Young and the Restless




Paul and Barbara return home from Aspen after a drunken Paul sleeps with her. When Paul tells Patty that Jack has a woman on his arm at all times, she retaliates by hitting him with the fact that he was in Aspen with Barbara instead of his wife. Paul is stunned by her knowledge. Patty says that she went to Aspen on her own free will without Jack's knowledge. Dorothy tells Wayne that Bobbi is April's twin. At first this causes total estrangement for the four of them, but they decide to try and become a family unit. Paul is further ashamed when he realizes he bedded down with his wife's twin sister. Barbara decides to use her ill-gotten gains to make a better life for Wayne and Dorothy, including buying them a new home, fancy clothes and anything else she can. Unaware of Paul's relationship with Barbara, April is thrilled that she has found her twin sister.


Patty finishes high school early and wants Jack to hire her as a model. Paul warns Jack he'd better not. During a verbal argument with Jack, Carl becomes angry and punches him. An angered Jack files charges and Carl is visited by Internal Affairs. Patty takes Jack's part against her father. Danny takes Patty into his apartment and she contemplates her relationship with Jack. When Patty refuses to listen to Danny's suggestion that she move back home, he tells Jack where she is, feeling that Jack can send her back to Carl and Mary. Carl's punching out Jack may cost him his job on the police force.


Nikki overhears Victor's plans to take over Prentiss Industries by getting Lorie's proxy. While Lance is with Lorie, a delated wedding gift arrives from Vanessa — a set of monogrammed glasses. Robert Laurence tells Stuart that Lorie's case is going to be hard to win because of all the negative evidence. Lance decides to visit Vanessa's doctor but learns Dr. Cardwell is suffering from a paralytic condition and cannot talk. Lance tells Lorie he'll never abandon her. At trial, Robert is able to prove that anyone could have deposited funds in her name. On the witness stand, Lucas says that he believes Lorie murdered his mother, while Robert tries to prove that Lorie's innocence is apparent, since she stuck to the suicide story from the beginning. Lucas decides he wants Lorie to pay for Vanessa's death no matter what and tells the DA that Lance, not he, is Brooks' father, giving a valid reason for Lorie wanting Vanessa dead. Robert believes that the key to Vanessa's death is Dr. Caldwell, who still remains speechless due to a stroke.


Cash is threatened by Vegas goons for past gambling debts. Unable to come up with the money, he decides to pawn Nikki's fur coat but eventually persuades Kay to give him the dough. Unhappy because Nikki is falling in love with him, Victor sets out to find the right man for her, a young architect named Kevin Bancroft. Lance is told the corporation is about to replace its officers. Nikki learns that Victor has bought the Bayou. Cash tells Kay that his mother, a high-paid call girl, was murdered and mutilated and that his natural father is a U.S. senator whose name can never be revealed.


Chris is offered Hawaiian modeling job but Snapper says, "No way." As Chris is about to leave for Hawaii modeling location, she is felled by appendicitis. Recovering from her appendicitis attack, Chris tells Snapper she is tired of playing second fiddle to Chuckie. Snapper defends his position and says he's doing the best he can for Chris and Jennifer.


Andy confesses his love to Jill and then decides to sign on as physical education teacher. He tells Karen he loves Jill and wants a divorce. Karen tries to kill herself but Lucas saves her.


4th – 8th January, 1982

(Toledo Blade Monday 11th January)


Paul and Barbara return home from Aspen after a drunken Paul sleeps with her.  Robert tells Stuart that Lorie’s case is going to be hard to win because of all the negative evidence.  When Paul tells Patti that Jack has a woman on his arm at all times, she retaliates by hitting him with the fact that he was in Aspen and Barbara instead of his wife.  Paul is stunned by her knowledge.  Patti says that she went to Aspen of her own free will without Jack’s knowledge.


11th – 15th January, 1982

(Toledo Blade Monday 18th January)


Cash is threatened by Vegas goons for past gambling debts.  Unable to come up with the money, her decides to pawn Nikki’s fur coat but eventually persuades Kay to give him the dough.  Dorothy tells Wayne that Bobbi is April’s twin.  At first this causes total estrangement for the four of them, but they decide to try and become a family unit.  Paul is further ashamed when he realizes he bedded down with his wife’s twin sister.


18th – 22nd January, 1982

(Toledo Blade Monday 25th January)


Patti finishes high school early and wants Jack to hire her as a model.  Paul warns Jack he’s better not.  As Chris is about to leave for a Hawaii modeling location, she is felled by appendicitis.  At the trial, Lorie’s attorney is able to prove that anyone could have deposited funds in her name.  Unhappy because Nikki is falling in love with him, Victor sets out to find the right man for her.


