Young and the Restless



31st December, 1984 – 4th January, 1985

(Toledo Blade Monday 7th January, 1985)


When Ashley asks Jack to take an escort to Victor’s party, he decides on Lindsay.  He swears to Lindsay that he’s not using her, that he really does care.  Jill continues to think about killing Kay.  Nikki is chagrined to see Victor and Ashley share a very long New Year’s Eve kiss.  Sean puts a bug in Lauren’s apartment.  When Paul tells Lauren she should limit the time she spends with Sean, Sean decides to get Paul out of the way.  Ty decides that Amy must be told the truth of “his death”, goes to church dressed as a bm, dons a monk’s robe and reveals himself while she’s praying.  He follows her home.


7th – 11th January, 1985


14th – 18th January, 1985

(Toledo Blade Monday 21st January, 1985)


Jack accuses Ashley of being hung up on Victor.  Nikki goes on a self-improvement kick.  Jill gets Liz to pawn Jill’s jewels.  Esther takes Jill’s money and gives her the photos but says she wants another $10,000 for the negatives.  Cricket returns to Genoa City.  Tyrone gets an assistant manager job at Newman Towers using the name Robert Tyrone.  Neil pleads with Traci not to tell Danny all that Lauren’s done to hurt her.  Lauren tries to reconcile with Paul.


21st- 25th January, 1985


(Toledo Blade Monday 28th January, 1985)


Kay suspects Jill pawned her jewellery to pay Esther.  John, believing the jewellery was stolen, calls the police.  Traci is a major singing success at the Torchlight Club.  Dina fears that Brent is trying to ingratiate himself with her family.  Joanna decides to confide in Gina, unaware that she is involved with Neil.  Alana meets Tyrone posing as a white sales manager at Newman Towers.


28th January- 1st February, 1985


(Toledo Blade Monday 4th February, 1985)


Douglas tells Victor he’s ignoring Nikki and may be sorry.  Jack gets Nikki back to model for Jabot.  Victor swears that he never meant to hurt Dina.  Dina is impressed by Ashley’s necklace.  Lauren and Paul reconcile.  Gina tells Neil that she’s seen Joanna.  Joanna attends Lauren’s concert.  While looking at a baby picture, Brent has a raging headache.


4th – 8th February, 1985

(Monday 11th February, 1985 – Toledo Blade)


Carl warns Liz she could be arrested for stolen jewellery.  John catches Jill looking for a hiding place in the house.  Brent decides he’s going to see his child openly.  Realising that Dina had an affair while married to John, Traci is disgusted.


11th – 15th February, 1985


18th – 22nd February, 1985


25th February – 1st March, 1985


4th – 8th March, 1985


11th – 15th March, 1985

(Monday 18th March – Toledo Blade)


Jack becomes Jabot president in Ashley’s absence.  Kay covers up Brent’s whereabouts.  On a South American cruise with Kay, Brent sees a newspaper story about Ashley’s disappearance.  Nikki is puzzled by Victor’s search in leading a search for Ashley.  Ashley’s trauma results in amnesia.  Ashley accepts a ride from a hooker who steals her fur coat and leaves her stranded at a diner.  The diner owners offer Ashley a job.


18th – 22nd March, 1985

(Monday 25th March – Toledo Blade)


Vince traps Ashley, calls John, and asks for $1 million ransom.  Nikki is angry when she must tend to an ailing Victoria because Victor’s off looking for Ashley.  Victoria falls on the stairs, and Nikki and Jack rush her to hospital.  When the child’s condition stabilizes, Nikki and Jack share dinner.  Dina warns Kay to keep Brent away from Genoa City.  Kay hires a helicopter so Brent can return to Genoa City.


25th – 29th March, 1985

(Monday 1st April – Toledo Blade)


Victor returns to the diner and secures Ashley’s freedom.  A gun-toting Dina goes to Brent’s apartment and accidentally shoots Kay.  Brent tells the police he was holding the gun when it went off.  Paul tells Lauren he wants to start a family.  Lauren tells Paul she stayed home one evening when she really went out on the town with Sean.  A psychic tells Lauren that Paul’s a negative influence.


1st – 5th April, 1985

(Monday 8th April – Toledo Blade)


When Brent is arrested for shooting Kay, Dina bails him out.  Dina decides to come forward if Brent is indicted for Kay’s shooting.  Alana charms Danny.  When Lauren tells Paul she has no desire to start a family, his unhappiness is visible.  Ashley is still unable to recall her life in Genoa City.


