny’s singing career shouldn’t get back into full swing.

                When Jack discovers that Jill is trying to reach John by phone, he instructs Carol not to put her through under any circumstances.  “And don’t give Dad any messages,” Jack hastily adds.

                Jack goes to Jill’s ready to wring her neck.  Jill thought that Jack was ignoring her, Mrs. Abbott says- and since her divorce case is due in court in less than 48 hours, she figured it was time John learned the truth.  Jack pleads with his stepmother to reconsider her bizarre proposal.  John would disown him if he married Jill.

                As a last resort, Jack brings Jill a briefcase containing $150,000 in cash.  It’s all Jill’s if she will just drop this idea of marrying Jack or telling John the truth about Jack making love to her.  She needs some time to think it over, Jill replies.

                Back at his office, Jack anxiously awaits word as to whether Jill will accept his offer.  Carol can tell that something is bothering her boss and she would like to help out.  “Have dinner with me tonight,” suggest Abbott.  There is nothing Carol would rather do than go out on the town with Jack!

                Wondering how Nikki’s meeting with Ashley went, Casey stops by to see her sister.  “I got that woman out of Victor’s life once and for all,” Nikki proudly proclaims.  Casey has difficulty believing that.  Nikki used her little girl in her battle against Ashley.  However, Nikki has no regrets and would gladly do it again.

                When Victor returns home, he informs his wife that it is about time they had a talk about their relationship.  Up to this point, Victor has always taken pride in his self-sufficiency, but now he needs Nikki’s help.  He is in the midst of an affair with Ashley, Victor admits, but he is still in love with Nikki and doesn’t know how to resolve the situation.  “Please be supportive of me while I’m trying to decide what to do,” Newman begs.  Nikki can’t believe her husband has the gall to ask her to support him while he’s having an affair.

Ashley Gives Up

                Ashley is totally devastated by Victoria’s begging her not to “take her Daddy away”.  As far as Ashley is concerned, from this moment on, her relationship with Victor is over.  She won’t accept any of Victor’s phone calls and later in the day when Newman stops by, Ashley has Carol tell him she’s not in.

                Lauren can’t figure out why Shawn took her to see an empty lot and grabs the first opportunity to slip away from her manager to do some investigating.  She learns that there used to be a Victorian home on the property Shawn showed her, but the place burned down several years ago.  She can’t find out who lived there, but does discover that it was a young man who had a son.

                Back at the hotel, Lauren gets Shawn to admit that the empty lot was the site where his mother was killed in a fire.  Refusing to elaborate, Shawn stalks out of the hotel room.

                When Shawn is gone, Lauren finds out that the doctor has received the results of her tests.


3rd – 7th March, 1986

(Monday 10th March – Toledo Blade)


Suddenly realizing that Jack was Jill’s cabin lover, John goes to Lindsay, who won’t confirm or deny.  A smug Kay, believing Jill is penniless, keeps offering Jill a job.  Brock helps cheer Ashley who’s still devastated because baby Victoria called her a witch.  Amy tells Tyrone she needs time to think over his marriage proposal.  Shawn admits to Lauren he was older when his mother died – 11, not 6.


#3297 – Monday 3rd March, 1986


At Williams & Richards, Andy and his team continue their search for Lauren as Joanna continues to worry about her daughter's disappearance. In San Francisco Shawn's descent hardens; he is keen on putting his plans for Lauren in motion. Back in Genoa City, John makes the shocking realization that Jill told him the truth: The man in the photograph is indeed his son Jack!


10th – 14th March, 1986

(Monday 17th March – Toledo Blade)


John refuses to tell either Traci or Ashley why Jack is no longer in their home or the company.  Jill tells John she’ll take the revealing photos to a scandal sheet unless she gets 20 per cent of the company and other perks.  John throws her out of the office.  In San Francisco, Lauren’s doctor says she should tell her husband about her pregnancy as soon as possible.  Shawn gives Turk orders to get rid of Lauren.  Mark tells Lauren that he was married to Shawn’s mother, that Shawn started the fire that killed her.  He believes that Shawn is a schizophrenic.


17th – 21st March, 1986

(Monday 24th March – Toledo Blade)


Tyrone is considering an out-of-town job offer.  While Nikki’s reading Victoria a story, she says that the wicked witch is named Ashley.  Ashley plans to make Diane Jabot’s lead model.  Shawn and Turk lock Lauren in an abandoned garage office.  After Shawn tells Turk to leave, he tosses Lauren’s clothes around the office, saturates them with gasoline and ignites them.  Turk returns and drags Lauren from the fire.  When Shawn finds Turk and Lauren, he beats Turk unconscious and drugs Lauren.  Shawn takes Lauren to his mother’s grave and buries Lauren alive.  Paul and Andy find Shawn at the fisherman’s wharf.  While Paul and Shawn fight, Turk shoots Shawn.  The police arrive and shoot Turk.