25th – 29th January, 1982

(Toledo Blade Monday 1st February)


Nikki learns that Victor has bought the Bayou.  During a verbal argument with Jack, Carl becomes angry and punches him.  An angered Jack files charges and Carl is visited by Internal Affairs.  Patti takes Jack’s part against her father.  Recovering from her appendicitis attack, Chris tells Snapper she is tired of playing second fiddle to Chuckie.


1st – 5th February, 1982

(Monday 8th February – Toledo Blade)


Danny takes Patty into his apartment and she contemplates her relationship with Jack.  When Patty refuses to listen to Danny’s suggestion that she move back home, he tells Jack where she is, feeling that Jack can send her back to Carl and Mary.  Carl’s punching out Jack my cost him his job on the police force.  Cash tells Kay that his mother, a high-paid call girl, was murdered and mutilated and that his natural father is a US senator whose name can never be revealed.


8th – 12th February, 1982

(Monday 15th February – Toledo Blade)


Liz is stunned when Stuart says he thinks Chris would have been better off if she had married Greg, not Snapper.  Chuckie’s condition continues to worsen.  Cash talks Nikki into doing her act for Kevin before they depart for San Francisco.  Leslie admits to Lance that he is Brooks’ father.  Lances blames everyone – Leslie, Lorie and Lucas – for lying about his being Brooks’ natural father.


15th – 19th February, 1982

(Monday 22nd February – Toledo Blade)


Snapper is stunned by Chris’ departure.  After seeing Nikki’s striptease act, Kevin drops her.  In court, Robert gets Dr. Caldwell, Vanessa’s physician, to testify.  Even though Caldwell is totally mute and almost paralyzed by a stroke, he is able to answer yes or no with hand signals.  His evidence proves that Vanessa had a terminal disease and only a month to live.  Lance continues to be bitter over the news that Brooks is his son.


22nd – 26th February, 1982

(Monday 1st March – Toledo Blade)


The Williams family is delighted when they learn that Carl will be censures but not suspended from the police force.  Feeling used by Jack, Patty turns to Danny.  Chris goes to Jack and says she wants future modelling assignments.


(Monday 1st March – Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Sally told Greg about Chris and Snapper’s separation.  Chris assured Jack she’s taking charge of her life and wants a full modelling career.  Carl was reinstated but Jack’s assault charged will stay on his record.  Sally let Snapper think he was the first to call her about his split with Chris.  Andy insisted that he and Jill had to live in Liz’s house.  April tried to tell Barbara their parents needed love, not material things.  Bob comforted Lorie who feared she’d lost Brooks who is turning to Leslie.  Kay’s advice on how to snare Victor in the boudoir succeeded.


1st – 5th March, 1982

(Monday 8th March – Toledo Blade)


Paul is stunned when Barbara says she wants him.  Barbara then goes to April and says that Paul would be better with Barbara and tells her about their trip to Aspen.  Lorie’s murder trial is turned over to the jury for deliberation.  Cash and Kay plan a trip to Europe.


8th – 12th March, 1982

(Monday 15th March – Toledo Blade)


Lorie goes to Leslie and explains no matter what the verdict in Vanessa’s death, someone will lose – Lorie if she goes to prison, because she will lose Brooks and her freedom; Leslie if the verdict is not guilty, because she will not be able to gain custody of Brooks.  Paul is saddened by April, Barbara, Wayne and Dorothy’s departure.


(Monday 15th March – Sarasota Herald- Tribune)


Lorie received a not guilty verdict.  Snapper volunteered but Sally was the only compatible donor.  Lorie asked Bob to help her win back Lance but was jealous of Bob’s new friendship with Leslie.  Luke warned Victor he’d get Prentiss Industries back someday.  Nikki assured Victor she’s practising birth control.


15th – 19th March, 1982

(Monday 22nd March – Toledo Blade)


Liz is stunned when Jill says she sold the house Liz has had for all these years for $65,000.  Chris goes to visit Snapper and suggests getting back together, but he says they are better off apart.  With Chuckie needing a kidney transplant, Sally volunteers to be the donor.  Unhappily, Nikki learns she is pregnant but tells Paul it was a false alarm.  Lance and Leslie admit they both want Brooks back in their life but don’t know how to go about it.


(Monday 22nd March – Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Bob visited his daughter, Angela, and his institutionalised wife, Claire.


22nd – 26th March, 1982


(Saturday 27th March – Madison Courier)


The investigation into Cash’s death continues.  Chris is under Jack’s spell.  Sally steps up her efforts to win back Snapper.  Lorie is rebuffed by Lance again.


(Monday 29th March – Toledo Blade)


Feeling that Brooks would be happier with Leslie, Lorie decides to allow the boy to live there.  Lorie takes solace in Robert’s arrival.  With Snapper giving his kidney to Chuckie, Chris realizes how much she loves the boy and asks Sally to let Snapper and her raise him.  An incredulous Sally refuses.  Once again Jack captivates Patti, who asks him to set her up in modeling.