8th – 12th April, 1985

(Monday 15th April – Toledo Blade)


Nikki sees Ashley give Victor a peck on the cheek.  Ashley refuses Victor’s suggestion that she return home.  Alana asks Amy to be her roommate.  Traci spots Alana putting her arm on Danny’s shoulder as they rehearse.  Nikki’s first day as a Jabot model ends with her kissing Jack.  Remembering the anniversary of her daughter’s death, Joanna gets comfort from Cricket.  Mary tells Lauren that Paul once was married and has a little girl.  Pulling through surgery, Kay tells Carl that the gun went off accidentally.


15th – 19th April, 1985


22nd – 26th April, 1985

(Monday 29th April – Toledo Blade)


Ashley returns to her work as president of Jabot.  Mr. Anthony promises Tyrone that someone will get hurt if Alana doesn’t change her roommate.  Nikki is surprised when Jack pops up in Maui.  She’s even more surprised when he tells her that Ashley has returned to her family.  When Nikki returns home, Victor learns Jack was in Hawaii and he is furious.  Jill tells Kay that she knows Brent didn’t shoot Kay and she’ll keep quiet in return for the photograph and negative.  Kay, believing Jill is bluffing, decides to call the bluff.


29th April – 3rd May, 1985

(Monday 6th May – Toledo Blade)


Alana realizes Danny is married.  Tyrone and Jazz’s plan to have Tyrone save Alana almost backfires when gas fills the room and Alana is rendered unconscious.  Alana’s life was literally saved at the last minute.  Gina is fearful that Joanna will tells Neil about Gina’s unsavoury past.  Kay tells Jill that she plans to tell John about Jill and Jack’s lovemaking in the cabin.  Ashley continues to cling to Victor to support.


6th – 10th May, 1985

(Monday 13th May – Toledo Blade)


Mr. Anthony gives Robert (Tyrone) a job.  Jill continues to fantasise about killing Kay, this time by dumping poisonous snakes into her bubblebath.  Victor and Nikki argue after he expresses mistrust of Jack’s motives.  Matt’s fingerprints prove that he is Cora Miller’s son, Victor’s brother.  Jack realizes that Brent is Ashley’s father.  The doctor tells Brent that all his years of drinking have taken their toll on his liver and that he only has a few months to live.


13th – 17th May, 1985

(Monday 20th May – Toledo Blade)


Paul is upset when he realizes Sean gave Lauren an expensive pin.  Andy suggests to Paul that he delve into Sean’s past.  Gina fears that Lauren is trying to bring Neil and Joanna together.  A distraught Ashley admits to Jack that Brent is her father.  Kay is heartbroken when she reads Brent’s goodbye letter.


20th – 24th May, 1985

(Monday 27th May – Toledo Blade)


John receives the first two pieces of a 10-piece jigsaw puzzle and tosses them out, assuming they are an advertising gimmick.  The pieces are really from Kay, who plans to send cut-up pictures of Jack and Jill in puzzle form until John realizes his wife and son spent the night together.  John’s secretary retrieves the pieces from the trash until she has all the pieces.  Blackmailed by Jack when he threatens to reveal that Brent, not John, is her father, Ashley asked to resign as president of Jabot.


27th – 31st May, 1985

(Monday 3rd June – Toledo Blade)


Lauren realizes Gina’s past includes time in prison.  When Traci tells Danny she’s willing to give him a divorce, he tells her he’s not so certain he wants one.  Tyrone decides to befriend Kong so his identity will not be learned.  Jack’s secretary continues to collect pieces of a photo puzzle being sent by Kay.  Kay decides not to search for Brent.  Ashley has nowhere to turn when Jack continues to threaten to tell John that Brent is her father.


3rd – 7th June, 1985

(Tuesday 11th June – Toledo Blade)


Jack tells John that he wants a company plane.  With all the pieces in the picture together, Dina begs Kay to take Jack’s picture out of the photo.  Danny and Traci agree to a divorce.  Tyrone fears Kong will learn that he was posing as a white man.  Matt confronts Victor, saying he obviously cares for Ashley and Nikki.


10th – 14th June, 1985

(Monday 17th June – Toledo Blade)


Insisting Nikki needs some warmth, Jack kisses her and says he should fill in for the needs Victor has been avoiding.  Unaware Matt is Victor’s brother, Jack hires him.  Kay is furious when she learns John tossed out the puzzle when he saw it contained nudity.  Spotting Kong, Amy thanks him for rescuing her.


