Young and the Restless



3rd - 7th January, 1983

(Montreal Gazette Monday 10th January)

Believing that Paul killed Pam, the mob accepted him into their “family”, while Pam’s real killer fled.  Loretta and Amy Lewis kept a vigil over Frank, who was wounded during a robbery.  Victor decided not to claim paternity of Victoria when he learned that Nikki and Kevin are sleeping together.  Jack fumed that John included Jill and Phillip in his will.  At Allison’s urging, Nikki’s old boss, Leroy, offered Nikki a job at his strip joint.  Brian realized Ashley loves him.  Jill had Andy plant a hidden microphone in Jack’s office.  Patty put off telling Jack she’s pregnant.  Traci was in the dumps that Danny forgot a dinner date.

(Toledo Blade Monday 10th January)

Traci is shattered when she overhears someone ask how Danny could care about someone as fat as she.  Allison tells Nikki she’ll wait until the marriage falls apart and then get custody of the baby.  Kevin is sexually frustrated by Nikki.  Patti is thrilled that she is pregnant.

10th - 14th January, 1983

(Madison Courier)

Cindy worries about getting further involved with Paul.  Julia fought her feelings for Victor.  Stu thought about reconciling with Liz.

(Toledo Blade Monday 17th January)

Jack tells Patti he’s happy about her pregnancy.  Tony may be shipped to Detroit.  Fearing Leroy is on the verge of suicide, Nikki goes back to stripping and Allison catches her act.  Cindy refuses to leave town.  As a favour, Andy agrees to help Jill make certain Jack doesn’t get John to change his will.

17th - 21st January, 1983

Patty and Jack are drawn together by the new baby.  Danny forgets his feelings for Patty.  Frank holds the key to Paul’s safety and the clearing of Carl’s name.  Traci decides to go on a self-improvement binge.

(Toledo Blade Monday 24th January)

Finding Jack and Diane together, Patti trips and falls over a plant.  Patti is rushed to hospital for observations, where Mary tells Carl that Patti is pregnant.  Finding Nikki at the Bayou, Kevin watches her stripping act with the baby in his arms and exits.  Kevin is furious with Nikki, even when she explains she only did it to save the club.  He tells her, “If I have to tie you to the bedpost every night to keep you at home, I will.”  Lying in hospital, Patti recalls a dream where she told Jack about her pregnancy and he was overjoyed.  Julia overhears Eve and Max and what appears to be a plot to kill Victor.  Victor’s houseboy is shocked when he discovers Victor’s almost lifeless, bleeding body on the floor.

24th - 28th January, 1983

Jack becomes the loving husband but it may be too late to make a difference to Patti.  Jack retraces Patti’s steps and realizes she has reason to be turned off.  Julia tells Victor someone is out to kill him.

(Toledo Blade Monday 31st January)

Kay agrees to be Victoria’s godmother, while Kevin moves into the baby’s room.  Without her knowledge, Walker tapes Nikki’s performance to be sold for private viewing.  Julia is furious when she finds that the “shot and dying” Victor has really set her up by feigning the wound and getting her to expose her feelings for him.  Traci tells the girls at the college she is sleeping with Danny, but admits to one that she is a virgin.  The girl advises her to sleep with Danny or he’ll sleep with someone else.  Douglas pushes Allison to marry him.  Jack tells Patti he wants the baby.

31st January - 4th February, 1983

Nikki wants to return to her life as a stripper but Kevin has other ideas.  Jill enlists Andy’s help when she asks him to plant a listening device in Jack’s office.  Brian is flattered by Ashley’s feelings for him.

(Toledo Blade Monday 7th February)

Allison refuses Doug’s engagement ring.  Patti suffers a miscarriage.  Earl moves back in with Allison on a four-week trial basis as one of her divorce conditions.  Cindy is warned to stay away from the organization, and Carmen is brought in to satisfy Paul’s sexual needs.  Returning from a Detroit business trip, Paul is given a thoroughbred horse by the syndicate.  When the Commander comes out of a coma, Paul rushes to the hospital to tell him to let the police know he’s an undercover agent.

