Young and the Restless


2nd to 6th January, 1984

(Montreal Gazette Monday 9th January)

Paul joined Andy in Hawaii and they learned that Melissa had died because her diving tanks were filled with carbon monoxide.  Peter and Nasha, the couple who rescued Rick, believed that Melissa’s death was an accident.  Julia searched for the perfect candidate to father her baby out of wedlock.  Kevin admitted that he had had Rick investigated.  Nikki believed Doug’s lie that Victor is going to marry Julia.  Eric fumed at Jill, who taunted him about his portrait of Dina.  Jack schemed to sign Cricket to an exclusive modeling contract.  Lauren kept Danny in the dark about her having tried to seduce Paul.  Rick panicked because Nikki wanted to scuba dive in Hawaii.  Kimo told Andy that he doesn’t think Melissa’s death was accidental.  Traci promised to help a hospitalized Sparky.  Diane had to leave Andy in Hawaii when she got a modeling call.

(Toledo Blade Monday 9th January)

Sparky tells Vinnie he can’t kill Traci and Danny.  Vinnie shoots Sparky, then gets “hot shots” to give to Traci and Danny.  Later at the meat warehouse, John discovers Traci and Danny very much alive, as is the wounded Sparky.  Lauren is furious, unwilling to understand why Danny was with Traci.  Julia plans to have a child but doesn’t want Victor to be the father. 

9th – 13th January, 1984

(Toledo Blade Monday 16th January)


Jill, hostile to Mamie, tells her she better tell her where the Christmas ornaments are in case Mamie’s not around next year.  While Jill rummages through the boxes for ornaments, she discovers a portrait of Dina that Eric painted.  Jill goes to Eric and he swears the relationship with Dina is over.  Julia tells Victor he should marry Nikki, but he says no.  Paul is off to Hawaii to find out exactly how Rick’s wife died.  Lauren heads for Hawaii and Paul.  Jack considers leaving Jabot and becoming president of Dina’s cosmetics firm.


16th  – 20th January, 1984

(Monday 23rd January – Toledo Blade)


Kay decides she wants plastic surgery.  Jack is now convinced that Gina isn’t the blackmailer and Jill feels the same about Kay.  The twosome wonder who did take the pictures of them at the cabin, and fear what will happen if John ever finds out.  Paul returns to Geona City before Lauren can find him in Hawaii.  Paul and Andy wonder why Rick never sought monetary payment in the death of his wife, Melissa.  Nikki and Rick have a major fight.


23rd – 27th January, 1984

(Monday 30th January – Toledo Blade)


Lindsey Wells tells Jack they met at college and he ruined her life when he asked her to prove her love.  She says she took the pictures of him and Jill and that she wants a top-level job or she’ll show the pictures to John.  Patty tells Jack to lay off about Danny or she’ll move back in with him, take all the money he has and give him absolutely no sex life.  Doug offers to be the father of Julia’s child, but she says no.


30th January – 3rd February, 1984

(Monday 6th February – Toledo Blade)


When Jack is unable to get the negatives, Jill considers seeing Lindsey herself.  When Nikki says she wants to break things off with him, Rick plans to take her scuba diving with the intention of killing her.  Finding Rick’s manuscript, Andy believes that it’s positive proof that Rick killed Melissa.  Kevin learns that Victor is the baby’s father.


6th – 10th February, 1984

(Monday 13th February – Toledo Blade)


Andy and Paul find the letter which Melissa wrote to Rick and realise he killed her out of jealousy.  Aware the Rick found the note Nikki wrote Victor, they fear the same fate for her.  Rick allows Nikki to tell Kay where they are.  Jack believes the charges that Tim Sullivan once sexually harassed a student.  Traci tells Ashley she is falling for Tim.


13th – 17th February, 1984

(Monday 20th February – Toledo Blade)


Following an argument with Jill, Kay decides to undergo a face-lift.  Jack agrees to accept Dina’s offer to work at Merjeron Co.  Ashley and Eric set an Easter Sunday wedding date.  While celebrating at Gina’s, Ashley is handed a present from a stranger at the bar.  It is the matching earring to the one given to her in Rome by her romantic French gentleman.  Meanwhile, in St. Croix, Rick admits that he killed Melissa and Jim Gliddon.