24th – 28th March, 1986

(Tuesday 1st April – Toledo Blade)


Paul and Andy rescue Shawn from the grave and Dr. Reed diagnoses that Lauren has been given an unknown drug.  Paul believes Lauren loved Shawn and wonders what led to the murderous end of their relationship.  Diane is surprised when Andy appears at her door.  Jill threatens to accept a Hollywood offer for the rights to her life story, and John capitulates to her demands.  Amy tells Tyrone that Nathan is illiterate and envious of Tyrone.  Tyrone is sympathetic, but Amy worries about having revealed Nathan’s secret.  Victor learns about Nikki’s use of Victoria to break up his love affair with Ashley, but Nikki is indignant and berates Victor for his infidelity.


#3313 Tuesday 25th March, 1986


Paul and Andy rescue Lauren in San Francisco.


31st March – 4th April, 1986

(Tuesday 8th April – Toledo Blade)


While in a coma, Lauren suffers a miscarriage.  Regaining consciousness, Lauren tells Joanna how she knows this baby is meant to be; a heartbroken Joanna tells her daughter that she has lost the baby.  When Joanna goes to Paul with the news of the miscarriage, Paul insists that Lauren was pregnant not by him but by Shawn.  Jill prepares to re-enter the Abbott household and Jabot.  Diane thinks Jack is behind her return to Jabot.  Diane is surprised when she learns Jack’s no longer at the company.  A spiteful Nikki takes Victoria off the ranch but won’t tell Matt where she’s going.  Victor admits to Matt he’s torn between two loves, Ashley and Nikki.


#3314 Wednesday 26th March, 1986

#3315 Thursday 27th

#3316 Friday 28th March, 1986

#3317 Monday 31st March, 1986

#3318 Tuesday 1st April, 1986

#3319 Wednesday 2nd April, 1986


7th – 11th April, 1986

(Monday 14th April – Toledo Blade)


Jill tells Michael she plans to be an asset to Jabot.  Ashley learns why John has turned against Jack.  Ashley plans to make Jill rue the day she became part of Jabot management.  John names Ashley vice chairman of the company.  Kay asks Jack to stay with her.  When Jack tells Kay he could kill Jill, Kay suggests that he do that very thing.  Danny starts to prepare a record album which will hopefully halt the teen-age pregnancies.  Tyrone is upset when Amy calls their dinner date short because she wants to tutor Nathan.  Paul and Lauren reach an impasse.  Lauren decides not to tell Paul of Shawn’s evil plans.


14th – 18th April, 1986

(Monday 21st April – Toledo Blade)


Jill and Michael spend the night together.  Victor still wants Matt to pursue Nikki.  Traci tells Brad she’s always felt like the ugly duckling in the beautiful Abbott family.  John tells Dina there’s no way he can reinstate Jack in Jabot.  Lauren tells Paul and Joanna of Shawn’s torture.  Faren agrees to Andy’s push for commitment.  Paul finally believes Lauren.  Lauren tells Danny that Shawn poisoned him.  A friendly kiss between Danny and Traci turns to passion.


21st – 25th April, 1986


28th April – 2nd May, 1986

(Monday 5th May – Toledo Blade)


Angry with Sven, Jill gets the masseur fired.  Traci agrees to marry Brad.  Lauren tells Traci it’s obvious that she loves Danny.  Having a confrontation with Jill, Jack considers killing her.  Kay tells Jack it’s the best thing to do.  Nikki wants Jack to go out and get a job, but he continues drinking.  Matt is still trying to woo Nikki.  Lauren and Paul seem headed for reconciliation.  Ashley tells Victor she wants him but is afraid the relationship is going to destroy Victoria.


(Soap Opera Digest - 3rd. June, 1986)


The day after she gets her engagement ring from Brad, Traci shows it to Danny. “Congratulations, you’re going to have a wonderful life,” Danny says enthusiastically as he gives her a hug. That afternoon, Traci gives Brad her answer. “I can’t tell you how happy you’re making me,” Brad says joyously when Traci agrees to be his wife. Back in his apartment, Danny wonders to himself why he didn’t ask Traci to wait a while before getting married..,.•             Playing matchmaker, Gina tries to convince Traci that Danny is still in love with her. Shaken, Traci loses her patience and asks Gina to leave. Mean-while, Brad musters up his courage and informs John that he and Traci are engaged. At first Carlton believes that John disapproves of the marriage.  After a tense moment, John shakes~ Brad’s hand and says, “There’s no one I’d be more proud to call my son-in-law.”           

Later, Brad is summoned to Jill’s office. She has come up with a new marketing concept, Jill purrs, and she’d like Brad to read it over and give her his opinion. If he likes the idea, Jill would like Brad to be the one to introduce it to John. When Carlton informs a shocked Jill that he is engaged to Traci, Jill assumes that Brad is only marrying Traci to become part of the Abbott family.               

At Brad’s insistence, Traci goes to see her mother to inform her of her engagement. Dina had no idea that Traci was seriously dating anyone! She’d like to help with the planning of the wedding, an offer Traci promises to consider.  Convinced that Traci would break off her relationship with Brad if she know how Danny felt, Gina attempts to convince her brother to act on his feelings before it’s too late. A dejected Danny informs his sister that Traci and Brad are engaged. However, as far as Gina is concerned, that’s all the more reason for Danny to get off his duff and let Traci know how he feels!               Nikki is disgusted to find Jack passed out on his bed, drunk, with the door to his room standing wide open.  She can’t believe how low Jack has sunk — she’s never known him to be a quitter before. If Jack can’t pull his life back together again, Nikki warns, then they’re through.