(Monday 29th March – Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Lorie let Lance take Brooks to Paris after deciding that the boy should live with Leslie.  Bob accepted Victor’s Prentiss job offer.  Chris suggested that Snapper bring Chuckie to live with them after his surgery.  Sally pressured Snapper to tell Chuckie he’s his father.  Andy took Jill on a camping trip.  Patty declined Danny’s marriage offer.  Victor returned before Nikki could carry out her plans for an abortion.  Jack dated Patty when Chris rebuffed his amorous advances.  Greg told Liz he loved Chris and would fight to win her.  Lorie vowed to regain control of Prentiss Enterprises.


29th March -2nd April, 1982


(Saturday 3rd April – Madison Courier)


Patty spends the day looking for a job, but has no luck.  Jack sends roses to Chris and Patty.  Snapper will donate his kidney to Chuckie.  Sally tells Chris not to upset Snapper.  Paul returns and finds out Nikki is pregnant and trying to rid herself of the baby.  Jack tries to get Patty back but is interrupted by Chris.

This week: Nikki and Victor have a heart to heart talk.  Greg lends Chris a helping hand.


5th – 9th April, 1982

(Saturday 10th April – Madison Courier)


Brooks yearns to be with Leslie.  Lance turns his back on Lorie when Victor uses her proxy vote against Lance.  Victor and Nikki have a lovers’ quarrel.


12th – 16th April, 1982

(Saturday 17th April – Madison Courier)


Nikki laments her condition.  Lorie plans to regain control or Prentiss Industries.  Robert begins to work for Victor.


(Monday 19th April – Toledo Blade)


Sally informs Snapper she cannot give up her child.  Jack’s father comes down on him for overspending and says it must stop.  Lucas is aware that Lorie did not murder Vanessa and senses that Victor Newman tricked Lorie into giving him her share of Prentiss Industries stocks.


19th – 23rd April, 1982

(Saturday 24th April – Madison Courier)


Nikki lies to Victor in order to get her way, but winds up alienating herself from him instead.  Jack is in for a great big fall.  Liz and Stuart argue over Chris and Snapper.


26th – 30th April, 1982

(Monday 3rd May – Toledo Blade)


Patty admits to Carl she is living with Jack.  Snapper wants Chuckie to know he is the boy’s father.  Robert warns Lorie that her plan to get Prentiss Industries away from Victor and back into Lance’s hands spells disaster.  Nikki tells Kevin she wants to marry him, and still maintains her story that he is the father of her unborn child.


3rd – 7th May, 1982

(Monday 10th May - Montreal Gazette)


Leslie said she’d marry Lance.  Luke agreed that Brooks should know Lance is his father.  Nikki collapsed after her wedding to Kevin.  Snapper left for London without Chris.  Andy split when Jill stood him up to be with John.  Jack told Patty he’d marry her.  Carl got a vice squad job with Captain Alex Morgan, who’s involved with racket boss, Pete Walker.  Victor refused one last fling with Nikki before her marriage.


(Monday 10th May – Toledo Blade)


Leslie accepts Lance’s proposal.  With parental disapproval, Patty agrees to wed Jack.  Stunned by Leslie and Lance’s romance, Lorie goes to Victor, who offers her a trip for one to Greece.  After Nikki informs Kevin’s parents she’s pregnant, Kevin decides to marry her.  Snapper heads for a three-month London fellowship alone when Chris decides to pursue a Genoa City modelling career.


10th – 14th May, 1982

(Monday 17th May – Toledo Blade)


Lance tells Brooks that he is his real father, and the child reacts negatively.  Having collapsed after marrying Kevin, Nikki is hospitalized.  Nikki is unhappy when Victor suggests she and Kevin move in with him.  Walker, head of a Genoa City syndicate, sets up Carl with an informer-prostitute who is really there to destroy Carl’s life.


17th – 21st May, 1982

(Monday 24th May – Toledo Blade)


Lucas manages to rescue Brooks, tells him he’ll always be his dad, and that now he merely had two fathers, Lance and Lucas.  Angry because Stuart advised Chris not to go with Snapper to England, Elizabeth moves out of the house.  Nikki and Kevin move into Casey’s house.  Lance suggests Robert move his daughter to Genoa City and lease Lance’s former home.  Paul learns that April wants a divorce.


24th – 28th May, 1982

(Monday 31st May – Toledo Blade)


When Lorie decides to expose Victor Newman by writing a book about him, Lucas agrees to help.  Robert pays a visit to his hospitalized wife in the hopes that she will speak.  Nikki tells Kevin she wants nothing to do with him.