17th – 21st June, 1985

(Monday 24th June – Toledo Blade)


Ashley warns Traci not to get involved with the married Tim.  Traci plans to return to school.  Victor is upset because Nikki is spending too much time at Jabot.  When Mr. Webster cannot pay his loan in time, Anthony’s henchmen force him to put his hand in a tank filled with piranhas.  Tom is embarrassed when Amy offers to teach him to read.  Anthony tells Elana he doesn’t trust Robert.  Doctors tell John’s family that he suffered a stroke which has left him paralyzed.  Ashley claims Jack wants John to die.


24th – 28th June, 1985

(Monday 1st July – Toledo Blade)


Regaining consciousness, John is able to hear but cannot talk.  Kay goes into John’s hospital room, telling him what a horrid person Jill is.  The doctor, sensing John’s agitation when he sees Jill, questions Jill about that events that might have led to John’s stroke.  Jill tells Jack that John’s seen the picture.  Jack fears that this could mean the end of his own career, unaware that his picture in the photo has been blacked out.  Robert Tyrone’s engagement to Alana is announced.  Jack asks Nikki to take a round-the-world trip with him, unaware that Victor’s bother Matt is the pilot.


1st – 5th July, 1985

(Monday 8th July – Toledo Blade)


Andy fixed up a date with Lindsay.  Ashley declines the offer to be president of Mergeron Cosmetics.  Learning that his picture was blanked out in the photo given to John, Jack tells Jill she’s on her own.  Hearing that John has uttered a few words, Jill rushes to his hospital room and tells him a tearful story.  John musters up the word “lies” before he nearly has another stroke.  As Jack is about to embark on his trip, Nikki tells him she plans to stay in Genoa City and work on her marriage.


8th – 12th July, 1985

(Monday 15th July – Toledo Blade)


Matt tells Nikki that Victor is right to fear the effect that Jack is having on her life.  Tamara, a psychic, tells Lauren the summer is going to be filled with danger.  Danny lets Neil know that their father used Gina in his illegal activities.  Learning Brent left town due to illness, Kay plans to find him.  Sean plans to get Lauren.  Joanna informs Lauren that just because Neil and Gina have broken up doesn’t mean Neil and Joanna will get together.


15th – 19th July, 1985

(Monday 22nd July – Toledo Blade)


Nikki asks Matt to put the moves on Ashley in an attempt to save her marriage.  Amy is delighted when Kong passes a high school competency test but turns down a date with him.  Brock returns to Genoa City and is stunned when he cannot find his mother Kay in town.  John’s condition steadily improves.  Tim tells Traci he never loved his wife.


22nd – 26th July, 1985

(Monday 29th July – Toledo Blade)


Dina tells John that Jill had an affair after she was married to John.  Returning home, John tells Jill she has 30 days to get out of the house and he’s suing for divorce.  Andy and Jazz, trapped in Mr. Anthony’s secret room, discover a cache of drugs, guns and money.


29th July – 2nd August, 1985

(Monday 5th August – Toledo Blade)


Neil takes back the engagement ring from Gina.  Grant takes Traci to an expensive restaurant and is dumb.  A gracious Traci offers to take care of the tip.  Tyrone goes to Alana, tells her of her father’s death, then realizes he must tell her that they are not married, that he is black and that he was trying to get information on her father.


5th – 9th August, 1985

(Monday 12th August – Toledo Blade)


As John insists that Jill tell him who her lover was and that it happened before their marriage, Jill fantasises about telling John the truth – that Jack was her lover – in the hopes that it would cause John to have a fatal stroke, making her heiress to the Abbott fortune.  Jill tells John that Andy Richards was her lover and later enlists Andy’s help.  Traci agrees to let Brad take her to a concert.  Brock welcomes Kay and Brent home.


12th – 16th August, 1985

(Monday 19th August – Toledo Blade)


With the dying Brent at her home, Kay asks Ashley to visit her father.  Ashley gets furious at Kay for even bringing the man back to Genoa City.  In the lab, Ashley realizes that Mergeron’s new perfume is really the formula she perfected for Jabot.  Ashley heads for Victor’s to ask him about the new product, but learns he has left for Europe.  Kong’s friendship with Amy surprises Tyrone.  Wanting Laurne to go onstage alone, Sean spijes Danny’s soft drink.  Lauren goes onstage alone, believing Danny’s been detained.  After her solo concert, Lauren receives an ecstatic response from the audience.  A recording agent seeks Lauren out for a solo contract.  In the hospital, a seriously ill Danny is told he may never be able to sing again.  With the seeds planted in his mind that Andy was Jill’s lover, John asks Andy some personal questions.