Jill Makes Mother Enemy


Taking a stab at reconciling with his father, Jack goes to see John. “You’re asking the impossible,” John informs his son. “Now get out.. I can’t stand the sight of you!” Devastated, Jack leaves.  In a further attempt to pacify Nikki, Jack goes to a local manufacturing company to answer an employment ad.  But the position is barely a cut above entry level, and Jack is rejected for being over-qualified.          


Unaware that Jill has changed her self image since attaining her position at Jabot, Sven makes some sexual overtures to her during her massage.  She never used to mind, but now she’s fit to be tied! Deciding that their relationship has become a bit too personal, Jill informs Sven that this will be her last massage. When Sven doesn’t get the hint and tries to kiss Jill, she kicks him out of her suite and has him fired.  The next day, Sven returns to Jill’s room and begs her to arrange for him to be given his job back. Jill has no intention of helping Sven — he insulted her and she wants him to pay for it.  When it becomes clear that Sven is going to make a pest of himself and continue begging her for his job, Jill has hotel security send someone to her room to remove Sven from the premises. Sven leaves on his own, swearing revenge.  Today would have been Kay’s anniversary if Phillip were still alive. Kay works herself into a lather blaming Jill for Phillip’s untimely death.  “The despicable, conniving tramp,” Kay thunders at her son. “Phillip’s death has never been avenged.” After Brock leaves, Kay vows to destroy Jill for having ruined all the happiness in her life, and removes an old .38 revolver from a desk drawer....

Kay isn’t the only person who has reason to hate Jill. Upset about losing his job, Sven goes to Gina’s Place for a few drinks. He finds Jack Abbott there, doing his best to drown his sorrows.  Someone attempted to break into Gina’s the other night and Leo thinks it would be a good idea if Jack kept a gun in his room . . . just in case. As a matter of fact, Leo has a .38 revolver he’d be more than happy to loan Jack if he’s interested. As Jack takes the gun, he remarks that he’d like to try it out on Jill. On his way back up to his room, Jack spots Sven at the bar and recognizes him. “You keep rubbing her back,” Jack sneers, not knowing that Jill just had Sven fired, “and she’ll laugh when she eats you up and spits you out.”           


Right after Leo finishes showing Jack how to use the gun, Kay shows up on Jack’s doorstep. Pointing out that Jill is responsible for Jack’s circumstances, Kay wonders how long it will be before Jack makes the witch pay. “She destroyed your life, everything that matters to you,” Kay reminds him.  Someone has to make Jill pay, and Kay thinks it should be Jack.  Returning home, Kay has Esther retrieve a present Phillip gave her on her wedding night to be opened on their 25th anniversary. It turns out that the present is a bottle of champagne.  Knowing that Kay is an alcoholic, Esther begs her employer not to imbibe, to no avail....

The ranch is too lonely and isolated, Nikki complains to Victor. She wants to rent an apartment in town. Since Victor owns Newman Towers, he promises to make the arrangements.  Nikki heads for Jack’s where she happily fills him in about her new part-time living quarters. However, she leaves Jack morose about his own situation.. .and full of bitterness towards Jill. Grabbing his trench coat, Jack storms out of the room vowing to best Jill yet.

That evening, Nikki waits almost an hour for Jack to show up at her new apartment When he finally does appear, Abbott is very out of sorts and consumed with self-pity. Nikki promises to consider a permanent arrangement with him as soon as he can pull his life together. Declaring that Nikki is the only thing he has to live for at the moment, Jack takes her hi his arms and begs her not to leave him that night.      “God, how incredible we are together,” Jack declares in the after-math of their lovemaking. He can hardly wait until Nikki gets a bed for her apartment! But Nikki can’t stay out all night, and much to Jack’s regret, returns to the ranch.  When she gets home, Nikki finds a note from Matt asking her to join him for a party in the tack room. Nikki finds her brother-in-law dressed to the nines and waiting for her with wine, candlelight, chocolate fondue and romantic music. “A lady could get used to this,” Nikki says coyly. “So could a man if he’s given the chance,” responds Matt, and admits to his guest that he’s been in love ever since he first laid eyes on her. As Nikki splits the evening between Jack and Malt, Victor meets Ashley at an exclusive dining room for a private formal dinner. Ashley is speechless when Victor presents her with a diamond solitaire pendant.  As soon as he can get Nikki to divorce him, Victor says tenderly, he wants to have the diamond made into an engagement ring for Ashley. “If you’ll have me,” he adds, as tears fill Ashley’s eyes.


Kay’s Off The Wagon

After polishing off her “anniversary” bottle of champagne, Kay orders Esther to take the night off. But Esther, worried that Kay may be contemplating suicide, doesn’t want to leave her employer alone. She’ll be fine, Kay insists, and convinces Esther to leave. As soon as the maid is out the door, Kay dons her trench coat and leaves. Brook becomes quite worried later when he discovers that his missing mother has been drinking.            