31st May – 4th June, 1982

(Monday 7th June – Toledo Blade)


Victor tells Nikki there is no chance for their relationship and she must get together with Kevin.  Lorie tells Robert she’s going to go through with her plan and then blackmail Victor into returning Prentiss stock to Lucas and Lance.  Patty is busy planning next month’s wedding to Jack, while he’s busy womanizing models.


7th – 11th June, 1982

(Monday 14th June – Toledo Blade)


Victor tells Nikki there is no way he will ever get back together with her and she must learn to accept Kevin.  Even though he doesn’t want to marry Patty, Jack agrees to see a priest.  Paul continues his police training.  Nikki tries to warn Victor about Lorie, but not wanting to be told what to do by Nikki, Victor plunges further into the relationship.  After an argument with John, Jill accepts an engagement ring from Andy.


14th – 18th June, 1982

(Monday 21st June – Toledo Blade)


Nikki is astonished when Kay says Lorie Brooks will probably be the new woman in Victor’s life.  Kevin is beginning to realise Nikki has been playing him for a fool.  Paul uses all his savings to buy Patty a $600 wedding dress.  Jack’s sister Ashley arrives in town, takes a liking to Patty, but cannot understand Jack’s sudden change from playboy to husband-to-be.  Pam, working with Walker, drugs Carl and plans to make it look as if Carl beat her up.


21st – 25th June, 1982

(Monday 28th June – Toledo Blade)


After being drugged by Pam, Carl is arrested by the police.  After she tells them Carl beat her up and then made her pay over $3,000 protection money, the police find $3,700 hidden in Carl’s home and refuse to believe it was a plant.  When Carolyn offers to be his mistress, Kevin says he is tired of being manipulated by women.


28th June – 2nd July, 1982

(Monday 5th July – Toledo Blade)


Paul goes to Stuart and begs him not to release the story on Carl until after Patty’s wedding, with Stuart agreeing.  Jill tells Liz she wants to marry Andy but has to get John out of her system.  Jack gives his little black book to his photographer.  Jack’s sister was stunned when she discovers Jack in the sack with one of his models when he should be on the way to his nuptials with Patty.  Carl goes to Walker and warns that once he is found innocent, he will get even with Walker through any legal means possible.  Lorie decides to bed down with Victor in order to get the key to his private papers concerning his business dealings.  Just as Lorie and Victor get into bed, Nikki arrives on the scene.


5th – 9th July, 1982

(Monday 12th July – Toledo Blade)


When Robert offers to defend Carl for a $50 fee, Carl accepts.  After Mary begs him to help Carl, Alex tells Walker he wants out of the scheme but must change his mind when Walker threatens his daughter’s life.  Being 18 and dateless, Traci dreams of romance with Johnny.  Ashley wonders how long Jack’s marriage to Patty can last and swears if he cheats on Patty she’ll tell all of his past indiscretions.  Kevin and Caroline spot Earl and Kay dining.  At first Kevin is upset, but then realizes his dad’s marriage is like his is with Nikki.


12th – 16th July, 1982

(Monday 19th July – Toledo Blade)


Andy wants to adopt Phillip.  It looks grim for Carl as his trial proceeds.  At Lorie’s request, Victor’s ex-wife, Julia, comes to Genoa City, but refuses to say anything negative about him for Lorie’s book.


19th – 23rd July, 1982

(Monday 26th July – Toledo Blade)


Ashley reminds Jack she’s watching him and if he makes one false move with another woman she’ll tell Patty of his womanizing before and after the wedding.  Pete Walker takes the stand and says he never saw Carl before.  Andy breaks his engagement when he realizes Jill cares for someone else.  John comforts Jill and says he cares for her deeply.  Julia fears Lorie will use Victor’s love to further the expose she’s writing about Victor.  Allison is irate when she discovers Earl’s been in town for days without telling her.


26th – 30th July, 1982

(Monday 2nd August – Toledo Blade)


Allison tells Carolyn that sex is the most disgusting thing in the world, but the way to get Kevin back is by getting pregnant.  Feeling unloved, a very pregnant Nikki decides to go and strip at the Bayou.  In his decision to go underground and look as though he is rebelling against everyone, Paul moves out of the house and begins associating with undesirables.


2nd – 6th August, 1982

(Monday 9th August – Toledo Blade)


Victor decides to give Prentiss Industries to Lorie – as a wedding present.  Paul has Tony arrested, then uses his connections to help him.  Carolyn sends Kevin a goodbye letter.  While he reads it on a construction site, part of the building topples on him.


9th – 13th August, 1982

(Monday 16th August – Toledo Blade)


Paul is sent out to do a shady job for DiSalvo, but rejects Andy’s suggestion that he take a gun for protection.  Robert takes his daughter, Angela, to see Leslie in concert.  On her wedding day, Lorie leaves Victor a good-bye note and plans to take Prentiss Industry stocks to Lance.  With Kevin seemingly put out of the woods and his brain wave tests clear, Nikki suggests to Carolyn that she leave town before he regains consciousness.  Jack warns Jill there is no way she’s going to become his father’s next wife.  As Jack departs Jill’s house, he sees Phillip and remembers Jill has a son, a fact that she has kept from John.