19th – 23rd August, 1985

(Monday 26th August – Toledo Blade)


Gina goes to New York to see her former cellmate, Frances.  Jack returns home to learn Ashley has discovered he stole her perfume formula.  Joanna tells Lauren that she loves her.


26th – 30th August, 1985

(Tuesday 3rd September – Toledo Blade)


Cricket devises a plan that proves Gwen is only interested in Danny because he is a star.  Ashley visits Brent and finds him different from how she remembered.  Paul tells Lauren their marriage is over, but she convinces him she has changed and now really wants a baby.  Sean has Gina followed to Paul’s office.  He is certain that Paul will throw Lauren out when he learns she paid to ruin Gina’s wedding plans.  Sean believes Lauren will finally be his.


2nd – 6th September, 1985

(Monday 9th September – Toledo Blade)


John doesn’t believe Jill’s depression act.  John goes to Kay, demanding that she identify the man in the photos with Jill, but she claims ignorance.  John asks Ashley who brought Brent back to Genoa City.  After Brent dies, Brock reads Brent’s letter to Ashley, expressing hope that Ashley will find someone to share her life with.  Lauren and Sean celebrate saving the record contract by telling the record executive she plans to have a child.  Cricket manages to show Danny that Gwen is a phony.


9th – 13th September, 1985

(Monday 16th September – Toledo Blade)


Tyrone heads back to school.  Paul continues heavy drinking.  Realising that it was Lauren who broke up Gina and Neil’s romance, he decides to tell Neil everything.  Traci asks John to give Brad winter employment.  Jack beds down with an oriental girl.  The girl begs to return to the States with Jack.  Traci and Danny’s divorce is about to become final.


16th – 20th September, 1985

(Tuesday 24th September – Toledo Blade)


Jill gets a clean bill of health but it’s suggested that she see a psychiatrist.  A reluctant Jill agrees to go and see a Dr. Benson.  Returning from out of the country, Jack is delighted that Jill and John are in the throes of divorce.  Jack warns Jill if John ever knows the two of them were lovers she’ll be cut off without a penny.  Jack’s oriental girlfriend, Sayo, informs Jack that Ashley and Victor spent a night of lovemaking on a Corsican island.  Gina tells Neil that she forgives Lauren and may consider reconciling with Neil.  Tyrone transfers to a Genoa City law school.  Amy fears Kong’s illiteracy will be discovered.

Wednesday 18th September, 1985


(Update by Howard Moskovtiz- AT&T Info. Systems)

Paul is keeping away from Lauren, still.  Lauren confessed and apologized to Gina, who showed Lauren

the letter (that Shawn wrote) that suppopsedly came from Frances Landers. Lauren seems to be a little suspicious of

Shawn who is closing in on his big play for he.


Danny confronted Lauren about the Gina affair and about her recording contract and has dumped her as a partner and as a friend.


Andy Richards is getting closer to Farran (the singer) and was approached by Kong for a job.


Jack found out that Victor was coming to find him and gave him the slip. He returned to Genoa City and ran straight to Nikki (and they're off to dinner today). Meanwhile, Victor and Ashley are stuck in Corsica in a monsoon and were forced to take the last room in town together (hmmmm). Victor has figured out that Jack went back to GC.


John Abbott forced Jill to have a physical to find out if her 'illness' was real. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Now John is sending her to a psychiatrist to check if she has an emotional problem. Meanwhile, Jill had Brad take her to lunch where she glommed down and entire loaded pizza. Brad is now torn between his loyalty to Jill

and his desire to be loyal to John and Traci.


Tyrone is getting ready to return to NYC to law school and is having a big case of the guilts over Alana Anthony. Jazz is pushing him to get back together with Amy who is trying to keep Kong from returning to the mob.


23rd – 27th September, 1985

(Monday 30th September – Toledo Blade)


When Ashley confronts Jack with the fact that he was the one who must have stolen the perfume formula, he counters with the statement that she and Victor were lovers.  Brad tells his mother Margaret that he’s working at the Abbotts’.  Believing Jill is just feigning depression, Kay decides to trap her.  John agrees to let Kay do whatever she can to help him get a divorce.  Shawn lets it slip that Frances was in jail for manslaughter.  A psychic tells Lauren that the letter from Frances is just the beginning of a plot that will change her life.