20th – 24th February, 1984

(Monday 27th February – Toledo Blade)


Kay goes to a plastic surgeon and admits that she’s a reformed alcoholic.  He agrees to give her a face-lift but warns she may get depressed after surgery and could reach out for alcohol again.  Julia meets Ashley’s mystery man Mark and they are attracted to one another right away.  Lindsay wants Jack to giver her a job in the advertising department.  Victor boards a boat during a storm to try to rescue Nikki from the crazed Rick.


#2785 Thursday 23rd February, 1984


Victor, Paul and Andy save Nikki from Rick Daros.


27th February – 2nd March, 1984

(Monday 5th March – Toledo Blade)


Victor rescues Nikki from Rick.  Rick shoots Victor with a speargun and then disappears into the water with scuba gear.  Victor is flown to hospital in Genoa City, where he undergoes emergency surgery.  Traci breaks up with Tim, thinking that he really did proposition a student in exchange for a good grade.  Later Danny gets the student to admit it’s not true.


5th – 9th March, 1984



12th – 16th March, 1984

(Monday 19th March – Toledo Blade)


Neil, Lauren’s father, walks in while Paul and Lauren are in bed.  Kay is scheduled to have plastic surgery on March 23rd.  Kay’s surgeon, Dr. Jacobs, confides that his parents were killed in a concentration camp and his sister has never gotten over the ordeal.  Mark wants to regain control of Merjeron Cosmetics.  He doesn’t believe Dina’s story that she’s in Genoa City to be near her children.  Despite Jack’s efforts to avert it, John almost sees pictures of Jack and Jill together.


#2800 Thursday 15th March, 1984

#2801 Friday 16th

#2802 Monday 19th

#2803 Tuesday 20th

#2804 Wednesday 21st

#2805 Thursday 22nd

#2806 Friday 23rd

#2807 Monday 26th

#2808 Tuesday 27th

#2809 Wednesday 28th March, 1984


Katherine removes bandages after facelift surgery.


#2810 Thursday 29th

#2811 Friday 30th

#2812 Monday 2nd April

#2813 Tuesday 3rd April

#2814 Wednesday 4th

#2815 Thursday 5th April, 1984 – Victor overcomes his impotence




19th – 23rd March, 1984

(Monday 26th March – Toledo Blade)


Kay is taken into surgery.  Ashley persuades Mark to stay when she learns of Dina’s plans to inherit the Mergeron fortune.  Ashley assures Eric that their marriage plans haven’t changed, and Eric warns Mark to stay away from her.  Victor is stunned by the surgeon’s report that he might be impotent for life and calls off the wedding to Nikki an hour before the ceremony.  Lauren refuses to live with Paul.  Neil, proud of Lauren’s decision, gives her money for Danny’s music video.


26th – 30th March, 1984

(Monday 2nd April – Toledo Blade)


Jack fears Carl is aware of the problem he and Jill are having.  When Diane is offered a New York modelling job, Andy offers to leave town with her.  Liz is worried about Kay’s surgery, while Jill hopes she dies during the face lift.  Mark gets a letter from his sister, Danielle, who reminds him they must have revenge on Dina.


2nd – 6th April, 1984

(Monday 9th April – Toledo Blade)


Jack becomes Cricket’s personal manager.  Mark implies that Dina and John were never divorced.  Jack agrees to pay for Lauren’s tutoring.  Julia, thrilled at being pregnant, refuses to reveal the father’s name.  Kay is depressed when her bandages are removed and she doesn’t look perfect.  Dr. Jacobs gives her a tender kiss.


9th – 13th April, 1984

(Monday 16th April – Toledo Blade)


Lindsay believes Jill is pregnant with Jack’s baby.  Patty and Jack sign divorce papers.  Determined to make his wedding to Nikki the grandest event Genoa City has ever seen, Victor invites guests from all over the world, including Nikki’s sister Casey, Brock Reynolds and all the Brooks sisters.  Managing to escape from the mental institution, Eve Howard makes several unsuccessful attempts on Nikki’s life.  Jack has a secret camera installed in the lab to get the safe combination.  John refuses to release Diane from her contract.