16th – 20th August, 1982

(Monday 23rd August – Toledo Blade)


When Kevin first regains consciousness, he cannot remember anyone.  A frightened Nikki flees to the chapel and vows if Kevin comes back to normal she will leave him so he can get together with Carolyn.  Kevin suddenly regains memory.  Nikki tells Carolyn she intends to leave town and wants Carolyn to stay with Kevin.  Claire is responding to medication, causing Robert to think it may be time to tell his daughter that her mother is alive.  Telling John about her son, Jill explains that the boy needs to go away to school.  Paul befriends Cindy, but Walker warns her not to trust Paul.


23rd – 27th August, 1982

(Monday 30th August – Toledo Blade)


Robert tells Nikki that getting an annulment from Kevin won’t be easy and that Kevin is the baby’s legal father.  Traci is hurt when she overhears Patti thanking Danny for giving Traci concert tickets.  John tells Jack to get used to Jill or vacate the house.  The medication helps Claire, who comes out of her catatonic trance, but she cannot understand why she has grown so old, nor anything about the intervening years.


30th August – 3rd September, 1982

(Monday 6th September – Toledo Blade)


Kevin confronts Nikki about her desire for divorce.  She tells him the baby she’s carrying is not his, and eventually blurts out that Victor is the father.  Paul throws Carl out of the bar.  When Lewis tells Paul he must end his undercover work, Paul insists on continuing.  Catching Andy kissing Cindy’s hand, Lenny flashes a knife and warns Andy to stay away.  Carl accepts Jack’s job offer as security guard for Jabot.  Carl and Mary reconcile.


6th – 10th September, 1982

(Monday 13th September – Toledo Blade)


Patty is thrilled because Jack has given Carl a security job at Jabot.  Traci decides not to go off to college because she feels she has a chance with Danny.  Victor tells Kevin he cannot be the father of Nikki’s child because he had a vasectomy.  Kevin goes to Nikki who insists that Victor is the child’s father.  Kevin talks to Robert about placing Nikki in a sanitarium.  Having second thoughts, Victor decides to go for a sperm count to see if perhaps the vasectomy was unsuccessful.  Nikki asks Kay to take her in and tell no one.  In order to send Phillip to boarding school, Jill pawns Liz’s diamonds.


13th – 17th September, 1982


20th – 24th September, 1982

(Monday 27th September – Toledo Blade)


Cindy refuses to tell Lenny who the other man in her life is.  Suddenly realizing that Paul is probably the man, Lenny threatens to kill Paul.  Jack decides to try to find his mother, missing 11 years, and hires private investigator Wagner.  When John wants to fly Phillip in for the wedding, Jill says absolutely not.  Robert tells Angela that her mother is not dead and takes Angela to meet Claire.


27th September – 1st October, 1982

(Monday 4th October – Toledo Blade)


Stuart is concerned about Robert’s ex-wife, Claire.  Angela and Claire have their first mother-daughter meeting.  Angela is so drawn to Claire that she refuses to leave the hospital until Claire is released.  Kay is furious with Liz for not trying to stop Jill’s upcoming marriage to John.  Jack is forcing Brian Forbes, the Jabot chemist, to quit because he refuses to go into fragrances.  In front of John, Jack puts on a great act to get Brian to stay at Jabot, because Ashley has told John and Jack that she is Brian’s assistant and he is an excellent chemist.


4th – 8th October, 1982

(Monday 11th October – Toledo Blade)


Jack is horrified because the woman he thought was his mother, and the key to stopping his father’s marriage to Jill, is really an imposter.  Angela is becoming closer to Claire and withdrawing a bit from Leslie and Robert because she fears being unfair to Claire, her mother.  Lenny is killed in an automobile wreck.


11th – 15th October, 1982

(Monday 18th October – Toledo Blade)


Police investigators believe Cindy intentionally caused the car crash.  Kay wants Douglas to form a friendship with Allison and pays him $10,000 to get her into bed, but Doug feels that Allison is going to be hard to get.  Ashley agrees with Jack that Jabot should be involved in fragrances.  Claire arrives home and Robert tells Leslie about that arrival.  Paul admits to Cindy that he used her but that he really has grown to care for her.


18th – 22nd October, 1982


25th – 29th October, 1982

(Monday 1st November – Toledo Blade)


Cindy saves Paul by bursting in while he is talking with Pam. At first Kevin encourages Allison to see Douglas.  When Allison does not return home because she has fallen asleep in the chair at Douglas’, Kevin assumes the worst.  Jack realizes he loves Patty.  Leslie decides to give Claire and Robert a chance.  Robert gives Claire physical comfort.