Tuesday 24th September, 1985


Jill continues her masquerade of depression. A psychiatrist has seen her and told John that maybe she is and maybe she isn't; he'd have to see her some more to determine for sure. Even Katherine Chancellor had a talk with Jill, although she naturally doesn't believe her act.


Amy's persistance paid off; Kong (aka Nathan) asked Andy for a job. Andy gave in and hired him (much to Jazz's chagrine). However, Kong didn't tell them that he can't read or write (only Amy knows, she's been teaching him). Amy had to help him read his first assignment, which was an interview with a client, which he handled using a tape recorder.


Ashley and Victor found Jack and confronted him with stealing the Jabot perfume formula and giving it to Merjeron. He, of course, emphatically denied the charge. Now they are going to have to dig up some hard evidence on him before they can proceed. Meanwhile, they are trying to put aside their newfound romance (I told you the single room in Corsica looked fishy!). Ashley doesn't want to come between Victor and Nikki but I think that she just has to snap her fingers and he would drop Nikki like a hot potato at this point.


Tyrone has informed Amy that he won't be returning to New York but is transferring to the law school in Genoa City and finishing up there.


Thursday 26th September, 1985


Okay folks, here it is. Please note that Friday's end-of-week cliffhanger was not shown this week; it was pre-empted by a lousy hurricane, of all things. This update, then, is good through Thursday, 9/27/85.


Jill is still faking it; so well, in fact, that she has the shrink that John brought in believing her act. However, Kate Chancellor has told John and the shrink that she can expose Jill's act in a matter of minutes. (ed. I believe she'll tell Jill that she'll take away her son, who's in a boarding school in Europe, from her.)


Brad is getting closer to Traci who is trying to help Danny with his voice, who is jealous of Brad and thinking that maybe he was a little hasty in getting a divorce from Traci.


Jack threatened Ashley and Victor to expose their tryst in Corsica if they tried to get him on the stealing charge. Victor is determined to nail his ass to the wall anyway, but Ashley is concerned.


Nikki is pushing Matt (Victor's brother) to get closer to Ashley and to go out with her. He said he would (for her sake) but told her not to say anything about it to Victor. She went straight to Victor and told him that Matt and Ashley HAVE been dating and in fact were going out that evening. This totally flabbergasted Victor who probably is going to run to ashley about it who will deny it all.


Lauren has confessed her sins to just about everyone. Shawn has invited her to move in with him. She has taken it into consideration. She also took the letter that he sent to Gina to her psychic who told her that the letter was from someone who was planning to rip her world apart and that what had happened to her so far was just only the beginning. Hmmmm...

Meanwhile, everyone has been telling Paul that he should give Lauren another chance, and he seems to be taking it into consideration, although when he tried to call her, she was not at home.


30th September – 4th October, 1985

(Monday 7th October – Toledo Blade)


John, realizing that Jill is feigning depression, orders her to leave the house.  Jill vows to get even with Kay.  Victor accuses Nikki of encouraging Matt to date Ashley.  Lauren tells Paul she’s going to move out and live with Shawn for a while.  She changes her mind.  Shawn, meanwhile, unaware of Lauren and Paul’s reconciliation, plans a celebration.  Jack tells Ashley that Victor will never leave Nikki for her.


7th – 11th October, 1985

(Monday 14th October – Toledo Blade)


Attorney Michael Crawford warns Jill that Kay is going to make certain that anyone who represents Jill in the divorce is going to be bribed by Kay to do less than their best.  Andy locates a former Jabot chemist who claims he was paid $5,000 to come up with a formula for new perfume.  Jack then tells Victor he’ll sue Mergeron for stealing the formula from Jabot.  Ashley is reinstated as Jabot president.  While Lauren is telephoning Paul, a rock sails through his window.  Shawn warns Lauren that next time it could be a bullet.  Amy breaks a date with Tyrone to help Kong in his latest investigation.


Monday 7th October, 1985

Jill is now residing in a luxury suite at the Genoa City Hotel, and is taking full atvantage of it. John has given the go-ahead to his lawyer to start divorce proceedings. Katherine Chancellor is trying to hire a lawyer for Jill who will deliberately get a bad settlement from John for her so that she will be left penniless and destitute; Kate's final move in her plan to destroy Jill's life.