Jill goes to her ex-husband’s office expecting congratulations for her marketing proposal. To her surprise, John rakes her over the coals for going over his head to authorize the necessary research and paperwork. She doesn’t know the first thing about marketing and the report was a wasted expense.  Regardless of what her ex-husband thinks, a stubborn Jill intends to bring up her proposal at the next board meeting.   As the owner of 20% of Jabot’s stock, she will do whatever she wants!   


Michael stops by Jill’s office to confirm their dinner date for that night.  Since Jill will be at her place before Michael arrives, he tries to return her key to her, but Jill tells him to hang on to it just in case.  As the maid is cleaning Jill’s hotel suite, someone slips in and hides in a closet. Jill arrives shortly after the maid leaves and immediately begins preparing for her date with Michael. While Jill is showering, the mysterious intruder sneaks into the bathroom, pulls out a handgun and fires three shots at Jill!  The shower door swings open to reveal Jill’s body lying on the floor in a pool of blood.  When Michael arrives, he lets himself into Jill’s apartment. Hearing the shower running, he fixes himself a drink, then goes into the bathroom with a glass of wine for Jill.   His dinner date is down the drain, a horrified Michael realizes when he sees Jill’s body. Discovering that she is still alive, Michael does his best to stop the bleeding, then summons the hotel manager.  A doctor shows up immediately, followed by paramedics and the police.  Carl Williams and his partner Salena have been assigned the case and question Michael quite closely before permitting him to leave to go to the hospital. 


Not only is John late for his dinner engagement with JoAnna, but he is extremely agitated when he arrives. Jill upset him terribly at work, Abbott explains. Considering how much John detests Jill, JoAnna can’t figure out why he agreed to give her a job at Jabot. But Abbott has no intention of talking about his divorce again tonight. After dinner, John declines JoAnna’s invitation to stay the night. He hopes JoAnna understands, John says wearily, but he’s tired and upset, and wants to get home.     


John finds Traci and Brad waiting for him at home. They have set June 20th as their wedding date, the happy couple announces. “This family needs something positive to look forward to,” John says. “I couldn’t be more pleased.”  Kay finally wanders home, but she doesn’t have the slightest idea where she spent the evening or what she did.  She’ll never drink again, Kay promises a frantic Brock.  The way Carl sees Jill’s case, he has three main suspects: John Abbott, Jack Abbott and Kay Chancellor. The list isn’t pared down when Carl discovers that none of them have a good alibi for the time Jill was shot! Jack claims to have been with a friend; John was driving around by himself; and Kay has no idea where she was or what she was doing!  Of the three, Carl believes John is the least likely to have taken violent action....              


5th – 9th May, 1986


12th – 16th May, 1986

(Tuesday 20th May – Toledo Blade)


Phillip volunteers to donate blood for his mother.  Brock’s upset when Kay cannot remember her actions the night of the attempted murder.  Kay also realizes her revolver is missing from the house.  The revolver is found in the hotel alley, but the ballistics test cannot pin it down as the one used in Jill’s shooting.  Faren tells Andy she’s a victim of total amnesia.  Nikki is surprised and frightened by the intensity of Jack’s hatred for Jill.  Traci plans for her June 20 wedding, but Brad is evasive when she asks him for names and addresses of his family members.  Lauren and Danny consider a concert tour and recordings.


19th – 23rd May, 1986

(Tuesday 27th May – Toledo Blade)


When she learns of Traci’s engagement, Lauren rekindles their rivalry.  Lauren believes Brad is just using Traci.  The doorman at Jill’s hotel identifies Kay and is prepared to testify that she was at the hotel the night of the shooting.  Liz threatens never to forgive Kay if she was responsible.  Liz reveals Jill’s son is in Genoa City.  Kay feels compelled to see him.  Jill is unconscious.  Jack is ecstatic that Nikki decided to divorce Victor and begs her to join him on a Tahiti trip.


26th – 30th May, 1986

(Monday 2nd June – Toledo Blade)


Telling police she thinks Jack shot her, Jill decides to go after him.  Police decide to keep Jack from going to Tahiti.  Nikki refuses to believe Jack shot Jill.  Esther is unsuccessful in trying to stop Kay’s drinking.  Victor tells Ashley he wants to marry her the minute his divorce is final from Nikki.


2nd – 6th June, 1986

(Monday 9th June – Toledo Blade)


Carl gets Leo and Nikki to admit their alibi for Jack is false.  Phillip tells Jill he plans to leave Genoa City and head back to school.  Kay asks Phillip to stop by the Chancellor estate.  There she discusses Phillip’s late father and asks Phillip to stay in Genoa City at the estate; she’ll hire private tutors and teach him about his birthright.  Phillip agrees to consider it.  John refuses Ashley’s plea that he hire a lawyer for Jack.  Jack tells Carl and Paul he was jogging when Jill was shot.  As Carl and Paul follow Jack, he throws a bag into the river.  Later, the bag is retrieved by divers.  When opened, the bag contains a gun.  Lauren is surprised when Traci thanks her for discussing Traci’s feelings for Danny with Brad.  Traci claimed it helped clear the air and now their impending marriage will be even stronger.