7th -  11th February, 1983

(Toledo Blade Monday 14th February)

Victor is beginning to show the effects of the bacterial culture which Max and Eve are giving him.  Allison goes to Victor, saying she knows he is the father of the baby.  He warns he’ll sue for slander.  When she decides to use this information to get Kay to give up Earl, Kay refuses and Douglas warns Allison she must stop this harangue about the baby or lose everything.  Allison decides to accept the baby as a Bancroft.  Patti returns to Jack on her terms – no fooling around.

14th  -  18th February, 1983

(Toledo Blade Monday 21st February)

In her continuing attempt to ruin Jack, Jill talks John into giving Patti a job at Jabot, a job that will include daily contact with the models Jack is so used to womanizing.  Patti tells Jack she’s not ready to make love just yet.  Learning that Jeff, not Paul, killed Pam, Walker puts a contract out on Paul and Cindy.  The duo manage to escape an explosion but realise they cannot escape the mob’s wrath forever.  When Victor collapses, due to the bacteria which Max and Eve had been slipping to him, medicos think it is merely poor eating habits.

21st- 25th February, 1983

(Toledo Blade Monday 28th February)


With the syndicate believing Paul dead, Tony is being groomed for his job.  Cindy and Paul continue in hiding.  Jack considers accepting an offer for purchase of Jabot.  Nikki asks Kay to pull Victor and Julia apart, but Kay refuses.  Victor has a fainting spell in front of Julia, but comes to.  Jill believes she is pregnant.  Unaware Morgan is in with the syndicate, Paul goes to him for protection.


28th February – 4th March, 1983


7th – 11th March, 1983

(Monday 14th March – Toledo Blade)


Nikki gives an interview to the Chronicle, innocently exposes her former relationship with Victor, and makes it appear that Kevin’s success as an architect was only because of that relationship.  Gina needs $10,000 as a down payment to buy Jonas’ club, but Danny cannot give her any money since he’s used most of his cash to pay off family debts.  Carl realizes that Alex is withholding information concerning Paul’s innocence.  Mary is taken hostage.


14th – 18th March, 1983


21st – 25th March, 1983

(Monday 28th March – Toledo Blade)


Nikki’s story about her stripping loves Kevin another commission as an architect.  Kevin tells Allison the only way he’s ever divorce Nikki is if she were unfaithful to him.  Alex and Pete die during the shooting where Carl, Paul, Mary, Cindy and Andy are saved.  Jacks tells Jill that he’s going to force his father to sell Jabot.  While John and Jack have a heated argument about selling the company, John suffers a heart attack.


28th March – 1st April, 1983


4th – 8th April, 1983


11th – 15th April, 1983


18th – 22nd April, 1983

(Monday 25th April – Toledo Blade)


Cindy tells her mother that she was raped by her father.  Her father walks in and angrily says he did it because Cindy came on to him.  Danny goes in front of his father’s parole board.  Eve and Max manage to get Victor addicted to one of Max’s special formulas while they continue trying to murder him.  Julia bursts in and finds Victor near death.  Kay refuses to cover up when Nikki spends a night out with Rick.


25th – 29th April, 1983

(Monday 2nd May – Toledo Blade)


Julia finds a near-dead Victor at Eve’s and also discovers that Albert the dog is sick.  This causes Julia to feel that perhaps Albert was poisoned by Victor’s food.  Danny testifies at his father’s parole hearing and Danny’s father is released from prison with the proviso that he live with Danny and Gina.  Eric returns to Paris and tells Mrs. Mergeron all about the Abbott family and the conflict between Jack and Ashley.  Jack is furious when Patty continues her therapy.  Kevin is beginning to be suspicious of Nikki’s constant evenings with Rick.