October 1982

(7th. December, 1982 - Soap Opera Digest)


    In a complete about-face, Jack, in all apparent sincerity, tries to convince everyone in his family that he no longer opposes Jill as John's new wife. He says to Ashley, “If Jill makes him happy … who am I to question that?” It appears Jack means it.

    Ashley, Jack and Patty all give Jill welcoming toasts as the new mistress of the Abbott household. Have all Jill's fears been for nothing? It would appear so, until at the end of John and Jill's first at-home dinner following their honeymoon, Jack innocently asks, “By the way, did anyone ever find out what was in that package Mrs. Chancellor sent Dad?”


    The next morning, Jack excitedly approaches John with his idea about Jabot Cosmetics getting into a new line of products. The Julia Line would be based on the personal endorsement of the now world- famous designer, Julia Newman. John wholeheartedly agrees; it's a good idea. Jack decides to take the next flight he can get to Paris to sell Julia on the idea.

    While Jack does some last-minute packing in his office, Diane stops by to put a little extra pressure on him about hiring her as the head model for Jabot's winter ad campaign. Jack squirms his way out of it for the moment by offering to take Diane to Paris with him. Jack promises Diane a “good time” after a quick business meeting. He'll spend at least two extra days in Paris with Diane just to show her the town.


    Jack's plans all fall through the floor as Julia proves to be more difficult than he expected. The only promise Jack can get from Julia about endorsing the new line of products is to get her to agree to meet again the next day. However, the only way Julia can do that is if they meet in Genoa City, since she's leaving for the States in the morning for a business trip of her own.  Diane is furious at Jack because they didn't get to spend five minutes together in Paris before having to turn around and fly back. Again, Diane threatens to expose her relationship with Jack if he doesn't come up with that modeling job for her. She sweetly tells him, “I'm desperate for that job. And you know what? I've got a sneaking hunch you're going to get it for me ...”


    When confronted by a concerned Stuart over the manner in which Robert will handle his situation with Claire and Leslie, Robert reassures Stuart that Leslie's “happiness and welfare are uppermost in his mind.” Robert comes home to find a worried Angela waiting for him. Angela tells her father that what Claire needs to recover is “love ...the type between a husband and a wife.”  Claire admits to an emotionally confused Robert that she's not sleeping well at night because she's afraid she might slip back into her former state of catatonia. Comforting her, Robert tells Claire not to worry. He begins spending the nights in Claire's room, sleeping in a chair.


Fast Thinking


    Cindy warns Paul that Pam's onto him and is going to blow Paul's cover by telling Pete Walker. Pam does go to see Pete, but unknown to Paul, Pete kicks her out of his office without even listening to her. Paul sets up an emergency meeting with Commander Lewis to decide how to handle the situation.

    In the middle of their meeting, Paul gets a phone call from Tony, who wants Paul to meet him right away at the Golden Touch. In no uncertain terms, Tony tells Paul, “Be there, Williams! Don't blow it!” Frank warns Paul that this looks like a setup for a hit. But Paul intends to go through with the meeting. “I'm not going to run, Commander,” he says firmly.

    After meeting Tony, Paul arranges a date with Pam. Paul's convinced he's being set up, but decides to make one last desperate attempt to force Pam to confess. Just after Paul leaves his apartment to meet Pam, Cindy shows up. Cindy found out that Pete doesn't suspect Paul, and a startled Andy tells Cindy, “He's going to blow the whole thing wide open!”

    Cindy rushes over to Jonas' Club and feigns jealousy to break up Paul's date with Pam just before Paul expose himself. Later, Andy explains to a confused Paul, “The lady here saved your life, Paul!” Grateful to Cindy, Paul tells her he has to keep acting as if he's interested in Pam, not her. But personally, he'd like to see Cindy quit turning tricks. It looks like Paul could be falling in love.


    Not knowing that Gina is Danny's sister, Traci is afraid she was wrong to give Gina Danny's home address. When Traci tells Danny what she did, he nonchalantly says, “Don't sweat it. It's O.K.” Then Traci sees Gina's clothes in Danny's closet and hurriedly leaves before Danny can see her break down in tears.


    An anxious Earl calls Allison to discuss the possibilities of a divorce, only to discover that she has gone out on a date with Douglas!  The date turns out to be Douglas taking Allison to his hotel suite, and persuading her to stay so he can read her some of his war memoirs.  After drinking too much of Douglas’ “old family recipe”, Allison falls asleep on the couch!

    As he glances up from his dramatic reading and discovers Allison asleep, Douglas muses to himself, “My boy, you’re not just slipping … when they fall asleep on you … you’ve slipped!”