Friday 13th April, 1984


Victor and Nikki were married.


16th – 20th April, 1984

(Monday 23rd April – Toledo Blade)


Lauren assures Mary that she cares deeply for Paul.  Patty tells Danny her divorce from Jack is final.  Jack tells Lauren he’s not going to give her money unless she gets Tim to come on to her.  Ashley has dinner with Eric and spots Mark there with Julia.  Victor gives Nikki pearls.  Eve hides in the steamer trunk.


23rd – 27th April, 1984

(Monday 30th April – Toledo Blade)


Still scheming with Jack, Lauren convinces her father to offer Tim a job.  If Tim accepts, she will get the money for Danny’s music video.  Patty suggests to Danny that Lauren is up to something underhanded but Danny defends her.  Danny later changes his mind.  Jack spies on Ashley in the lab and learns the safe combination.  Jack steals the formulas for the new sunscreen and fragrance.  John is horrified to learn of Eric’s past affair.  Victor’s luggage is lost.  No-one knows Eve is still in the trunk.


30th April – 4th May, 1984

(Monday 7th May – Toledo Blade)


Learning that Eric was Dina’s lover, John finally understands why Ashley is so bitter towards her mother.  Jill tries to reconcile her differences with Kay, but they end up fighting.  Victor learns that Eve is safe and has been returned to the sanitarium.  Diane admits to her psychologist that she’s in love with two men, and he says there’s no easy way out of her marriage.


7th – 11th May, 1984

(Monday 14th May – Toledo Blade)


Danny decides to use Jack’s money to make Lauren confess to Paul that she’s been plotting with Jack.  With Ashley’s wedding a day away, Jack feels he must tell Dina her divorce from John was null and void.  Following a test, Jill learns her baby, a boy, may be both mentally and physically impaired and that he is definitely going to be sterile.


14th – 18th May, 1984

(Monday 21st May – Toledo Blade)


Just as John is about to call off Ashley’s wedding to Eric, the police arrive and report that Eric has been seriously injured in a car accident.  Marc tells Ashley he’ll stay in town until Ashley gets what she wants.  With Eric on the road to recovery, Ashley doesn’t know whether to tell him she wants to cancel wedding plans or to wed.


21st – 25th May, 1984

(Monday 28th May – Toledo Blade)


Jill falls off a ladder but does not lose her baby.  Victor tells Nikki of his life in a Buffalo orphanage.  Nikki hires Paul and Andy to investigate the orphanage for clues to the whereabouts of Victor’s parents.  The day before Andy is to go to Buffalo, Jack invites Diane on a trip to St. Tropez.  Traci sees Lauren leaving Tim’s office and tells Lauren to back off.  Jazz is upset that his brother Tyrone, whom he sent through law school, is coming to Genoa City.


28th May – 1st June, 1984

(Monday 4th June – Toledo Blade)


Jack is stunned at the news of Lauren’s marriage to Paul.  Jill experiences excruciating “stomach pains” while John is visiting.  Admitting to Nikki that his real name is Christian Miller, Victor makes her promise never to reveal his true identity.  Kay and Dr. Jacobs go skinny-dipping.  Dr. Jacobs consents to give Liz a face-lift if she wants one.  Amy’s father forbids her to see Jazz.


Thursday 31st May, 1984

Jack visits Jill in hospital.  Jill says she needs Jack’s help.  She says she’s being released to-day.  Jack says dad didn’t mention that.  Jill says she doesn’t think he knows.  Jill reveals that John blames her for what happened with the baby.  Jack said he warned her, if John ever found out what she did.  Jill said she didn’t do it on purpose, it didn’t happen that way.  Jill said she tried to tell him how she felt- it was like she was talking to a brick wall.  He refuses to acknowledge the state of mind she was in- she didn’t know what she was doing.  Jack says she’s the kind of lady who always knows what she’s doing.  Jill says she’s grieving but believes it all happened for the best.  Jill asks Jack if he’ll talk to his father to see if she’s still welcome at home.  Jack said that whatever went on between them the other night must have been pretty heavy.  She says that John said things to her she never thought he’d say.  Jack said they’ll be some changes coming down, she may as well be prepared. Jill says she’s always prepared.