2nd – 6th May, 1983

(Monday 9th May – Toledo Blade)


Fearing Jack will leave her, Patty halts her therapy.  Douglas finally sees Victor and takes a sample of his food to be analysed.  Julia has a choking spell at Gina’s and Dr. Schmidt saves her life.  Eve tells Max not to worry about the lab analysis since she did not put any lethal bacteria in the food.  Douglas took from Victor’s plate.  Tony DeSalvo is back in town and plans to put together his own underground organization.


9th – 13th May, 1983

(Monday 16th May – Toledo Blade)


Victor decides to stage his own death so Eve will believe she killed him.  Brian tells Julia that if Victor is given an antidote in time, his life can be saved.  Eric convinces Mrs. Mergeron to buy the cosmetics firm.  Unaware that Nikki agreed to sleep with Rick, Kevin tells her he wants to patch up their marriage.


16th – 20th May, 1983

(Monday 23rd May – Toledo Blade)


Furious because Rick isn’t breaking up Kevin and Nikki’s marriage, Allison decides to go into other tactics.  Nikki doesn’t love Rick, but she feels obligated to him.  Victor stages his own death.  Mrs. Mergeron decides to fly to Genoa City to close the deal for Jabot.  Ashley and Eric make love.


23rd – 27th May, 1983


30th May – 3rd June, 1983


6th – 10th June, 1983

(Monday 13th June – Toledo Blade)


Dina Abbott goes to see Kay and admits it was a mistake to come back to Genoa City.  Jack visits his mother and they form a truce.  Traci, embarrassed by her weight problem, refuses to see her mother.  Andy, Paul and Cindy are interrogated by the police prosecutor in regard to Tony.  Danny’s father’s parole is denied and Gina is furious.  Douglas proposes to Eve but she turns him down.  Victor’s will is read.  Eve and Nikki’s children are split the inheritance.


13th – 17th June, 1983


20th – 24th June, 1983

(Monday 27th June – Toledo Blade)


Patty overhears Jack make an appointment for a vasectomy and tell Jill he only married Patty to become president of Jabot.  Douglas thinks Eve is losing her mind when he discovers Victor’s coffin in the bedroom.  Dina assures Traci her leaving 12 years ago had nothing to do with being embarrassed by Traci’s weight problem.  Dina and Catherine join forces to destroy Jill.  The prosecutor drops the charges against Tony for Cindy’s rape, believing Tony is more valuable on the street.


Friday 24th June, 1983


Brenda Dickson returns as Jill Foster Abbott

27th June – 1st July, 1983


4th – 8th July, 1983


(Saturday 9th July – Madison Courier)


Patty does not remember shooting Jack.  Nikki is close to the truth about her baby’s true paternity thanks to Kay.  Max is killed after trying to kill Victor.  Eve is sent away to a mental institution but not before she tries to stab Victor.  Jack is permanently paralyzed.  Cindy moves in with Diane.  Andy is picked up for Jack’s shooting.


This week: Patti is troubled.  Nikki is confused.


(Monday 11th July – Toledo Blade)


Jack refuses to see any members of his family for days.  Andy and Paul go into the investigature business.  Nikki is startled when she goes to visit Victor’s grave and he appears in the flesh.  Jack is furious when John says Ashley has been named acting president at Jabot.


11th – 15th July, 1983


18th – 22nd July, 1983

(Monday 25th July – Toledo Blade)


Rick finds a letter from Kay about Victor being Victoria’s biological father.  Rick doesn’t show the letter to Nikki.  Nikki and Kevin plan to go through with their divorce and Kevin seems interested in Julia.


25th – 29th July, 1983

(Monday 1st August – Toledo Blade)


Following surgery, Jack begins to have feeling in his legs.  Rick tells Victor to leave Nikki alone.  Julia is stunned when Victor says he is the father of Nikki’s daughter, Victoria.  Patty still is unable to remember the night she shot Jack.  Paul gets a newspaper with a headline discussing his death.  He shrugs it off but Andy is concerned.  Traci gives Lauren notes to study for a big exam, but panics when Lauren never returns them.