9th – 13th June, 1986

(Monday 16th June – Toledo Blade)


Phillip agrees to stay on Kay’s estate as long as Jill doesn’t learn about it.  When John sees Ashley and Victor kiss, Victor tells him that as soon as his divorce is final with Nikki, he’ll wed Ashley.  Jill wakes from a nightmare of Jack trying to smother her.  Ballistics tests show the bullets that struck Jill were from gun divers retrieved from the lake and that the prints on the gun are Jack’s.  Jack is arrested for attempted murder while at Gina’s restaurant.  Brad asks Danny to be his best man.  While in Brad’s office, Lauren discovers Brad never mailed a wedding invitation to his parents.  Brad tells Traci his parents will be unable to attend the ceremony.  Nikki asks Jack to move into Newman Towers, and he tells her he does not plan to marry her.


16th – 20th June, 1986

(Monday 23rd June – Toledo Blade)


Jack realizes that the police found the gun he threw in the lake.  Ashley and Dina bail Jack out.  Carl believes Jack’s motive for shooting Jill lies in the secrecy clause of John and Jill’s divorce settlement.  Released from hospital, Jill fears Jack will try to harm her again.  Jill returns to work at Jabot.  With Jack arrested for attempted murder, Traci fears the media will turn her wedding to Brad into a circus and opts for a private at-home ceremony.  Just before the ceremony begins, Jack sneaks into the Abbott household to watch his baby sister get married.  Phillip is staying at Kay’s estate, while Jill believes he’s back at prep school.


23rd – 27th June, 1986

(Monday 30th June – Toledo Blade)


Reporters follow Jack when he shows up at Traci’s wedding.  Returning home, Brock tells Kay she is wrong not to tell Jill that Phillip is staying with her.  Kay is stunned when she learns that Phillip has never seen a picture of his late father.  Matt tells Nikki that he loved a woman in Italy but the relationship ended when she married the head of an Italian syndicate.  Cricket is asked to identify a hit/skip girl when an autographed picture of Cricket is found with her.  Learning the girl’s name is Molly and that she’s pregnant, Cricket and Danny decide to help.  Fearing John will be unable to handle the stress of the trial, Jack decides to plead guilty in Jill’s shooting.

30th June – 4th July, 1986

(Monday 7th July – Toledo Blade)


Kay tries to win Philip over by ordering a truckload of sporting equipment.  Phillip rejects the gift.  Jill secretly works on the men’s line of products to prove herself an asset to Jabot.  Jack’s confession saves John from revealing the terms of the divorce settlement.  Brad and Traci cut their honeymoon short when they read about Jack’s confession in the newspaper.  Lauren convinces Andy that Faren’s past could cause problems.  They learn that Faren was injured in a one-car crash on a desolate highway.  The only items salvaged are a half-comb and a compact.  Lauren decides to take the compact and show it to Faren in the hope that it will jog her memory.  Nina, one of the pregnant girls at the unwed mother’s home, decides to move in with an unsavoury character named Rose De Ville.


7th – 11th July, 1986

(Monday 14th July – Toledo Blade)


In need of a replacement for Jack, John offers Brad the job on a trial basis.  Jill tells Kay she’s sure Kay conspired with Jack.  Police rule out Minnesota as being Faren’s home.  Lauren shows Faren the compact right after telling her she’s certain Faren doesn’t want to know about her past.  Faren tells Lauren she can’t remember anything from seeing the compact, then quickly departs.  Joanna invites John to dinner.  Mary’s shocked by Carl’s vengeful attitude towards Jack.  Kay gives Jack the money to run away.  After Gina tells him how awful prison life is, Jack considers running.  Nikki kisses Matt and tells him she cares.  Casey asks Nikki if she’s just interested in Matt because she’s lost Victor and Jack.  At the airport ready to fly to South America, Jack spots John and decides to face sentencing instead of fleeing.


14th – 18th July, 1986

(Monday 21st July – Toledo Blade)


Jack takes the witness stand, saying that he feels remorse over what happened to Jill and that he realizes he created his problems in life.  Jill stands up in court and tells the judge she no longer fears Jack.  Jack is given a five-year suspended sentence, one year on a work-release program in a Skid Row mission.  When Molly tells Nina that the social worker insists on knowing where to contact Molly’s parents or she’ll be turned over to juvenile authorities, Nina tells her to move in with her at Rose’s.  Parents unable to adopt legally turn to Rose.  Casey is horrified when she gets Nikki’s medical report.  Faren decides to see a doctor to learn why she has residual amnesia.  Ashley is upset when Victor offers no understanding of what Jack is going through.

21st – 25th July, 1986

(Monday 28th July – Toledo Blade)


Joanna suggests that John have cosmetic surgery when he expresses concern about his aging.  Casey tells Victor that Nikki is suffering from a potentially fatal disease.  Everyone is stunned when Victor says he’ll give Nikki anything she wants in the divorce proceedings.  Jill thinks Jack’s warning that he didn’t shoot her is merely a smokescreen but Jill does have second thoughts and thinks Kay may have been the perpetrator.  Faren checks into hospital to see why she’s still suffering from amnesia.  Danny and Cricket locate Molly’s boyfriend; he claims ignorance about Molly’s pregnancy, agrees to give money, but offers no moral support.