Nikki is in a piano lesson and she is preoccupied waiting for the phone to ring- she keeps on playing wrong notes.

The director tells Lauren that she surprised him and she and Danny are so great on stage.  Gina asks Patti doesn’t it bug the hell out of her seeing Lauren flirting with men, after Lauren is married to Patti’s brother Paul.

Victor invites Nikki to go to town with him but she wants to stay home.  Nikki finally gets the call she’s been waiting for from Andy Richards.  He’s found information on Victor’s family.  He says he’ll be right over to the ranch.

Jack calls John into his office and tells him Jill’s being released today.  John wonders why Jill couldn’t tell him herself.  Jack said Jill didn’t know if he’d want to talk to her.  John says that makes two of them.  John tells Jack that Jill was up a ladder when she fell.  Jill claimed that she’d been helping Mamie try to free a curtain hook that was stuck.  Mamie had told John that Jill waited for her to leave the room before she went up the ladder.  John says he realizes he’s married to a woman that he doesn’t really know.  He always perceived Jill as sensitive and vulnerable.  He never realized she would be so desperate to get rid of the baby.  Jack said maybe it was all wrong from the start, maybe they should never have been together.


4th – 8th June, 1984

(Monday 11th June – Toledo Blade)


At the cemetery, Paul and Andy spot a woman who turns out to be Victor’s mother.  John feels Jill purposely ended her pregnancy by falling off a ladder.  Lauren decides to use Kay’s predilection for young men as a bait to get her to back Danny’s record.  Jazz fears Tyrone will drop out of law school.


11th – 15th June, 1984

(Monday 18th June – Toledo Blade)


Jill is told that Dina and John were never divorced.  Lauren and Danny do a music video and Lauren cons the producer into letting her sing the solo chorus.  Victor meets his mother, but cannot forgive her for the abandonment.  Nikki pleads with Cora to stay in Genoa City.  Traci learns she’s pregnant.


18th – 22nd June, 1984

(Monday 25th June – Toledo Blade)


Traci spots Tim in bed with another woman and rushes out before he sees her.  Tim tells his long-ago girlfriend that what they had was a one-night stand, that he’s met someone special and is thinking of marriage.  Jazz refuses to pick up cocaine for the syndicate.  Ashley calls off her marriage to Eric.  Jill panics when she learns that Mark is in no legal position to challenge Dina’s divorce from John.


25th – 29th June, 1984

(Monday 2nd July – Toledo Blade)


Danny and Traci elope.  Jack tells Jill that if she were free from his father he’d marry her.  Lindsay decides to blackmail Jack for a promotion.  Victor tells Kay not to try to push his society life-style on Nikki.  Doug is not pleased with Nikki’s request that she befriend Victor’s mother, Cora.  Andy fears his marriage is over because of Diane’s attraction to Jack.  Jack tells Danny he stopped the cheque for making the videotape because he ran out of funds.


2nd – 6th July, 1984

(Monday 9th July – Toledo Blade)


Nikki and Victor are at the airport to head for a long holiday when Cora falls.  She is rushed to the hospital, where doctors learn she has a terminal cancer.  Victor decides to stay in town.  Andy is fearful that his marriage to Diane is totally over due to her attraction to Jack.  Traci tells Tim she saw him in bed with another woman.  Jack suggests to Jill she leave John because when she does, he’ll marry her.


9th – 13th July, 1984

(Monday 16th July – Toledo Blade)


Cricket goes on a coast-to-coast publicity tour.  Even when Dina guarantees financial support, Jill refuses to let Jack off the hook.  Victor tells Cora’s doctor he’ll pay anything to save his mother’s life.  Doctors say her case is terminal.  Cora and Victor have a tender mother-son reconciliation.


16th – 20th July, 1984

(Monday 23rd July – Toledo Blade)


Patty and Danny have a tentative reconciliation.  Dina attempts to establish a friendship with her daughter.  John drives Dina to her hotel and stays for a nostalgic tete-a-tete.  Jill discovers them together and storms out.  John tells Dina that their divorce is legal and binding.  Jack sends flowers to Diane after he learns she has separated from Andy.  Victor wants Cora to live with him and Nikki.