1st – 5th August, 1983


8th – 12th August, 1983

(Monday 15th August – Toledo Blade)


Traci is taking too many diet pills.  Danny asks Traci to sing a duet with him instead of Lauren and she is thrilled.  Nikki refuses to sign a custody agreement.  DiSalvo puts a poisonous snake in the shower in Paul’s office.  Andy spots the snake and kills it.  Andy and Paul walk in while DeSalvo is having a celebration over Paul’s “death”.  Jack is told his recovery will take a lot of time.


15th – 19th August, 1983

(Monday 22nd August – Toledo Blade)


Joe sneaks Jack out of hospital and takes him to Dr. Reeves.  He tells the doctor that Patty shot him and she decides to being a whole new therapy on Patty.  Rick sells his story to a publisher for $2,500 and gives the money to Nikki.  Nikki gives Victoria to Allison, hoping she did the right thing.  Lauren tries to drug Traci and keep her from singing at Danny’s concert, but Gina and Amy switch the drinks and Lauren winds up being drugged.


22nd – 26th August, 1983


29th August – 2nd September, 1983

(Saturday 3rd September - Madison Courier)


Andy and Paul are nearly killed when unleashes his computer plan on them.  Jack goes home but is worried that Patty will go off the deep end again.  Eric and Ashley plan to get married as soon as Dina goes back to Paris which they assume will be very soon.  Nikki tries to trick Tony into giving back the porno tape but he is too fast for her.  Carl ties some loose ends together and narrows the field of suspects to the shooting.

This Week: Danny gets involved with Lauren who is burning the candle at both ends.



5th – 9th September, 1983


12th – 16th September, 1983

(Monday 19th September – Toledo Blade)


Carl is stunned when he realizes the gun was registered to Patty.  When Carl learns why Patty shot Jack, he is infuriated and promises to destroy Jack.  Ashley decides to run Jabot with an iron hand and not let Jack change everything.  Andy and Diane grow closer.  Nikki finds Boobsie, the girl used as Nikki’s body double, and tries to talk her into admitting that she, not Nikki, was the body in “Hot Hips”.  Boobsie agrees, and Nikki calls Allison saying she wants Victoria back.  Allison tells Nikki she plans to fight for custody of the child.  Nikki agrees to stay at Victor’s ranch to hide from the mob.


19th – 23rd September, 1983


26th – 30th September, 1983

(Monday 3rd October – Toledo Blade)


Sharon fears Patty will have a total breakdown if she’s arrested for shooting Jack before she remembers what happens.  Diane agrees to marry Andy.  Lauren is still trying to make Traci believe that Professor Sullivan is interested in Traci.  Ashley is upset that John plans to reinstate Jack as president of Jabot.


3rd – 7th October, 1983

(Monday 10th October – Toledo Blade)


Dr. Reeves stages a psychodrama to help Patty recall events surrounding Jack’s shooting.  As Patty stands before Jack with a loaded pistol, she realizes what happened and collapses in tears.  Jack asks Patty for a second chance in their marriage.  Ashley accepts Eric’s proposal.  Dina asks Eric if he would like control of the Merjeron cosmetics corporation, but Eric turns down the offer.  Diane gets a passionate letter from Jack.


10th – 14th October, 1983

(Monday 17th October – Toledo Blade)


Jack is shattered when John chooses Ashley as president of Jabot.  Jack then goes to Patty and tells her that he still loves her very much.  Patty has decided to start life again and tells Jack that he doesn’t really love her, he’s just trying to regain Jabot.  Liz tells Jill her plans to get pregnant without discussing it first with John will only cause trouble.  Jill refuses to listen.  Kay learns that Allison has taken Victoria away.


17th – 21st October, 1983

(Monday 24th October – Toledo Blade)


Just as Victor is about to announce that he is baby Victoria’s father, Rick walks in with Victoria.  Seeing how overjoyed everyone is, Victor decides to keep his paternity a secret.


24th – 28th October, 1983

(Monday 31st October – Toledo Blade)


Jack takes a post as head of advertising for Jabot.  Dina has a picture which Eric made for her in Europe send to his apartment.  Paul and Jazz hired to stop shoplifting at Lauren’s father’s store, and the first culprit is Lauren.  Doug bets Victor that Victor cannot get an ordinary job.