    Kevin shows up at Douglas Austin’s hotel room, having discovered from Victor that his mother, Allison, is extremely confused and can remember nothing of what he merely read to Allison until she fell asleep on the couch, slugs Douglas on the jaw.

    Grabbing his mother’s arm, Kevin firmly tells her, “Mother, you’re coming home with me!”  Feeling responsible for what may have happened with his mother, Kevin tells Earl about Allison and Douglas.    

     Later, Earl confronts Allison and learns for the first time that she doesn’t remember what happened.  He storms out the door, leaving Allison very shaken.  When Earl accuses Douglas, in front of Victor, of having raped Allison, Douglas reluctantly admits that nothing happened (therefore losing a $5,000 bet he had with Victor).  Douglas further tells Earl that Kay paid him $10,000 to be an “escort” for Allison.  Again Douglas gets hit on the jaw for his honesty.  “The father hits harder than the son!”  Douglas says ruefully, rubbing his jaw.

Earl demands a divorce.  "Absolutely not!" replies Alison, even though Earl offered her several million dollars as a settlement.  Allison then manipulates Kay into agreeing to give her lessons on how to be more attractive to men.  She promises Kay that she'll then be more reasonable about giving Earl a divorce.  In reality, Allison is thinking, "You're going to show me how to win my husband back!"


A Scheme

    Early in the morning, Angela sees Robert leave Claire's room.  She glowingly jumps to the conclusion that her parents are now sleeping together.  To further the romance, Angela decided to prepare a candlelit dinner for two.

    Robert, meanwhile, is with Leslie.  She sadly tells him they shouldn't see each other anymore.  When he comes home, Robert is taken aback by Angela's surprise.

    Announcing that she's staying at Traci's overnight, Angela happily leaves her parents alone.  Robert vows to his wife that he'll do anything he can to help her fully recover.  "How do you fight loneliness, Robert? Show me," Claire says sadly.  For the first time in sixteen years, they fall into each other's arms and tenderly kiss.

    Leslie admits to Stuart that she's giving up Robert because it's the only chance Claire has to make a complete recovery.  "It's the only way I can be at peace with myself," Leslie says, her eyes brimming with tears.


    Jack informs John that Julia is expected to arrive in Genoa City today to discuss the new cosmetics line.  Please with the work Jack is doing, John warns his son not to neglect his wife.  jack later calls Carl into his office and warns him not to interfere in his personal life.  "Don't make me forbid Patty to see you," Jack threatens.  Barely containing himself, Carl storms out of the office.

Diane continues pressuring Jack for the lead modelling job, but is assured by him that it will just take time.  Arriving in Genoa City, Julia is given the "red carpet" treatment by Jack in order to persuade her to sign the deal with Jabot regarding the "Julia Line" of products.  jack suggests Julia name her own terms.  She can become as much involved with the project as she wants, including marketing, advertising, packaging and development.  When Julia still hesitates, John makes it very clear that, although they want her for the project, Jabot will find someone else if necessary.


    Working as a chemist a Jabot under an assumed name, Ashley has already been testing some fragrances.  When Brain discovers this, Ashley assures him that she's not working for Jack behind Brian's back.  Later, John informs him that Jabot is now ready to move into fragrances.  Brian assures both father and son that, although he's been reluctant to move into this area because of the huge expense involves, "I'll work my tail off to come up with a block-buster perfume."

After John leaves, Brian firmly advises Jack to stay away from Susan Ashley.  "Her name isn't Susan Ashley," Jack says smugly.  "It's Ashley Abbott.  She's my sister."  Stunned, Brian confronts Ashley, who admits the truth to him.  Feeling betrayed, Brian slams out of the lab, believing Ashley has been spying on him for Jack.


    Not wanting Gina to leave town, Danny approaches Leslie with the idea of hiring Gina to sing at Jonas' club.  Leslie is very reluctant until she hears Gina sing.  Realising the girl has talent, she asks Danny to tell Gina she's hired.  "She can start tonight."

    As manager of the Golden Touch, Paul interviews a group of prospective "hostesses".  He subtly lets them know that their real job is to be prostitutes.  One of the girls, Sherry, a fifteen-year-old runaway, gets talked out of taking the job by Cindy at Paul's request.'

    Observing them. Pam informs Tony, who confronts Paul about his motives for letting Sherry get away.  Paul impresses Tony with the fact that an underaged kid would give the cops the excuses they'd need to swarm all over the place.  Impressed, Tony backs down.  Pam, however, is more suspicious than ever.