23rd – 27th July, 1984

(Monday 30th July – Toledo Blade)


John and Dina kiss.  Lindsay tells Jill she saw her with Mark and that’s one more thing she can use against her.  Diane and Jack’s separation continues.  Nikki tells Victor he must tell Cora he knows she’s dying so the woman can share her grief and stop putting on a happy face for him.


30th July – 3rd August, 1984

(Monday 6th August – Toledo Blade)


Victor has a nightmare about being left by his mother.  Nikki wakes him up to tell him Cora has died.  Danny tells Patty that Traci may get back with Tim, unaware that Traci has decides that Tim is no good.  Rick Daros is admitted to the same mental hospital as Eve Howard.  He was found floating off St. Croix in scuba gear, suffering from amnesia.  Rick and Eve become friends.  Julia tells Joe that the Paris trip must be postponed.


6th – 10th August, 1984

(Monday 13th August – Toledo Blade)


Truly suffering from amnesia, Rick believes he is a good person who can distinguish right from wrong.  Eve tells Rick he’ll never be released from the sanitarium but that she’ll help him escape.  Jazz refuses to admit to Paul that he is reinvolved with the mob.  Ashley and Erica think Julia is pregnant by Joe.  Ashley finds Jill’s sunglasses at Mark’s.  Jack agrees to Diane’s no-sex rule to see if their relationship is more than merely physical.  Lauren arranged for Traci to have an audition with voice coach David Hunter.


13th – 17th August, 1984

(Monday 20th August – Toledo Blade)


Diane mistakes a diamond bracelet from Jack as an engagement present.  Jill thinks Jack should marry Lindsay to halt the blackmail.  Traci has a triumphant singing debut.  Breaking into Victor’s, Eve and Rick steal cash and credit cards and head for Europe to find Eve’s son.  At the airport, Rick spots Nikki, but doesn’t know who she is.  Nikki tells Victor of seeing Rick.


20th – 24th August, 1984

(Monday 27th August – Toledo Blade)


Nikki insists that she saw Rick at the airport.  Nikki seems bored just staying at home, so Victor makes several career suggestions.  Traci tells John she adores Danny.  Lauren is heartbroken by Traci and Danny’s musical success at the concert.  A man wearing a heavy diamond ring continues to follow Lauren.


27th – 31st August, 1984

(Monday 3rd September – Toledo Blade)


Jack realizes he must tell Lindsay he loves her in front of Diane or Lindsay will never give him the negatives of the night he and Jill spent together in the cabin.  Victor offers to pay Boobsie off to stop seeing Doug.  Jazz steals a key from Tyrone which would get information for the underworld.  Andy agrees to give Diane a divorce.


3rd – 7th September, 1984

(Monday 10th September – Toledo Blade)


Mobsters warn Tyrone to stay in town.  Jazz finally gets the store owner to make a duplicate of the key.  Tyrone is almost hysterical when he can’t find the key.  Jazz later replaces it.  Jack tells Diane their engagement is off.  Ashley and Diane realise that Lindsay has something to do with this.  Nikki learns Victor bought Boobsie off.  Traci continues to get morning sickness.


10th – 14th September, 1984

(Monday 17th September – Toledo Blade)


Lauren is thrilled but Paul is skeptical when she receives a publicity packet from Shawn, her fan club president.  While Paul and Lauren share a romantic evening, Shawn spies on them.  Julia is unable to fly to Paris when the doctor orders her to bed to save her baby.  Diane says goodbye to Andy.


17th – 21st September, 1984


24th – 28th September, 1984


1st – 5th October, 1984


8th – 12th October, 1984

(Monday 15th October – Toledo Blade)


Amy overhears two drug addicts planning to break into Tyrone/Leon’s hotel room, and one says he will kill Tyrone.  She tries to warn Tyrone but is unable to find him.  In a panic, she rushes to the room to find the addict holding a gun on Tyrone.


15th – 19th October, 1984

(Monday 22nd October – Toledo Blade)


Jack tells Traci that Tim is engaged.  She refuses to admit that she still loves Tim.  Traci tells Ashley she plans to have a future with Danny.  Tim goes to Traci after Lauren tells her of Tim’s pregnancy.