Paul and Lauren are back together again after he reconsidered and decided to try to work out their marriage after all. They spent the night in a

honeymoon suite. While they were doing this, Shawn was waiting for Lauren to come running to him after Paul dumped her. When she came to him in the morning and saw his preparations (that had gone to waste) she told him that she and Paul were in love and that she would never have a love affair with him. Now it looks like Shawn may have Paul killed to get what he wants with Lauren.


It looks like Amy and Kong (aka Nathan) are getting closer which means that there may be no hope for Tyrone and Amy.


14th – 18th October, 1985

(Monday 21st October – Toledo Blade)


Shawn warns Lauren he’ll have her followed to ensure her not telling Paul the truth about his threats.  Jill buys Brad a cashmere jacket.  Traci decides to help Danny regain his singing voice.  Jack confirms Nikki’s suspicion that Victor and Ashley have slept together.  Andy asks Faren to move in with him.  Admitting she doesn’t want a divorce, Jill asks Michael to represent her.  Matt realizes he’s falling in love with Nikki.


Thursday 17th October, 1985


Jill was approached by Michael Crawford, attorney (who was sent by Katherine Chancellor to ruin her settlement with John). He told her of the plan to hurt her and she hired him anyway. She is still trying to get into Brad's pants (or any other young guy she meets).


Lauren has finally learned the truth about Shawn Garrett!!!!!!!!

Lauren accidentally found her way into Shawn's apartment while he was out and discovered his radio (for the bug in her apartment). He walked in on her and showed her a radio transmitter which, when he activates it, signals a henchman of his to do something planned to Paul. The first time he threw a brick through Paul's office window. Shawn told Lauren that if she tells Paul anything or tries to warn him or do anything to defy him (Shawn) that Paul might get very hurt. He told her that she would ANYTHING that Shawn told her to. In a fit of desperation Lauren tore up the apartment and found his bug and disposed of it. This may spell trouble for Paul.


Victor found the chemist that helped Jack with the stolen perfume formula but got no concrete proof out of him. When he confronted Jack with some facts and some crafty lies, Jack threatened to sue Mergeron if Victor kept pushing the issue. This made Victor so angry he belted Jack in the face (and left a beauty of a bruise!). Still outraged, Victor talked Nikki into quitting her modeling job at Jabot. When faced with this, Jack squealed to her about Victor and Ashley's night together in Corsica. This devestated Nikki (although I don't know why considering that she had hopped into bed with Jack just two months before). Now she is having Ashley over with Matt for dinner. Won't that be fun!


In response to the inquiries about Jack and Terry Lester, Terry Lester had asked CBS for more money and more time off from Y&R to do other projects. He has done several TV movies and was even on $25,000 Pyramid! He settled with CBS and is back, as is Jack, obviously.


21st – 25th October, 1985

(Monday 28th October – Toledo Blade)


Lauren is forced to accept a sable coat from Shawn.  When Paul gives Lauren a raccoon coat, she pretends the sable is a bargain she bought for herself.  Lauren gives in to Shawn’s order that she divorce her husband.  Nikki stays on as Jabot model despite Victor’s distaste.  Nikki’s sister, Casey Reed, arrives for a visit.  Jill’s lawyer, Crawford, demands temporary support of $11,000 per month plus a $10,000 retainer.  Disgusted by Kong and Tyrone’s constant bickering, Amy walks out.  Brad takes Traci to dinner on the day her divorce is final.


Thursday 24th October, 1985

I missed the 10/22 episode (forgot to turn on my VCR) so this update may be missing a small amount of data.


Jill's attorney sat her down to get an idea of what they should ask John for temporary maintenance during the divorce proceedings. They

came up with a figure of $11,00 per month! John rejected this saying he wouldn't pay more than $1000 a week to her.


Shawn was confronted by Lauren about injuring Tamara, her psychic, and he in turn, gave her a Sable coat. She, of course refused it. He told her that she better take it for Paul's sake. She did and tried to hide it. Five minutes after she hid it Paul came home carrying a present for

Lauren; guess what, a Raccoon coat! He found her coat which she told him she bought on sale. She convinced him that she preferred his coat though.


Traci and Danny's divorce was finalized this week and it looks as if Brad may step up his relationship with her.


Victor asked Nikki again to quit her job at Jabot but she declined to do so. Meanwhile her sister Casey is in town for a few days.


Ashley and Matt are getting more and more involved, to Nikki's delight.