28th July – 1st August, 1986

(Tuesday 5th August – Toledo Blade)


Nikki agrees to take the medication which Casey prescribed even though she’s unaware that she’s seriously ill.  Casey begs Victor to stay with Nikki.  Lauren tells Diane that Faren is in hospital to regain her memory.  Lauren takes the compact to Tamara, who tells her that it was a gift from someone who died, that Faren was alone in the car during the accident.  Phillip realizes that Jill visited Kay.  When Nina starts having cramps, Rose rushes her to the clinic where she insists the doctor induce early labour.  There a wealthy couple pays Rose $50,000 for the baby.  Rose evicts Molly.  Danny gets Molly a room at Gina’s.  Traci gets suspicious when Lauren comes to visit Brad while Traci is not home.  Jack’s work with derelicts puts him in a horrible mood.


4th – 8th August, 1986

(Monday 11th August – Toledo Blade)


John returns from vacation after having successful plastic surgery.  Dr. Sloane doubts that Faren will ever regain her memory.  Andy tells her it doesn’t matter.  Faren agrees to marry him.  Jack slips away from the work-release program and visits Jabot.  Jack is furious when he learns that Brad has been promoted to director of advertising.  Danny asks Paul to help him find Cricket, who is posing as an unwed mother.  Rose is unable to convince Nina and Cricket that Nina’s baby is dead.  Rose has Dr. Burke drug both of them.  As the duo are about to load the unconscious girls into a van, Danny and Paul arrive on the scene.  Rose and Burke escape.


11th – 15th August, 1986

(Tuesday 19th August – Toledo Blade)


After hearing her baby can’t be found, Nina decides to run away.  Kay worries that she was involved in Jill’s shooting when she can’t remember what happened that night.  Jill hires Sven to work as her masseur.  He offers to spy on Kay for her.  When Sven arrives at Kay’s house, she recognizes him but can’t quite place where she met him.  Jack begins to feel some compassion for the people at the shelter when he learns from his probation officer that he’s not going to be transferred from this post to any other.  Victor insists to Casey that Nikki does not want to reconcile with him.  Brad is doing very well in his new position at Jabot.


18th – 22nd August, 1986

(Monday 25th August – Toledo Blade)


Lauren has a press friend run the story on wire services to try to find out Faren’s past.  When she learns Andy and Faren have married, Lauren tries to cancel the story but it’s too late.  Nikki and Victor decide to tell Victoria that they’re getting divorced.  Casey wants Matt to be told about Nikki’s illness.  Victor says he wants to wait.  Molly learns that she is illegitimate.  Lauren is jealous when she learns Traci will be singing at Danny’s concert.  Matt headed to Venezuela on business.

25th – 29th August, 1986

(Monday 1st September – Toledo Blade)


After his concert is a major success, Danny’s offered an LA contract.  Cricket decides not to go with him.  He agrees that they need time apart.  Jill secretly works on a sunscreen project.  Kay asks Phillip to stay with her and attend college in Genoa City.  Ellen’s touched when Jack is truly kind to the palsied bag lady, Nellie.  Jack tells Jill she must find out who shot her because he’s going out of his mind working in the shelter.

1st – 5th September, 1986

(Monday 8th September – Toledo Blade)


Fearing Phillip will hate her when he realizes that she caused his father’s car to go off a cliff, Kay tells Phillip he should take back his birthright.  Jill no longer feels that Jack or Kay is responsible for shooting her.  Jill is confused when Sven mentions Jack having a gun in his room.  Joanna tells Jill that John has a face-lift, hoping this information will bring her closer to Jill.  Lauren gets a letter concerning Faren’s past.  Diane leaves town after learning Andy is married.  Ellen calls Jack’s probation officer when he is late returning to work.

8th – 12th September, 1986

(Tuesday 16th September – Toledo Blade)


When Jack defends Ellen and the indigents from two hoodlums, Ellen is impressed.  Jack tells Jill he lied on the witness stand to save John from having to testify at the trial.  Reading newspaper accounts, Jill realizes Sven would have no way of knowing that Leo gave Jack a gun.  Jill believes Sven may have been the one who tried to kill her.  Phillip decides to take the name of Chancellor but tells Kay he doesn’t want his mother to know.  Although missing Danny, Cricket accepts a date with a male model.  John and Joanna don’t want Jill to know that they are friendly.  Ashley, not feeling well, decides to see a doctor in Paris.  While in Paris, Ashley visits Julia.  They discuss always having had an attraction for the same men.  Ashley admits that she and Victor have been lovers but insists that their relationship is not what broke up Victor’s marriage to Nikki.