22nd – 26th October, 1984

(Monday 29th October – Toledo Blade)


Jack bids $10,000 at the charity strip-off with Nikki performing.  Ashley warns Jack not to get involved with Nikki.  Although Victor is irked by Jack’s interest in Nikki, he decides to use Jack’s arousal to further his business dealings.


29th October – 2nd November, 1984

(Monday 5th November – Toledo Blade)


Traci makes Ashley promise not to tell the family how far along Traci is in her pregnancy and that she may lose the baby.  Danny holds Patty responsible for Traci’s accident.  Mike tells Leon to stay current on his payments.  Andy and Paul find out that Brent was attacked the day Dina left town.


5th – 9th November, 1984

(Monday 12th November – Toledo Blade)


Tim stalls the wedding to await word from Traci.  By the time she calls, Tim has left.  Traci gets out of the hospital bed and collapses in pain.  Paul and Andy learn that Brent’s severe beating has created permanent damage.  Kay, unaware that Jill has put booze in her medicine, takes more than the prescribed amount.  Commander Lewis warns Amy to stay away from Tyrone.  Mr. Anthony says Roxie the hooker (Amy) is to be murdered.


12th – 16th November, 1984

(Monday 19th November – Toledo Blade)


Liz and the maid find a passed-out Kay in her bed.  Kay, believing Jill had something to do with her return to the bottle, threatens to tell John about Jill and Jack being together, but Jack stops her.  On Tim’s wedding day, he calls the hospital and learns that Traci has lost her baby.


19th – 23rd November, 1984

(Monday 26th November – Toledo Blade)


Jack warns Jill if she’s part of a plan to destroy Kay, it may backfire.  When Paul tells Neil that his marriage to Lauren is floundering, Neil considers contacting Lauren’s mother.  Neil learns that Lauren’s mother’s other child has died and that her second marriage had ended in divorce.  Jazz hopes that the mob will let him go but learns his assignment is to kill Tyrone.


26th – 30th November, 1984

(Monday 3rd December – Toledo Blade)


Kay is drinking and smoking.  Eric confronts Jill about Jamie’s parentage.  She refuses to answer.  When an unidentified black man is discovered in an alley, Jazz and Tyrone go to the morgue and plant Tyrone’s chains and pendant on him.  Victor and Nikki head to Canada to learn more about Monique Bertrand Morell.  Brent reveals that he and Dina share a child.


3rd – 7th December, 1984

(Monday 10th December – Toledo Blade)


Brent promises he’ll never go near Dina’s three children.  Paul and Andy think Dina may have been the one to savagely beat Brent 13 years ago.  Mr. Anthony wants proof that the body in the morgue is really Tyrone.  In Quebec, Victor and Nikki are assured that Dina would not have done anything to harm Marcel.  Mark refuses Victor’s offer to buy out the company.


10th – 14th December, 1984

(Monday 17th December – Toledo Blade)


Jack and Ashley learn that Dina had an affair with Brent.  Brent’s ex-wife, Ruth, tells Paul she’s received a cheque and letter from Brent.  Richard tells Nikki they must stay involved in order to help the Abbotts.  Traci decides to start an exercise weight-loss programme.  Jill refuses to give Kay her son.  Julia tells Victor she’s leaving for France as soon as her son is strong enough.  Jazz refuses to let Tyrone tell Amy that he’s still alive.


17th – 21st December, 1984

(Monday 24th December – Toledo Blade)


Mark tells Dina he’s sure there’s a connection between her and Brent’s “accident”.  Frank has no leads on Tyrone’s “killers”.  Andy returns for the keys, realizes that Tyrone is alive and decides he wants to help.  Nikki learns her picture will be used on a bunch of billboards.  Jill resents John’s trying to help Dina in her court case.


24th – 28th December, 1984

(Monday 31st December – Toledo Blade)


Lauren sees the bathing suit pictures Sean took and doesn’t remember posing for them.  Traci tells Danny that Gerard Markham, a club owner, wants her to sing.  Ashley learns Mark backed down from the lawsuit when Monique told him than Dina never influenced Marcel.  Ashley credits Victor with helping get her and Dina together.  Marks heads for Paris.  Amy is told Tyrone is still alive.