28th October – 1st November, 1985

(Monday 4th November – Toledo Blade)


Jack is furious with Jill for upsetting John with her alimony demands.  Dina considers trying to rewin John’s affection.  Dining with Andy, Lauren can do nothing but think of Shawn’s threats.  Faren and Amdy can’t understand why Lauren claimed her sable coat is really mink.  Jack thinks Brad is interested in Traci for her money.


4th – 8th November, 1985

(Monday 11th November – Toledo Blade)


Matt denies that he’s ever heard of Brock Reynolds.  Ashley is curious because Brock seems certain that they knew one another.  Nikki admits that she’s going on a modelling assignment and Jack will be there.  John is stunned when he realizes Jill is making wild purchases all over town.  Victor and Ashley cannot deny their attraction for one another, while Matt tries not to give in to his feelings for Nikki.  Lauren is unable to concentrate on anything but Shawn’s threats on Paul’s life.


Monday 4th November, 1985


Lauren and Tim find out that Traci has lost the baby.  Danny tells Gina his marriage to Traci is a sham.  Esther finds a passed out Katherine.  Liz confronts Katherine about her drinking.  Mamie asks Jill for time off around the holidays and Jill refuses. 


While dining with Brock, Ashley spies Nikki and Jack together.  Nikki tells Victor that Jack is going to Rio with her on a shoot. 


Jill and her lawyer are sticking to their demands of $2700 per week for temporary support which John is adamantly refusing. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to convince Jill to cut her expenses a little to appease John (and to keep him from bringing the pictures into light).


Jack has arranged for a photo shoot involving Nikki in Rio, where he will be, of course. Nikki asked Victor's permission and he gave it (though I don't doubt very reluctantly).


Lauren defied Shawn when he demanded that she convince Paul that she doesn't love him anymore so that she can leave him for Shawn. This prompted Shawn to show Lauren he means business by staging a gunshot that Lauren believes was aimed at Paul. Now she is going along with the promise from Shawn that if she cooperates, Paul will not be harmed. Meanwhile, Lauren is trying to communicate with Tamara, who is in a coma, in the hope that she can help her figure out a way to defeat Shawn.


At Shawn and Lauren's insistence, Danny is trying to rehearse with Lauren for an upcoming concert and after a pep talk from Shawn, looks like he is making some progress with his voice.


Ashley continues to avoid Victor and to go out with Matt. A new twist is that Katherine Chancellor is playing matchmaker between Ashley and her son, Brock Reynolds, whom Ashley knows from her childhood. They are hitting it off well. (If you remember, Brock convinced Ashley to visit Brent Davis just before he died, for which she is very grateful. ed) Meanwhile, Victor discovered that it was originally Nikki's idea to push Matt and Ashley together, but Matt told him that that was then but now he is genuinely interested in her.

Big surprise: Brock and Ashley had lunch and ran into Matt at Gina's. Seems that Brock (who has travelled all over the world with the hunger movement as a missionary) thinks he has seen Matt before in a place other than Genoa City.

Matt, it appears, flew as a smuggling pilot (or some such) in a couple of the same places!


11th – 15th November, 1985

(Monday 18th November – Toledo Blade)


John is infuriated when he discovers that Jill managed to buy a luxury car.  Jack is fearful that John’s threat to use pictures as evidence to get the divorce from Jill will eventually reveal that Jack was Jill’s lover that night.  Jack teases Traci about her new health kick, claiming it’s obviously been brought on by her feelings for Brad.  When he realizes that Brad has accepted a very expensive jacket from Jill, Jack thinks Brad is only interested in money.  Danny’s voice begins to return.  Lauren tries to escape Shawn’s clutches by headin gout of town, but is stunned when Shawn is passenger on the same airplane.


18th – 22nd November, 1985

(Monday 25th November – Toledo Blade)


Unaware that John is spending the night at Joanna’s hotel, Jack and Ashley search for him.  When Dina learns where John has been, she decides to go after him herself, as does Lindsay.


Monday 18th November, 1985

Lauren tried to get away from Shawn by sneaking out of town on a one-way flight. He found out about it via a new bug that he planted in her apartment, and met her on the plane. Now she is pushing forward, trying to convince Paul that she doesn't love him anymore, so that Shawn

won't hurt him.