15th – 19th September, 1986

(Monday 22nd September – Toledo Blade)


Victor sends Matt back to South America.  After a romantic dance with Victor, Nikki thinks Victor still loves her.  Tow days before the divorce is to be finalized, Victor wants a hurry-up meeting with his lawyer.  A pregnant Ashley returns home, dreaming of a perfect life with Victor and their baby.  Phillip and Cricket have a nervous meeting at the college campus.  Sven takes Jill hostage.  Jill attempts to seduce Sven, feeling this is her only chance for survival.  Jack goes to Carl with the belief that Sven shot Jill.  An incredulous Carl orders Jack out of the house, threatening to tell Jack’s probation officer that Jack has violated parole.


22nd – 26th September, 1986

(Monday 29th September – Toledo Blade)


Sven ties Jill up and places her in a storage freezer.  He books a passage for Mexico and reports Jill missing to police.  Jack tells Sven that he knows Sven is the one who tried to kill Jill.  Police arrive before Jack can get any information.  Sven tells police that Jack tried to strangle him.  Carl decides that his first duty is to go after Jack, who has fled.  Carl finds Jack.  Before heading to the airport, Sven turns the freezer on.  As the temperature starts to drop, Jill loses consciousness.  Carl realizes that Sven is trying to leave the country and sends police to halt Sven’s departure.  At the apartment, Jack and Carl find no trace of the missing Jill and are unable to see the hidden freezer.  Overhearing Casey and Victor talk about Nikki’s illness, Ashley tells Victor their relationship is over.

29th September – 3rd October, 1986

(Monday 6th October – Toledo Blade)


Finding Jill in the freezer, Carl and Jack have her rushed to hospital where she recovers.  Carl believes Jack’s story and tells Jack he can stay at the Abbott home.  Carl sends men to find Sven, who left under an assumed name for Mexico City.  A grateful Jill asks Jack what she can do for him and he suggests that she stay away.  Julia arrives from Paris to be with the pregnant Ashley.  Ashley says that she is considering an abortion.  Andy tells Paul he wouldn’t mind having Lauren work with him, but Paul says forget it.  Jack refuses to tell why he confessed to shooting Jill when it was Sven.  Nikki tells Casey she’s fearful of hurting Matthew.  Victor tells Nikki that the ranch is big enough for both of them.


6th – 10th October, 1986

(Monday 13th October – Toledo Blade)


Nina moves in with Cricket.  Lauren sends a nude shot of Paul to a contest in a women’s magazine.  Jack fantasizes that John welcomes him home.  Jack asks Carol to keep an eye on Brad.  Sven eludes police and becomes a fugitive in

Mexico.  Matt tells Nikki no one loves her more than him.  She rejects Matt.  Victor and Nikki reconcile.  Nikki stops taking medication.  Ashley tells Julia not to tell Victor that she’s pregnant since Nikki’s illness makes it impossible for them to be together.  Jack continues to distrust Brad.  Matt provokes a fistfight with Victor, telling him he can no longer play God.  Phillip backs off a relationship with Cricket when he realizes she’s seeing Danny.

13th – 17th October, 1986

(Tuesday 21st October – Toledo Blade)


Jack is cleared of all charges.  Ellen is touched when, instead of leaving, Jack decides to serve lunch to the sheltered indigents.  Ellen and Jack have dinner and talk about their lives.  Danny warns Cricket not to let Nina create problems for her.  Cricket’s attempt at matching up Nina and Phillip is futile.  Spotting Nina, Phillip takes off.  Matt goes to Victor saying he knows about Nikki’s illness.  Nikki enters as Matt and Victor are talking and demands to know what’s going on.  Jack feels Brad is only out to create problems for the family.


20th – 24th October, 1986

(Monday 27th October – Toledo Blade)


When Ashley says she’s all alone in the world, Matt offers to marry her.  Matt decides not to tell Nikki about her illness.  Nikki and Victor renew their vows at the Colonnade Room.  While dancing with Victor, Nikki collapses.  When she comes to, Nikki believes she only collapses due to having too much alcohol and insists Victor take her home.  Phillip decides to take his mother to court so that he can change his last name to Chancellor.  Jill goes to John and tells him why Jack pleaded guilty to a crime he didn’t commit.  Jack is furious with Jill, especially since John hasn’t come to him since learning the truth.  Unbeknownst to Jack, John is waiting for him at Gina’s.  Brad goes out of town.


27th – 31st October, 1986

(Monday 3rd November – Toledo Blade)


Nina steals money from Cricket’s wallet and tries to seduce Danny.  Kay’s lawyer sends Jill a letter about Kay’s desire to adopt Phillip.  Ashley tells Matt that she can’t go through with having the baby.  Lauren travels to Pennsylvania, where she meets Evan Sanderson, a man who proves to Lauren that he is Faren’s husband, her real name is Michelle, and that they have a child.  Lauren tries to make Evan think he is mistaken about Faren being his wife.  Paul is furious when Lauren won’t tell him where she’s been.  John goes to Jack, tells him he wishes he could accept him as his son, but he can’t.  Learning that the shelter is going to be closed for lack of funds, Jack tries to gather money to keep it open.


#3469 – Wednesday 29th October, 1986


Jack learns of impending budget cuts for the homeless shelter. Ellen is desperate. Jill's attempts to lure Jack back to Jabot are in vain. He intends to save the shelter and calls his banker. At Gina's, Traci runs into her former lover and professor Tim Sullivan who tells her that his marriage is in shambles. Paul is furious with Lauren for her disappearing act. Since she keeps mum about the reason for her trip, Paul storms out.