    Cindy convinces Pam that Paul isn't interested in her anymore and only wants to get close to Pam.  Pam admits, "He's in my blood, too.  Thanks to you, honey - maybe I'll learn to trust him."  Following Cindy's lead, Paul sets up a dinner date with Pam.  He gets Pam to agree to clear the air about her setting Carl up to take a fall.  That way, she and Paul can "get closer to each other." *



1st – 5th November, 1982

(Monday 8th November – Toledo Blade)


Victor gets the money back from Douglas after learning that Allison only fell asleep in Douglas’ hotel room.  Learning Douglas paid Kay to romance Allison, Earl punches him out and flees.  Kay and Earl patch things up.  Later, Jack tells Brian that Ashley is a member of the Abbott family.  Eve tells Max that Charles is not Victor’s son, but Max says they must continue getting support money from Victor in order to stay financially solvent.


8th -12th November, 1982

(Monday 15th November – Toledo Blade)


Mary discovers a lump on her breast and sees her doctor.  Jack secretly pays Jill’s debt to Saunders.  Allison tells Earl she wants to wait till after Christmas for a divorce.  While dancing with Paul, Pam feels the bug in his back, throws water in his face, and screams she knows he’s working for the cops.


15th – 19th November, 1982

(Monday 22nd November – Toledo Blade)


Mary’s biopsy is benign.  A still-pregnant Nikki returns, wanting neither Kevin nor Victor.  Unaware that Gina is Danny’s sister, Traci is very jealous of her and considers giving up sorting his fan mail.  In Genoa City, Eve gets Victor’s OK to continue supporting Charles and is told she can keep her job after she weds Max.


22nd – 26th November, 1982

(Monday 29th November – Toledo Blade)


Nikki has a baby girl.  Kay suggests blood tests be taken but Victor does not want to rock the boat.  Allison and Nikki decide on a truce.  Traci is thrilled to learn that Gina is Danny’s sister.  Aware of the money Traci’s family has, Gina tells Danny to court Traci.  Gina sends champagne and flowers to Traci, who thinks they’re from Danny.  Robert is upset because Angie calls him a bad father.


29th November – 3rd December, 1982

(Monday 6th December – Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


Leslie said goodbye to Robert who left town to start a new life with Claire and Angela.  Patty cried to Danny that Jack doesn’t want a family and threatened to have a vasectomy.  Gina realized that Jack is having an affair with Diane.


6th – 10th December, 1982

(Monday 13th December – Montreal Gazette)


Leslie and the Maestro left on an extended concert tour.  From the blood tests, Kay learned that Victor fathered Victoria.  Doug promised Julia that he wouldn’t tell Victor she’s in town.  Jill encouraged Traci to move into a dorm and harshly handed out orders to Mamie.  Desperate to get out of town, Pam begged Pete for money.  Brian smooched with Ashley and fumed that Jack told her that Brian is gay.


Late November/ Early December 1982

(18th January, 1983 - Soap Opera Digest)


    Discovering that she is no longer married to Robert, Claire goes up to her room and begins packing.  Unaware that Claire knows the truth, Robert can’t understand why she is so upset.  When Angela finds out that her mother intends to return to the mental institute, she refuses to let her leave.  “I just don’t want to be a burden,” Claire sadly states.

    Robert and Leslie say good-bye to each other.  “But when we do meet again, it will be as the best of friends,” Leslie declares, with tears streaming down her cheeks.  In a last-ditch effort to save his family, Robert stops Angela and Claire as they are preparing to leave Genoa City.  “Say you’ll stay,” Robert begs to his wife.  “We’ll give our beautiful daughter the family she’s always dreamed of.” With tears of joy, Robert, Claire and Angela all agree to try and begin a new life together.


True to her word to Victor, Kay attempts to talk Nikki out of having the blood tests run to determine paternity of Nikki’s baby, Victoria.




Unaware that there is any doubt about who Victoria’s father might be, Kevin tried to convince Nikki to move back home with him.



13th – 17th December, 1982

(Monday 20th December – Toledo Blade)


After first not wanting him to come home for Christmas, Jill is heartbroken when Phillip declines the invitation and says he has no family and would rather stay with a friend.  When Ashley doesn’t get anywhere after making advances to Brian, Jack tells her Brian is gay.  Although Kay and Victor know that he is the father of Nikki’s baby, they hide this from everyone.


20th – 24th December, 1982

(Monday 27th December – Toledo Blade)


At Jill’s insistence, Traci prepares to move into a college dorm.  Liz warns Jill not to undermine the Abbott maid, Mamie.  Jack warns Jill he had no intention of moving out of the family house as long as she is there.  Drugging Pam, Paul and Andy carry her away to save her from a contract out on her life.  When Ashley cannot go, Brian invites Julia to go skiing.  Kevin overhears Nikki make a date with Victor.


27th – 31st December, 1982

(Monday 3rd January, 1983 – Sarasota Herald-Tribune)


A union between Cindy and Paul is doomed.  Liz will wear widows rags once again.  Expect Traci to turn from an ugly duckling into a swan.  Gina might just be the sort of woman to trim Jack’s sails.