Jill pushed John to the edge by buying a new Mercedes ($56,000) behind his back and charging the bill to his name. He decided to press forward and file himself for a divorce but was beaten to the punch by a frightened Jill. He is, however, going to use the pictures of her against her and has told his lawyer all about them. What he and Jill don't know, is that the pictures were destroyed after they were shown to him. This means that the only way to use them is to have Katherine Chancellor and the others involved to testify in court about them. This has Jack in a state of panic; so much so, that he bowed out of his trip to Rio with Nikki.


...And while Nikki is gone, Victor ran to Ashley. They had dinner together and looks like Ashely is going to pursue Victor rather than stand back to protect his marriage.


Brad and Traci are getting closer and closer and Jack is now getting suspicious of him and is starting to ask around about him. Brad is

making a big impression on the folks at Jabot, especially John Abbott himself.


25th – 29th November, 1985

(Monday 2nd December – Toledo Blade)


Danny is unable to sing at the concert.  Jack gives Brad the worst sales territory in the hopes he’ll fail.  Traci and Brad kiss.  Jill is hoping John will give her a large alimony cheque.  Joanna tells John that he doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable because they slept together.  Matt guesses that Victor and Ashley are in love.


2nd – 6th December, 1985

(Tuesday 10th December – Toledo Blade)


Lauren tells Paul their marriage is finished.  Lauren moves to Shawn’s apartment.  Matt urges Victor to choose Nikki or Ashley before the affair ruins their lives.  Victor returns to the ranch to find Matt comforting Nikki.  Ashley returns to Jabot, where Lindsay is sympathetic but Jack taunts her with Nikki’s return.  Jack tries to interfere in John’s conference with his attorney, stressing that Jill is prepared to be reasonable.


9th – 13th December, 1985

(Monday 16th December – Toledo Blade)


John informs his attorney that the pictures of Jill and another man have been destroyed.  Jack tries to talk Jill into making a reasonable divorce settlement.  Jazz invites Amy to spend Christmas with him.  Mary believes Lauren and Paul are through because Lauren has chosen her career over Paul.


Tuesday 10th December, 1985


Lauren has left Paul under Shawn's influence and has moved in with him. Paul is obviously hurt and confused (especially since he had planned to leave with Lauren for Hawaii the same day she walked out on him. Nobody can get Lauren to tell them why she did it (so that Shawn wouldn't have Paul killed).


Jill pushed John too far with the divorce business. Now he is trying to the pictures of her (and Jack) to keep her from getting an outlandish settlement. This has Jack so worried he cancelled his plans to go with Nikki to Rio. He is running around frantically trying to cool his father and Jill down. Meanwhile Jack (and now John) have found out that Kate Chancellor destroyed the pictures after showing them to John. His only recourse now is to have her testify in court (which would bring out the fact that Jack's the guy in the photos).


While Nikki was out of town, Ashley and Victor went at each other from the first night. He bought her a cozy hideaway in the woods that is now their rendezvous. He even went to see her the night that Nikki came home! Ashely has discovered that Matt (Victor's brother) is in love with Nikki. Now it looks like there will fireworks in the Newman household.


Danny could not sing at his reunion concert and ran off stage. Traci and Brad are getting closer. John was impressed with his work at Jabot and told Jack to promote him. Jack gave a position in sales but arranged with his sales manager to give him the toughest sales route in the company.


Dina and Joanna Manning are now competing for John's favor, but don't count out Lindsay Wells in that competition.


16th – 20th December, 1985

(Monday 23rd December – Toledo Blade)


Andy tries to tell Paul that Lauren has not left him for Shawn, that there’s some mysterious reason.  Kay tells Jack that she may have to take the stand at Jill’s divorce trial.  Kay is furious when she learns Crawford was never on her payroll, but always on Jill’s side.  Jill, mistakenly believing Esther has no further copies of the picture of her and Jack at the cabin, decides to demand everything at the divorce.  Jill makes a good witness in the stand talking about her poor, sad childhood and her adult troubles.  Victor and Ashley continue their romance.  Matt insists that he never had any contact with Brock before coming to Genoa City


23rd – 27th December, 1985

(Monday 30th December – Toledo Blade)


Ashley continues to question Jack about his feelings concerning John’s divorce.  Lindsay tells Jack she will not leave town.  Shawn discovers the package and note Lauren left for Paul.  Shawn goes to meet Paul instead.  Paul questions Shawn’s nervousness and wonders if he’s uncertain of Lauren’s love.  Joanna promises to try and help Lauren through this hard time and offers her support.  Danny is very bitter over the loss of his voice.  Jack is nervous as Jill continues to push all the way in her divorce proceedings.