3rd – 7th November, 1986

(Tuesday 11th November – Toledo Blade)


Ellen is stunned when she gets an anonymous $10,000 to keep the shelter open.  Jack does not say that he gave the money.  Faren tells Paul to forgive Lauren, to remember all she did for him when she thought he was going to be murdered.  Evan is determined to find out about the woman he thinks is his wife.  Ashley turns down Matt’s marriage proposal.  Just as Ashley’s about to leave for an abortion, Victor shows up on her doorstep.  Getting a letter about Kay wanting to adopt Phillip, Jill thinks it’s either a practical joke or that Kay is drunk.


10th – 14th November, 1986

(Tuesday 18th November – Toledo Blade)


Victor tells Ashley he can never forgive her for destroying their child.  Phillip admits to Kay that he feels uncomfortable around girls.  Lauren tells Jack that she doesn’t trust Brad.  Paul wins the nude centerfold contest, a contest Lauren entered him in without his knowledge.


18th – 21st November, 1986

(Monday 24th November – Toledo Blade)


Nikki tells Victor she wants to become pregnant on the cruise.  Victor and Nikki’s trip is stopped when Victoria becomes ill.  John is swayed by letters sent by the board to reinstate Jack and he welcomes Jack back into the company.  Lauren tells Traci that one day she’s going to have to choose between her brother and her husband.  Steven Petrie’s dinner invitation to Jill is interrupted when Michael arrives.  Michael asks Jill to marry him.  Teri Weston, a representative from Danny’s record company, arrives to work with Danny on the promotion of his album.  Kay is upset when Nina arrives for a date with Phillip.  Matt promises Ashley never to tell Victor she knew about Nikki’s illness.  Jack and Ellen both know Ellen is not the usual type of girl Jack is interested in.


24th – 28th November, 1986



#3486 - Tuesday 25th November, 1986


The Abbotts wonder what is troubling Ashley. Michael continues to be worried that Jill through away a letter from Kay's attorney and wants to delve into this matter. Katherine and Phillip have a meeting with Mitchell Sherman. They decide to file their petition for adoption in court. Jill reacts furiously to this news and races to the Chancellor Mansion. It's Jack's first day back at Jabot but when he learns that there is shortage of helpers at the shelter he decides to help Ellen out instead. Paul learns that he will be elected on local commission for being a moral stand-out and crime fighter. Lauren is shocked to hear that the new issue of "Contemporary Woman" has already gone into print and despite previous reassurances will feature Paul as the centerfold. Jill cannot believe her eyes when she runs into her son at Katherine's.


1st – 5th December, 1986

(Tuesday 9th December – Toledo Blade)


Jill vows to convince Phillip that Kay is insincere.  Phillip tells Kay she has been more of a mother to him than Jill ever was.  Cricket continues to feel insecure as Teri monopolises Danny’s time.  At Matt’s request, Julia flies in from Paris to see Ashley.  Jack returns to Jabot and immediately has conflict with Brad.  An angry Brad later tells Jack that once he and Traci have a baby, there will be no room for Jack.  Jack packs his bags and moves back to the Abbott mansion.  Lauren uses the money she got for submitting Paul’s photo for the nude centerfold to buy every copy of the magazine in town.  Unfortunately, some people do see the photo.  Andy reveals the whole story to Carl.  Paul decides to confront Lauren.


8th – 12th December, 1986


15th – 19th December, 1986

(Monday 22nd December – Toledo Blade)


Kay and Jill have a confrontation over Phillip.  Victor tells Ashley he doesn’t hate her.  Believing this may be Nikki’s last Christmas, Victor plans an old-fashioned Christmas for her.  Jack is appalled that Nellie lives in a rat-infested pigsty with no heat and that she sleeps on newspapers.  Nellie is uncomfortable when she talks about her dead son, George.  Evan shows up in Genoa City, demanding the truth from Lauren about his wife’s whereabouts.


22nd – 26th December, 1986

(Monday 29th December – Toledo Blade)


Jack finds Nellie’s son George living in poverty and persuades him to reunite with Nellie.  Lauren continues to lie to Evan.  Evan contacts Lauren on Christmas, saying he and his child have had another horrible holiday without their wife and mother.  Cricket is stunned when she learns Nina stole from her but agrees to let Nina stay.  Nina thinks she’s seen Rose DeVille and demands information about her missing baby.  The woman turns out not to be Rose.  Stephanie, a young unwed mother, has a meeting with Rose.


29th December, 1986 – 2nd January, 1987

(Toledo Blade Monday 5th January, 1987)


Phillip is upset about facing Jill in court.  Kay offers to cancel the hearing if he’s too uptight, but he says no, he’ll go through with it.  Jill and Michael are counting on Phillip being in the courtroom to hear how Phillip’s father really died- his car was forced off the road by a drunken Kay.  Everyone in Ashley’s family believes she’s going on vacation.  Spotting Victoria and Nikki at Gina’s place, Ashley is shaken when the baby calls Ashley “the wicked witch”.