31st October – 4th November, 1983

(Monday 7th November – Toledo Blade)


Nikki and Rick consummate their relationship and he later denies ever being married.  Kevin learns that Rick is a widower and hires Paul to investigate how Rick’s first wife died.  Involved in car accident, Traci is unhurt but she is booked for driving under the influence of drugs after a blood test shows a presence of barbiturates.  Traci collapses and is rushed to hospital.  Lauren is upset when Danny won’t leave Traci’s side.  When Traci comes to, Professor Sullivan, who has been called by Lauren, is at her side.


7th – 11th November, 1983

(Monday 14th November – Toledo Blade)


The doctor fears Traci may have caused permanent heart damage by taking so many diet pills.  Jill continues to pretend she is pregnant.  Jack tells Diane he loves her.  Diane insists that all she wants is for her marriage to Andy to work.  Paul discovers that Rick’s first wife drowned.  Kevin believes that Rick played some part in his wife’s death.  In order to help Marian keep the diner open, Victor has money sent to her.


14th – 18th November, 1983

(Monday 21st November – Toledo Blade)


Jazz, captivated by Amy, convinces Paul to hire her as his secretary.  A snowstorm hits Genoa City.  Jack and Jill are forced to spend the evening together and the two of them make love.  Victor asks Julia to remarry him.  Victor and Kevin change their opinion of Rick when they learn he saved baby Victoria’s life by literally running with her to the hospital when their car was stuck in the snow.


21st – 25th November, 1983

(Monday 28th November – Toledo Blade)


Jill learns she’s pregnant.  The prosecutor agrees to drop the charges against Traci if she tells who sold her the drugs.  Glidden contacts Rick and implies he knows more about the death of Rick’s first wife.  Later, Glidden is killed in a hit-and-run auto accident.  Paul decides to investigate Glidden’s death.  Jack fights with Jill.


28th November – 2nd December, 1983

(Monday 5th December – Toledo Blade)


Gina refuses to go to bed with Jack who is puzzled because Jill didn’t tell him she was pregnant.  Victor tells Nikki they can remain friends but cannot contact each other as often as they once did.  Baby Victoria is recovering.  Nikki is confused because Rick is jealous of the attention she pays to the baby.  Patty plans to give Jack a quick and easy divorce, but changes her mind when Jack’s lawyer talks tough.


5th – 9th December, 1983


12th – 16th December, 1983

(Monday 19th December – Toledo Blade)


Tim is upset when he gets a phone calls in his office, tells the caller never to call again and hangs up.  Jack hires Andy and Paul to check Tim’s past.  Andy and Paul set a trap to see if Rick killed Glidden.  Fainting after Kay accuses her of not being pregnant, Jill is stunned when the doctor tells her she really is pregnant.


19th – 23rd December, 1983

(Monday 26th December – Toledo Blade)


Eric gets angry when Ashley says Dina must have been the aggressor in their relationship and he was too polite to say no.  Eric insists Dina was only good to him, that he will wait for Ashley to get over her feelings of anger, but not forever.  When Andy and Jack have a fistfight, Jazz and Joe break it up.  Diane decides to go to Hawaii with Andy.  John is thrilled by the news of Jill’s pregnancy.  Jill wonders if the baby is Jack’s or John’s.  Glidden’s brother, Robert, comes to Genoa City to find out who killed his brother.  When Danny vetoes their elopement, Lauren goes out with Paul.


26th - 30th December, 1983

(Toledo Blade Monday 2nd January, 1984)

Gina tells Danny she saw Lauren and Paul at the Embers having drinks, but Danny refuses to listen.  John is furious when he realizes Traci is being used to set up Sparky as a drug dealer.  Danny and Traci are held captives by drug dealers.  Patti asks Jack for a quick divorce.  On a cruise, Victor is called away on business.  Julia is upset when Victor says he must go since the most important thing in his life is his business- it’s the only thing he’s ever been a success at.